DJ Night

​Today is here. I usually write at night but yesterday I didn’t. 

There were no classes, holiday on the occasion of Janamashthmi festival. 

I woke up at half past eight, this is a rare case. Even on Sundays, I wake up at six. After taking shower, when I was getting ready my phone rang. I took the call, it was from the Fine Arts club asking me to join the decorations going on for the festival. I had already planned to go there after breakfast. So,  I ate my breakfast and got to the place. 

The room was disordered, chart papers, scissors, colors etc were lying on the floor. 

I joined two guys working on a tree. I  made the leaves and birds. In noon,  I git back to my hostel as I had to work on my project- Water Rocket. I was eagerly waiting for the evening. 

Everything was beautiful. Girls dressed to their best. Lights. Disco floor. Especially for the freshmen. After half an hour of reaching the venue, the music started. And with that the mad crowd started moving their bodies in every way. We were dancing like drunkards,  falling over each other kicking everywhere. It was just fucking crazy. Tapping your feet for two hours without any halt makes you feel like it’s raining. Clothes soaked in sweat,  I reached my room at 11. Took bath and slept. It was a great night,  first party after joining the University. 

Right now, I am sitting in the library, typing this in front of some people who look at their book for a minute then at me and repeats. 

Riko, Torrence and Connor are here too. Riko is just sleeping with his head on the table. Just told me he didn’t bathed today as he was getting late for the class. I am against this. 

The attendant who issues book will be here after 15 minutes,  so we are just waiting here in the reading room. Tick Tock Tick Tock…. 


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