A Train To See Buddha II

The taxi dropped us at a square, I could see some temples around, not too many but several. We started walking to the left. There was- Jai Shree Mahabodhi Temple built by some trust. We didn’t enter the temple and walked past it straight.
“It is 6:30 A.M” Gio announced.
“We have plenty of time” I responded.
This was the reason we walked straight on the road without peeking in the temples. We had a day, almost. After some time, it seemed like the place where all the temples were clustered was over and we were out of it. We saw a under-construction site, it was a Meditation Centre. It has the same architecture, that of the Chinese and Thai temples I saw in the pictures of Bodh Gaya on the internet. Cool! Then, there was the Kalchakra Stadium, the name sounds cool but it is an ordinary ground. We continued walking and we could see a white temple tower amidst the trees. We walked our way to the place to find that there was a monastery. The Gossain Ghamandi Monastery. Gossain Ghamandi is name of a monk. The bulding looked old, white washed years ago and has the streak marks of rainwater from windows to the ground. Cows were tied to their hitches in the front yard and ducks beside them. All this felt like a village, there were people sitting in the front yard and also workers going for their daily chores. The temple tower we saw was there, adjacent to the monastery. I was not sure if it was allowed to go there. Connor and Gio went up to a man sitting there and after some exchanges, they asked us to come. We put off our slippers and entered the monastery. It was indeed old, the gates and rooms inside it spoke this. There must had been a time when monks lived here, I wonder if there are still monks left. In the centre, there was a worship place. We prayed there and came out. We went to the temple, the one we saw before. It was a Shiva temple. There were around half a dozen temples, each one having a Shiva Linga, some were bigger than the others.

We spent an hour and came back to the place where the taxi had dropped us. We headed into the Tibetan monastery and temple first. It was like a house, there were cars parked. We walked deeper and took the stairs to the first floor. There it was, the temple. A large golden Buddha sat in front of us and the walls had paintings of him and other buddhist religious things. It was very colorful and vibrant to see. Below it, on the ground floor, there was a room with a enormous Buddhist Prayer Wheel. Its spindle joined the floor to the ceiling. We went in and spun it, there was a cleaner who told us that one has to spin it three times. We did it. It felt good.


The Mahabodhi Temple


Then, we made our way to the main site- The Mahabodhi Temple. It marks the location where Siddhartha attained Enlightenment. After keeping our mobile phones at the door security, we entered the site. It was a large area, with greenery around and the colossal temple stood at the centre. No photographs as mobiles were not allowed. Cameras are allowed for a fee but I don’t own one. ūüė¶
We went in the temple, we had to stand in a long queue before we could make it in. There were devotees from Sri Lanka, it looked like they were on a tour, more than fifty of them, all women dressed in white, young and old. We prayed in there and walked out. Then, we went to the right where the old Bodhi Tree stands. I don’t know how old the tree is but there were pillars to support its heavy branches. Undoubtedly, it was more than a hundred years old. Maybe more. Beside it, there was the Jewel Walk. It was a platform with decorated with lotus flowers. Siddhartha spent the week after Enlightenment at this place and lotus flowers sprung up where he put his foot. That’s it. We roamed in the premises for more than an hour. We watched the gardens, wondered how the chameleon changes color and when to book the return ticket.



The Mahabodhi Vihar


We stood by the Mucalinda Lake and laughed. There was Buddha statue, he sat under a huge snake’s hood. The snake looked pretty villainous and I mentioned this more than two times while we were there. Later, we came out of the Temple and explored the market just out of it. Connor bought a miniature prayer wheel powered by solar energy (cool) and Kevin bought a key chain and a mini statue. Gio bought a Buddha’s portrait.
Me? I don’t buy anything for a memory, I didn’t when I visited Chandrapur, Jodhpur, Vadodara, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. I didn’t this time, too. Only memories in form of stories and my love, photography.


A Train To See Buddha!

If you look at India’s map, there are 29 states in the country. Look at the eastern (right side of the map) part and you will find a state named ‘Bihar’. Just adjacent to it, there is Uttar Pradesh, right now I am there in Varanasi. In Bihar, find Bodh Gaya- a dot in the lower region. Or you can just simply search ‘Bodh Gaya’ on the internet. A few days ago, on Friday, to be precise, we were planning to travel somewhere. We have Saturday and Sunday off from college and Monday and Tuesday were holidays. First, we thought of Lucknow but the news said that the city is stricken by Swine flu and I don’t think I am ready to take the H1N1 flu. I searched the internet for more tourist places nearby. I found out Bodh Gaya.

