I am not going to describe the condition. After the library staff came, I got myself registered. Just after that, I borrowed two books as there is rush for the books. All freshers are searching for the same manuscripts. 

And as a routine, I attended the afternoon classes in which people sleep on the first bench itself right in front of the teachers. I captured that moment in my phone. 

I am in the marketing team for official college T-shirts. Senior students come and collect the money each day at 2400. I have to be awake. 

When returning, in the stairs, there was some noise. Thud,Thud. People were playing table tennis in the common room. The hall gets locked at 10 PM but we open it with a kick and lock it again as it was. I played the game til 2 AM. I generally sleep before 11 but last night it was 2:30.

Habit of waking up at 5 or 6 died today. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10. And it was not possible to take shower and then reach the table. So,  just brushed and had breakfast.

I took part in Water Rocket competition. And my noontime today passed in making the model 

But without prior planning, we just got up and leaved for Assi Ghat. I witnessed the worship of the River Ganges for the firat time. Angeethee restaurant was our dining spot. We all Riko, Connor, Torrence, Kevin and Jordan talked,  took selfies and came back. It’s 3 AM right now and I am typing this after having a two hour session of bluff. 

I am only a little sleepy but I have to go to bed. 


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