Life was butter smooth, we didn’t realize that something is coming our way. Next Thursday, we have our mid semester examinations. But before we have the FMC weekend, Film and Media Council’s festival. First and largest digital arts fest of my country. Tomorrow is movie screening of the film Transformers in the college football ground and that is absolutely free. Open theatre, friends, free… It’s gonna be fun. Also there are some events and competitions in the fest like Snap chase and video editing competition. I have participated in a few and let’s see. I have started studying for the exams as I am really miles away from what is going on in the classes. 

Dance, play and dance again… 

Yesterday was the night we all were excited about. Saturnalia, the opening of the All india sports meet of our college-Spardha 2K16. Guys were dressing up like they are going to attend their maternal uncle’s engagement ceremony. Shirt was an unsiad rule. Walter, my roommate even borrowed somebody’s shirt cause he didn’t have one at the time. Riko was dressed in white, a bow was missing or he would have looked like a five star hotel waiter. I chosen my green shirt, perhaps I was like a parrot but noone told me. 

We left for the venue at 6:45, it was little crowded there. Was like a marriage garden with food stalls replaced by games.Variety of games to play- simple gambling to balloon juggling. Male homosapiens outnumbered the female ones, which was sure. 

Then the songs started, people moved their asses to the songs changing at the rate of 1 per minute. The ones who were not single (a few)  were talking and dancing like it was a party. Rest were mad like anything else. There were prying eyes looking for some pleasure. 😌 If you know what I mean. There are seldom chances to see the fair sex at their best and this was one. I danced for around an hour and came out wet, drank some water and merged in the bodies throbbing in disco lights.Even DoSAA was there and he welcomed us all to the evening. It was half past eleven when I came back. And just dozed off in my bed. 

Same place, Same life

I reached my college on Wednesday. Lunch time. So, had my lunch and went for the class. And it was something different. Everybody was asking me “Oh! You are back, after fucking the classes for whole one week.” And I smiled everytime. 

On Thursday, it striked. I was suffering from stomachache and motions. Fuck this life. 

I went to the Doctor today and now I’m better. You can’t understand the seriousness of this issue and I don’t want to explain either. There’s a saturnalia tomorrow and I’m pretty sure it is going to be awesome.  

The Vacation feeling

I asked the slightly  old man at the ticket window about any cancelled seat in my train and he shook his head for two seconds. I felt he is my enemy but I left without murdering him. My uncle’s friend lives in the nearby city which is a two hour train journey from here. Though a part of me wanted to stay here so that next day I can  visit my old house and relive some of my best times. But Mom tild me to go and stay at his place, he had already called me when I was in the bus. I bought the ticket and boarded the train which departed after 10 minutes.

At 11, I was at his flat. There was his laptop, on which he was watching a movie before going to pick me from the station. I ate some food and started checking my chats. After a while I felt asleep. 

Morning 8:42 A. M

“You sleep with your specs on? ” He smiled.                  

” No, I felt asleep while using my phone… ” I tried. 

We talked a little and I asked him about his office. He said he will be back early and we will visit some places. I was already thinking about that. He left for office some time later, I was watching some comedy videos by TVF on youtube. It started raining in the afternoon and I was worried about my plans. And it was worth the worry. He came back in the evening when the downpour stopped. 

Cool, a large garden with a zoo, Museum and a toy train. It was the second best tourist spot in the city and was not far from his flat. I enjoyed taking pictures of the scenes. We came back and after dinner he dropped me at the station. Right now, I am in train with just trees and vast green fields to accompany me. I will reach my destination tomorrow morning. 


Second Stop… 

I got off at my favorite city. It’s been years, exactly eight years the last time I was here. A part of my childhood memories are of here, our flat, the colony friends, roads, my school, the river etc. I didn’t had time to go to the flat where we lived then but I strongly wanted to. I want to go there and feel the nostalgia. I want to capture the memory into a still photo. 