Bodh Gaya is a religious site and place of pilgrimage associated with the Mahabodhi Temple in Gaya district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is famous as it is the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment under a tree which is known as Bodhi Tree.

We consorted on a one-day trip plan. The plan was like this- We leave at half past eight in the evening, reach the destination, see-sight all day and come back the same day. I checked the tickets, there was the last train of the day (August 12, 2017) at 8:30 P.M. Kevin was sitting beside me and we were sure that this is the best for us. We checked the reaching time- 4:35. Everything was fine but still, we had to get permission from our homes respectively. So, I didn’t book the tickets.
Train to see Buddha

August 12, 2017

We had to decide on the trip. The train was scheduled in the evening. Everyone was ready and I booked the tickets. In the afternoon, at around 3 P.M, we were excited about the trip and were sitting in Gio’s room, just chilling. And I told them all, a fact that I had had recently came to know. The time of reaching Gaya was 1 A.M. and what we saw was the travel time. I told them. It was trouble. Now we would reach at 1 A.M with nothing to do at a strange place. Gio opened the railway ticket booking website and checked again. It was it. And then, Connor started blaming it on me.
“I wonder how you travel? You don’t know how to book a ticket!” he mocked.
Okay, I laughed and said- “Man, I didn’t see it, it was a misapprehension”
“You’re an idiot” he repeated this several times cutting in between my sentences deliberately.
“Kevin was with me, we both saw, we are tricked-out in haste” I defended.
He was inviolable. This was maddening.
“OK, just stop that, Don’t piss me off,” I said and I felt me getting angry. It was after a while. I don’t get furious every other day, there are very few things/actions that annoy me and this was one. I accept that it was my fault, but blaming it solely on me is somewhere wrong. ¬†Blaming is otiose, if you can’t do it, don’t blame. If you can, do it.

7:00 P.M

We all got ready and left the hostel for the railway station. We reached the station at 8:10 P.M and there was plenty of time left for the train. We boarded the train when it arrived. We sat on our seats and talked. Nobody amongst us was carrying a Power Bank, so we had to avoid using our phones without purpose. We talked for a while and waited the time to pass. At 11 or so, I tried to get some sleep.

August 13, 2017
1:35 A.M

We reached Gaya Junction. The train was half an hour late and it was fine. Now, we had to wait on the station till morning. We sat, talked, slept, roamed in and out of the waiting room and the sun rose. We left the station at 6:00 A.M and headed directly to Bodh Gaya. Bodh Gaya is 16 Kms away from the railway station. I looked out of the taxi and it seemed like we are getting out of the city to the outskirts as there were fields and green patches on either side of the road. After half an hour, we were there.

Second Year!

I stepped my foot in Varanasi¬†on July 26, 2016- that as last year. It’s been a year here. The first year of college is over and now I am a Sophomore. Let me tell you some things.

In the last two months, when I was doing an Internship in Varanasi itself, I used to go to the college library every day. Most of the summer afternoons, one could find me sitting there with a book. Or at some times, with my laptop. I started liking the environment there. There were many other like me who were the daily visitors. I recognize them by face and I think they do know me too. Now, It’s been a week into the second year.

We have classes from the morning to the afternoon, sometimes extending up to the early evening, according to the schedule. I wake up at around 7:30 every day, even when he classes start from 9 or 10. I don’t like waking up late, it mismanages many things. We have four core subjects and out of them, three have experiments that need to be carried out in the lab. Burden. But overall, it’s smooth and not uncontrollably hectic. I have sufficient time left for myself in the noon and night. I still like going to the library and I¬†am constantly planning how to save time and go there to catch up with my ongoing book. I am also working in the Institute Newsletter Team- IIT BHU Connect. It’s all about writing and journalism. Regarding that, I visited the Malviya Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE) today to meet with the Manager and ask him some questions. I am working on the story about MCIIE that is going to be published¬†in the upcoming issue. I noted down most of the things he said. I found him an open and honest¬†person. He talked about everything at length, not worrying about time or anything else. It was about 30 minutes.

Then, I had to meet a Professor to talk about the Exploratory Project. We have to do an Exploratory Project in the third semester, basically a working prototype in our engineering field. So, I was there waiting for him to come to his chamber after taking his classes.

