The Visit

After being half asleep for some hours, I came back to the room and was sitting idle. Suddenly, Torrence appeared on the door. 

“Hey Dylan, Sallie Ma’am is in hospital, she called let’s get to The Heritage hospital.”  (We call our seniors Sir and Ma’am)                           I couldn’t ask what and we were walking into the patients’ ward. She was lying on the bed with a tired but smiling face. 

A lady was there too, her mom. She was a kind woman. We sat on the bed next to her’s.                                      “Have the classes started?”Sallie asked.                                                           “Yes but we don’t get what is being taught”Riko replied.                              ” Is it normal or just we are dumb?” I questioned with a smile.                     “Nobody knows what the professors teach, you have to study on your own or go in the class after studying  the topic already, then you will get it.”Sallie replied.                                     “Did you get any girls?”                         We shook our head laughing a little. “No, don’t advise them like that, tell them to study and maintain their grades.” Aunty cutted in.            “Girlfriend has nothing to do with their grades.”Sallie tried to convince.                                                     This had no affect and she continued to tell us to avoid these things as they are distractions. 

Nobody said anything for a few seconds. 

Yesterday, there was a meeting of the theatre club and we were told to bring some good skit ideas. Today we have to put up oue ideas. I hope I will find something.                                                      

Awaited Holiday 

We have five day week and it’s good but yesterday was Sunday. And now I know that Sunday is not always a funday. I heard a voice “Dylan here?”  Woke up to see a guy handing me some money. I was the marketer of official T-shirt of our college’s Media council. Early morning order. Headed straight to have the breakfast. Postponed shower to the noon. I don’t sleep in daytime so I get bored. I worked on the Water rocket project and watched YouTube. 

I try to wake up as early as possible so that I can bath in peace. But today, there was water in the taps. 

One hour waiting. Fifteen more minutes. Got dressed and left for the classes. Brushed my teeth at the Lecture theater. I carried it in the bag. 😊 

Right now, I am waiting for the afternoon classes to begin. Five minutes left. People  are busy in playing games and chatting, the same people who will try hard to keep themselves awake in the next three hours. Let us fight and survive. 😁


I am not going to describe the condition. After the library staff came, I got myself registered. Just after that, I borrowed two books as there is rush for the books. All freshers are searching for the same manuscripts. 

And as a routine, I attended the afternoon classes in which people sleep on the first bench itself right in front of the teachers. I captured that moment in my phone. 

I am in the marketing team for official college T-shirts. Senior students come and collect the money each day at 2400. I have to be awake. 

When returning, in the stairs, there was some noise. Thud,Thud. People were playing table tennis in the common room. The hall gets locked at 10 PM but we open it with a kick and lock it again as it was. I played the game til 2 AM. I generally sleep before 11 but last night it was 2:30.

Habit of waking up at 5 or 6 died today. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10. And it was not possible to take shower and then reach the table. So,  just brushed and had breakfast.

I took part in Water Rocket competition. And my noontime today passed in making the model 

But without prior planning, we just got up and leaved for Assi Ghat. I witnessed the worship of the River Ganges for the firat time. Angeethee restaurant was our dining spot. We all Riko, Connor, Torrence, Kevin and Jordan talked,  took selfies and came back. It’s 3 AM right now and I am typing this after having a two hour session of bluff. 

I am only a little sleepy but I have to go to bed. 

DJ Night

​Today is here. I usually write at night but yesterday I didn’t. 

There were no classes, holiday on the occasion of Janamashthmi festival. 

I woke up at half past eight, this is a rare case. Even on Sundays, I wake up at six. After taking shower, when I was getting ready my phone rang. I took the call, it was from the Fine Arts club asking me to join the decorations going on for the festival. I had already planned to go there after breakfast. So,  I ate my breakfast and got to the place. 

The room was disordered, chart papers, scissors, colors etc were lying on the floor. 