Then, after an hour I boarded my next train. I visited Rajkot for the first time. It was safe, I found it not so noisy. There’s also a Doll Museum. Right now, I am going back to my best-liked city as I had to board a night train to my present home-college. But the ticket didn’t get confirmed. I will reach there in an hour and will ask at the booking window about any vacancy. Or I will have to wait for tomorrow. Let’s see. 

First Stop… 

No interesting fellow passengers. I spent the night with my phone and thoughts. The day was not much different. At last in the evening, I got off at my destination and took a taxi to the hotel. The hotel service was good and the WiFi password was- spiderman. I don’t know whether the manager was a huge fan or not but it is a good password. 

I visited the ancient temple there, was like ruins,  a good spot for photography and some other things. Next day, I started off again for another trip. Right now,  I am in train and I really think it’s going to be fun. 


I wrote an application to leave the manufacturing practice early on Wednesday. And cycled to the hostel, got ready, packed my bag and left the premises. My train was scheduled at 5:30. I took a taxi at 4:45,I was obviously late. Bad traffic. Everyone was in a hurry. With every passing second, my brain was one step closer to getting burst like a petrol bomb. I was looking out of the window, vehicles running, people crossing roads, bikes and billboards. One about jewellery shop, other was about an upcoming biopic of a cricketer. I was reading everything that came in my eyes’ way. My head was revolving. Okay,  it’s 5:20 and I am still on my way to station. I have to check the platform no.,run to the platform and board the train. Only this will take 5 minutes. Anxiety. Adrenaline. I reached there at 5:24 and ran to platform no. 5. The train was there, I stepped in at 5:28, I was about to die, man. So,  this is what I call Race. Slowly, the wheels started rolling. I felt happy. 


​Weekend are two nights to do anything that we missed in the week. After dinner, we started playing bluff at around 11. Laughing on each other, shouting and music, continued till 1. It was past midnight and I was not even thinking about sleeping. I sleep when I can’t remain awake anymore. Until then, We have fun.

The group of insomniacs brought out their rackets and we were in the hostel lawn. Played Badminton for long one hour. Me, Riko and Jordan came back, some were playing. Riko went to his room and slept. 

“Wanna come to the terrace?” Jordan suggested. 

I agreed as we were all sweat and it’s windy up there. 

It was silent. A silent night similar to the one in villages. I was drowning in the feeling of being at my village. The sound of the crickets was making it more still. We looked down on the empty road and the lonely light poles. 

“It feels like country,  doesn’t it?” I spoke. 

Before he could say something, I started again “There is nobody, no sound. Peaceful.” 

I suddenly wanted to go home. I missed my mom. 

“See, Jordan, look at the roads and the buildings behind the trees and all that… This is our home for the next four years. We will be roaming on these roads only.” I was all in thoughts. 

Jordan was listening, eyes down at the road without moving. Then we sat on the wall which is on the inner side. The game was still going on. We sat there for about an hour. It was 4 when I last checked the time. 

Yester day we had the Water Rocket Pro. Our rocket performed well though we didn’t won but we liked it. Got it in video. 😊 

On Sunday, I had lunch and I decided to go to the Automotive Engineers Club’s workshop. And later, changed my mind. I went to the photography workshop and we were taught basics of photo editing. 

All the people didn’t had a laptop so the mentors distributed theirs, one in a group of 2-3 students. Me and a guy were operating a laptop. After 20 minutes into the class, a girl came and the mentors told her to sit with me and asked me to tell her what she missed. 😊 Cool! I enjoyed my duty. I asked her about her branch, where she belongs to, got a laptop and just many things. 

And yes,  I already knew her name,  branch, hometown etc. FB. 😁She is in dance club, she asked me about my theatre practices. We were just talking and not paying attention to the world around us-the workshop going on. The one hour was great. I am looking to meet her again. 

On Monday, it was Teacher’s day, and we bunked the classes. Mass bunk. No attendance. 

Today’s Wednesday and I am going to have lunch.