Awaited Holiday 

We have five day week and it’s good but yesterday was Sunday. And now I know that Sunday is not always a funday. I heard a voice “Dylan here?”  Woke up to see a guy handing me some money. I was the marketer of official T-shirt of our college’s Media council. Early morning order. Headed straight to have the breakfast. Postponed shower to the noon. I don’t sleep in daytime so I get bored. I worked on the Water rocket project and watched YouTube. 

I try to wake up as early as possible so that I can bath in peace. But today, there was water in the taps. 

One hour waiting. Fifteen more minutes. Got dressed and left for the classes. Brushed my teeth at the Lecture theater. I carried it in the bag. 😊 

Right now, I am waiting for the afternoon classes to begin. Five minutes left. People  are busy in playing games and chatting, the same people who will try hard to keep themselves awake in the next three hours. Let us fight and survive. 😁


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