I joined two guys working on a tree. I  made the leaves and birds. In noon,  I git back to my hostel as I had to work on my project- Water Rocket. I was eagerly waiting for the evening. 

Everything was beautiful. Girls dressed to their best. Lights. Disco floor. Especially for the freshmen. After half an hour of reaching the venue, the music started. And with that the mad crowd started moving their bodies in every way. We were dancing like drunkards,  falling over each other kicking everywhere. It was just fucking crazy. Tapping your feet for two hours without any halt makes you feel like it’s raining. Clothes soaked in sweat,  I reached my room at 11. Took bath and slept. It was a great night,  first party after joining the University. 

Right now, I am sitting in the library, typing this in front of some people who look at their book for a minute then at me and repeats. 

Riko, Torrence and Connor are here too. Riko is just sleeping with his head on the table. Just told me he didn’t bathed today as he was getting late for the class. I am against this. 

The attendant who issues book will be here after 15 minutes,  so we are just waiting here in the reading room. Tick Tock Tick Tock…. 

Tired but gonna dance. 

​A long tiring day. In afternoon,  we had our manufacturing practice class. I am now know how to operate a lath machine which is a C.N.C machine. 

I wad selected for Round 2 auditions in drama society. So I spent my evening doing a spoof of a prime quiz TV show. 

It was appreciated for its creativity. 

Then, after dinner I went to seniors hostel to join Fine Arts club which was decorating the hostel for tomorrow’s festival.  Yeah,  I am a member of that too. 

Worked there til 11, still a little left to complete in the morning. It is a great feeling when people praise your handmade art. 

Right now,  it’s little past midnight and people are dancing to loud music in the corridor.  I bet it is a problem to someone who is trying to sleep in the adjacent rooms. I am going to join the party! 

Let’s get going.. 

​Every Morning is the same, the sun rises and we too have to rise from our bed. 

After the first class, we had our Engineering Drawing period that uses your visualization skill to the a good level. And after the boring afternoon classes, at 5 in the evening there were auditions for the Dramatics Club of the college. 

I reached there directly from the lecture theater. Seniors told us to form a group skit. We all classmates formed a group. And I narrated the story to them, then the seniors asked us to add a girl as a member too. 

Riley was from metallurgical department. I wish she was prettier and I wouldn’t have missed a chance.

I asked her about the class strength and the number of girls in it and told her about our pitiful condition. We acted and the jury team noted our names and numbers. 

Following the event, I attended the Cine and Animation workshop. It was great. 6th club that I am joining. I can’t resist,  every club is awesome in some way and I want to be a part of it. 

But drama club is different, One can meet girls here. 😊  That’s a bonus. 

Tomorrow is new day. Let’s see. 

Ready.  GO! 

​First let me get you familiar with some people who are going to appear frequently. First,  it’s me-      Dylan. I am here at an engineering Institute, an Institute of national importance. Excluding being Steve Jobs and Britney Spears husband,  I am everything. 😊Then, I am the Mechkenzie. Take that in quotes ‘The Mechkenzie’. 

Then, there are some people which we can call friends, in fact we can call them anything they don’t mind. 😂 
Wilter and Jordan are my roommates. We share more than just the room, though.

I usually pull their leg and I love it. 

Here are some batchmates we will run into- Torrence, Riko, Hudy,  Connor. 

So, the classes start at 8 in the morning and the bathrooms get full before 7, you must take a bath at around 6 or you are late. 

It was raining heavily and rain cancels many plans to go outdoors. But I had to go. 10 minutes make a difference and I got a seat at the second last bench. After that we went to the Physics Lab, marked the attendance and we were free. No,  it won’t be like that every time, only for the first day. 

After the lunch break, we gathered in the lecture theater again for chemistry class. It was boring as I made efforts to make my eyelids open… 

Note: An all guys batch is always boring, you can understand. 

The next lecture was fun, the mathematics professor acknowledged the fact that there is no female in the room. He told us about many other things.  😉 

This is how a first day should be. It makes your excitement vanish and makes you sleep.