Ready.  GO! 

​First let me get you familiar with some people who are going to appear frequently. First,  it’s me-      Dylan. I am here at an engineering Institute, an Institute of national importance. Excluding being Steve Jobs and Britney Spears husband,  I am everything. 😊Then, I am the Mechkenzie. Take that in quotes ‘The Mechkenzie’. 

Then, there are some people which we can call friends, in fact we can call them anything they don’t mind. 😂 
Wilter and Jordan are my roommates. We share more than just the room, though.

I usually pull their leg and I love it. 

Here are some batchmates we will run into- Torrence, Riko, Hudy,  Connor. 

So, the classes start at 8 in the morning and the bathrooms get full before 7, you must take a bath at around 6 or you are late. 

It was raining heavily and rain cancels many plans to go outdoors. But I had to go. 10 minutes make a difference and I got a seat at the second last bench. After that we went to the Physics Lab, marked the attendance and we were free. No,  it won’t be like that every time, only for the first day. 

After the lunch break, we gathered in the lecture theater again for chemistry class. It was boring as I made efforts to make my eyelids open… 

Note: An all guys batch is always boring, you can understand. 

The next lecture was fun, the mathematics professor acknowledged the fact that there is no female in the room. He told us about many other things.  😉 

This is how a first day should be. It makes your excitement vanish and makes you sleep. 


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