I came back to my room in the evening and I am doing this. It’s 07:46 P.M and I am going to have dinner after 8. As I said, let’s write more now!

Life on fast pace

So, I am back in Varanasi, waking every morning on time, getting ready for classes and leaving the hostel for the college. It’s been a week here. But I didn’t get time to write. There were always some problems. Some days the hostel LAN connection was not working, other days my state of mind denied. As I already knew, life here is very busy. I do the classes, eat, sleep, play etc. Then, thanks to my summer time here, I have started liking the library more than my room. I want to go to the library every day but can’t. Most of the days I manage. Recently, I completed reading ‘The Alchemist’ and I have jumped over ‘Oliver Twist’. ‘Oliver Twist’ is a literary classic and very long indeed. 500 pages to go, I am on 28. And I am on it. I ordered my gaming headphones today, 10 minutes ago and I am waiting for them. Everyone who sees my mouse only praises it. It looks really cool. ūüôā

I will try to write consistently now.

Technology- Mankind’s End!

As technology develops, so do our lives. We are now inhabiting the world where technology enhances and integrates with most aspects of our lives. We can now send and receive information from any corner of this planet. We can control most of the things using technology. Gadgets are getting smarter day by day. Nuclear weapons are being developed and Artificial Intelligence is the newly found advancement. But these are not the reasons to fear. Okay, they are threatening but not the end. Movies and Media show us that A.I. will take over the world and humans will serve as slaves or some nuclear power will destroy other countries. It will take decades to reach that stage but there are many other alarming things we should worry about. Let’s dive further:

July 26, 2017, 7:30 A.M

I was done with my morning rituals and was reading the newspaper. Almost half an hour later, I was done with the day’s paper and checked my smartphone. It turned into a giant made of scrap and tried to kill me. I wish things could be that obvious. There was a message from Raul07. We had talked about playing Counter Strike together some days ago. It was presumably about it. He asked me to go over to his place. In an hour. Usually, we do not start our days with gaming but I have no problem. He had to go to the Hospital if summoned. He is an intern at a medical school, I don’t know what we call medico interns but he is on his way to being a doctor. Anyway, I decided in favor. I had some chores to do before it.

I dropped the scooter at the service center and walked to Raul07’s house from there. By the time, I reached there it was 10 A.M. First, we had to design an invitation card for a function. It was meant ot be in Hindi and I already knew that either I was going to struggle¬†through it or end with a messed up design. I had designed an invitation for a friend in Hindi before and it was horrible. But, I couldn’t tell him so and we started off. It took us two hours to make a simple looking yet good design. It was not that awesome but satisfactory. Then, we headed upstairs. Next thing was to play the game as it was planned. It had been weeks since the last time I played the game with my wingmates in the college hostel.

In the hostel, we used to play it on the LAN server as we all are connected to the same network. But here we have to make a server. The way was to connect to the same Wi-Fi. I created a mobile hotspot using my phone and we both connected our laptops to it. Let me mention, before we prepared all this, the game was transferred to his laptop and the installation process took around 10 minutes. The added nuisance we were indulging in made it half an hour. I started the game and created the server. He opened his game and tried to connect. It showed “No lobbies..”, that was some error message. No problem. There is nothing in this world which is that easy. I created the host server using his laptop and tried to connect. Some other message¬†was displayed on the screen. Okay, let’s try one more time. I changed the IPv4 settings on both the laptops. I chose the AUTO option on both and tried again to connect in the game. Failed. There is not a sure way to connect the game, in the hostel, we just change the host PC and it works. But here, sitting in the room were only two people with two laptops which apparently refused to co-operate


Then, I changed the IPs, maybe that would work. After setting up on both the machines, we tried again. “Retrying public XXX.XXX” “Connection failed after 10 retries” this is a common problem while we try to play. And the reasons and resolutions are still unknown. By this time, we had lost our hope. Everything we tried was failing miserably and we were tired out. But we pushed ourselves citing “One last time”. The “one more time” was more than 5 times and we were nowhere. It was 2 P.M. Yes, get yourself into believing that we tried connecting the game on LAN for two long hours. The tiresome environment and the consecutive failures were leading us into a gory depression.

