The Visit

After being half asleep for some hours, I came back to the room and was sitting idle. Suddenly, Torrence appeared on the door. 

“Hey Dylan, Sallie Ma’am is in hospital, she called let’s get to The Heritage hospital.”  (We call our seniors Sir and Ma’am)                           I couldn’t ask what and we were walking into the patients’ ward. She was lying on the bed with a tired but smiling face. 

A lady was there too, her mom. She was a kind woman. We sat on the bed next to her’s.                                      “Have the classes started?”Sallie asked.                                                           “Yes but we don’t get what is being taught”Riko replied.                              ” Is it normal or just we are dumb?” I questioned with a smile.                     “Nobody knows what the professors teach, you have to study on your own or go in the class after studying  the topic already, then you will get it.”Sallie replied.                                     “Did you get any girls?”                         We shook our head laughing a little. “No, don’t advise them like that, tell them to study and maintain their grades.” Aunty cutted in.            “Girlfriend has nothing to do with their grades.”Sallie tried to convince.                                                     This had no affect and she continued to tell us to avoid these things as they are distractions. 

Nobody said anything for a few seconds. 

Yesterday, there was a meeting of the theatre club and we were told to bring some good skit ideas. Today we have to put up oue ideas. I hope I will find something.                                                      


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