Let’s get going.. 

​Every Morning is the same, the sun rises and we too have to rise from our bed. 

After the first class, we had our Engineering Drawing period that uses your visualization skill to the a good level. And after the boring afternoon classes, at 5 in the evening there were auditions for the Dramatics Club of the college. 

I reached there directly from the lecture theater. Seniors told us to form a group skit. We all classmates formed a group. And I narrated the story to them, then the seniors asked us to add a girl as a member too. 

Riley was from metallurgical department. I wish she was prettier and I wouldn’t have missed a chance.

I asked her about the class strength and the number of girls in it and told her about our pitiful condition. We acted and the jury team noted our names and numbers. 

Following the event, I attended the Cine and Animation workshop. It was great. 6th club that I am joining. I can’t resist,  every club is awesome in some way and I want to be a part of it. 

But drama club is different, One can meet girls here. 😊  That’s a bonus. 

Tomorrow is new day. Let’s see. 


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