To Be Continued…

Home Sweet Home IX

I boarded the train to Jaipur from Varanasi on July 19. I left the hostel at around 04:15 PM. The train’s departure time was 05:25 PM. Half an hour is the time it takes to reach the Railway Station from the University. But after all, it is Varanasi. There can be a traffic jam anywhere anytime. So, one should keep half an hour extra on hand. I know this very well. Read “Travel…”¬†if you haven’t already. It was a terrifying experience, I remember it every time I am close to getting late to the station. But this time I reached on time. I checked my seat number and went to it. I pushed my bag under the berth and sat comfortably. The train departed fifteen minutes later. So, here I was, heading home again. This time I badly wanted to reach home as soon as possible. The fever a week before had turned me homesick. Since that day, I was counting the days.

The train was late as it usually is. The expected time of arrival was around 3 PM. I had woken up at 8 and there was plenty of time on my hands. I took out my book ‘The old man and the sea’ and started reading it. It is a short novel and I wanted to read it. It took me about two and half hours to complete it. Still, there were two hours till home. Lately, I have been reading very much. So, I took out my phone and started reading the novel ‘A walk to Remember’ by Nicholas Sparks. I found it interesting and also amusing at times. I am through a quarter of it and it is going well. I will complete it soon. Today, I read the news about Chester Bennington’s death. He was the lead singer in Linkin Park. I liked LP’s music since I was 13 years old. It introduced me to alternative rock when I was in school. I felt bad after this news. His songs will be there, inspiring everyone, always.

At home, everything is perfect. My plan is to stay here for 10 days before I go to college and continue with the next semester. ūüôā

A Few Good People

The Saturday before the last Saturday. I was having a headache all day long and fever in the night. It started on Friday with a headache in the night. I visited the Student Health Care Complex on Saturday morning. The doctor called it viral fever and prescribed me the medications. I came back. I took the medicines. It was a¬†three-day course. ¬†After three days, it was a little bit better. Just a bit. It was not enough for me to work normally and roam around. For the three days, I was sleeping on the bed, morning, noon and dark. I didn’t want the same for the next three days. I went to the Hospital on Monday morning. The doctor changed the medicines and asked me to go for a check-up at the Health Complex. The tests were CBC, Dengue and one something that I don’t know. I have to get to the Health Complex from the hospital. I came out of the hospital premises and stood there for a taxi. In a few minutes, it started drizzling. I was not carrying an umbrella. I walked hastily and stood under a tree to save myself. I couldn’t afford to get wet in the shower. My head was already hurting and the fever. An unexpected cold shower could worsen such situation. The rain gained momentum with time. I steadily looked at the road for relief. There! A taxi was coming down my way, I waved my hand and it got past me. I was disappointed.¬†After a while, I started asking for a life. Nobody stopped on their way.
“Usually, some people stop by in a few seconds, what’s going on?” I thought. It was about 7-8 minutes, I got no ride.

I was looking at the people walking on the street with umbrellas. Office goers with their black ones, some with blue. Girls with their printed ones. I was asking every passerby “Can I join you under the umbrella?” but in my head only. ¬†A man about forty was riding a cycle when the rain drops turned round and heavy. He stopped, parked his bicycle¬†under the tree and stood beside me. He looked at me. I looked at him.
“If you are in need of shelter, think about the old people.” he said to me.
I had no answer for this. None. I kept silent, it was not meant to be answered, I think. He saw me waving at taxis and people. When a taxi passed, he stepped ahead and waved at it. It was occupied. He was helping me. I was pleased in an uncommon manner. When we both were done and no one lifted me up,
“Where are you going?” he asked me.
“Health Care Complex” I replied.
“Where is it? The next crossing?”
“The next to next¬†crossing, in front of Broacha Hostel”
“C’mon, I will drop you” he sat on his bicycle.



I was stood there like surprised. A man with his cycle was asking me to sit behind him and was going to drop me to my place which is about 1 KM.
“No, I will get one (taxi) in some time” I politely said.
“The rain has stopped, sit, it may start again.” he smiled.
I sat on the back seat. He started paddling. I was feeling very strange. Something like this was unforeseen.
“The people on bikes and motors didn’t stop for a lift and this man gave me a lift on his cycle.” I wondered.
Few moments and a crossing later “Drop me here, I will manage” I said as I didn’t want to tire him.
“What if the rain starts again while you are standing here?”
I couldn’t say anything. I kept mum for the rest of the time, still in a state of awed wonderment.
He dropped me at the Health Complex and I went in for my check-up. I called home after getting back to the hostel. I shared my surprising story and felt good.


The Same Evening, 4:40 PM

I was asked to collect the blood test reports after 4 PM in the evening. So, I locked my room and headed to the Health Complex. In the first try, I got a taxi. I sat and told my destination. He drove to the destination. I asked for the fare.
“Go, I was already going to VT” he said and went on. (VT is adjacent to the Health Care Complex)
“Okay” I walked in the Health Complex, collected my reports and got back to the hostel. Told this again to Mom.

So, the world is not all about money, trade, terrorism, cheating, and crime. It is not what is seen in the news and media. It is not what it is not seen in the media. It is something else. Not all the humanity has died. There are still some good people left. And I realized this in a day. Even a second is enough!

GOT Madness starts again!

Today’s July 14, 2017, and I am sitting in my room. Sun gone, 06:30 PM. Many people and my friends are waiting for July 16. No, they don’t have their birthdays on the same day by some exceptional coincidence nor they have an anniversary. Game of Thrones Season 7 is going to start from July 16. And the show has some die hard fans. People are waiting since 2016 for the season. It looks like that it has gripped their minds. They just praise it, no one objects. But here I am, waiting for July 19. The day I will board the train back to my home. I will go home on that day. I am excited and waiting eagerly for it. I am not excited for GOT, the reason is simple- I never watched it. Yes, I am an alien. I am not from this planet if you are thinking like this, it’s totally acceptable. I never watched a single episode. I have heard my friends going mad telling me that it’s mind-blowingly¬†amazing! I accept that without evidence but I couldn’t convince myself to sit in front of my laptop for 60 hours (6 seasons) and watch a TV show. I find Movies a better choice. At least, in the three hours, there is a conclusion.

Let’s see when do I turn into a socially acceptable college student. XD

Rainy day = Travel.

Everybody loves rain or says this. No one bluntly denies this fact. They love it or had loved in past, just like their ex. I have always liked it since my childhood. When I lived in Ahmedabad, I used to watch the rain from the balcony. And occasionally extended my arm into the open. And in Jaipur, whatever I may be doing, I get up and run to the front yard and stand there, watching it pour.

I still love it. Whether I am working on my laptop or reading a book, I open the door and stand in the corridor to gaze at the falling drops. And in college, this year, I am falling more and more in love with it. This season, it’s a boon for me. Varanasi witnesses a great monsoon, this year also it is extraordinary. I haven’t seen the sun for last four days. It rains every single day.

The day before Yesterday, July 04, 2017, 06:00 PM

I took bath and decided to go out. I always feel like going out when it’s a shady, rainy day. We have always heard that the Rain spoils people’s outing and picnic plans. They , then, play board games with their friends. But not with me. I love to travel on such a day. I walked slowly to the DG corner and waited there. I hitchhike in the campus usually. I stood there and showed a thumb to every single motorcycle rider. After some minutes, a guy stopped in front of me. I sat behind him. It’s 3 KM ride to the University Main Gate. Halfway through, he asked me
“Are you in a hurry? Should we go fast?”
“No, no problem,” I replied as politely as I could to reciprocate his courteousness.
I peeped at the speedometer¬†to check the speed. We were going at 29 KM/hr, that’s pretty slow.

“He is dropping me to my place and even then asking if it’s okay?So polite” I thought to myself.
“Where do you live?Home?”
“Umm…I live in College¬†Hostel.” I said confused.
“I mean, where are you from?”
“Oh,” he continued “What was your percentage in 12th?”
I told him and he told me about his sister who cleared 12th this year with a good percentage. Higher than me. ūüėõ
“I am going to Sunderlal Hospital” (University gate is 300 meters from the hospital)
“No problem,” I said.
“Where are you heading?”
“Durga Kund”
When we reached Sunderlal, he stopped the bike. I got down but as soon as I did
“C’mon, sit back. I will drop you at the gate.”
“No, I will walk” I tried.
“C’mon, sit back”
I sat down again and he dropped me at my place. I said “Thanks, man”. He showed a wide smile and drove away.

I walked my way to the Tulsi Manas Mandir at Durga Kund. It was drizzling but I was not aware of it till I reached the Temple and saw the drops on the floor. I entered the Temple. The temple is constructed in white marble. This temple has great historical and cultural importance in Hinduism since the ancient Hindu epic Ramcharitmanas was originally written at this place by Hindu poet-saint, reformer, and philosopher Goswami Tulsidas in the 16th century. Verses from the scripture are engraved on the walls inside the temple building.

The temple is a place to visit if you are in Varanasi. It’s more like a museum. There are not only statues of the deities, there are miniature scenes depicting the stories of their lives. Models made out of clay and wood. Some of them moved too. The wooden models moved their heads, played instruments and also waved at the devotees. Cool!


Tulsi Manas Temple



After done with it, I headed straight to Assi Ghat. I wanted to witness the most favorite place of Varanasi in rain. I wanted to check if the Ganges is full of water or not? I wanted to check how much I loved the place in the rain?
The place was lively with visitors and local people. There were college students, foreigners, and devotees. Everybody loves such evenings. I strolled on the ghats for about half an hour. There was some music and dance performance was going on, on Tulsi Ghat. I walked back to Assi after some time. It was getting dark. I found the time to be 7 PM. Ganga Aarti was to be done, I didn’t how long would I have to wait, I needed to get back to hostel before 8 PM.
“Anyway, I have seen it so many times, I live here. It’s a sight for the tourists” I convinced myself to go back to the hostel.¬†So, I walked back.

I reached my room at 7:50 PM.

Today is a rainy day too. It rained for about two hours in the afternoon. And it’s raining right now! Monsoon is pretty good here, in Varanasi. The weather forecast shows this:



It’s a week of Rain!!!



It is soggy and wet all the day. ¬†The road never got dry in the last three days. The clouds pour down every 6 hours or even less. I woke up at 10 AM today and I woke up to the sound of rain. Now, I am going to sleep and that too, to the sound of rain. ūüôā ‚̧

Area 51? Huh, what’s that?

Before diving into what is this about or why? Let me go back in time.

Some years ago, when I was in school, I played PC games. I still play. But that time, I had no¬†other job in this material world and I played a lot. I was playing GTA San Andreas this day. GTA was a popular game maker those days. It is now more famous with the renowned¬†GTA 5. I was playing the game. I didn’t like driving, so I always typed “ROCKETMAN” and flew¬†around with my jetpack. Once, I was flying around in the Tierra Robada’s Bone County. There is a region in the desert. The structure is fenced with wires and there is Trespassers’ warning sign. People who have played the game know about this. They know exactly what I am talking about. You can’t get in that area, by no means. I was just flying above it and suddenly a missile hit me. Then, another. I was the target of some anti-aircraft missile systems and they were firing at me. You can’t fly around it, they take you down. On the sign on the fencing (yes, you can approach the fences, on foot) reads “Area 69”. I searched the internet for Area 69 and found out more. As gamers know, that the San Andreas¬†map is based on real locations. The cities and everything is inspired by American places. So, what is Area 69’s counterpart in the real world?

Area 51

Area 51 is a mysterious top secret US military base in the Nevada desert. The Uniter States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. Other names used for the facility include Dreamland and nicknames Paradise Ranch and Home Base.

The remote desert location has been fenced off from the prying eyes of civilians. A 23 by 25 miles no-fly zone for civilian aircraft was imposed over the base and on the ground, and nearby locations Freedom Ridge were declared off-limits by the government. So, the analogy of Area 51 to Area 69 in the game is true.

There are many conspiracy theories around the place. Theorists believe that the remains of crashed UFO spacecraft are stored at Area 51, an Air Force base about 150 miles from Las Vegas, where government scientists reverse-engineer the aliens’ highly advanced technology. Fodder for this has come from a variety of supposed UFO sightings in the area and testimony from a retired Army colonel who says he was given access to extraterrestrial materials gathered from an alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, N.M.

But, why? Because the government’s activity is suspicious.

For years the US government denied it even existed. But in 2013 the CIA officially acknowledged its existence and its location was revealed. Its primary use is still unknown.¬†Search the internet, or read Wikipedia. The government never shared anything about it apart from its location. They casually say it’s a site for gunnery practice.

In July 1947 the military sensationally announced in a press release it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the desert. But the following day it retracted the statement, saying it was, in fact, a damaged US Air Force air balloon.

Some say there are alien bodies hidden there. Some say the government is studying alien technology, which they gathered from crashed UFOs and similar space objects. How true are these? Nobody knows.