​Weekend are two nights to do anything that we missed in the week. After dinner, we started playing bluff at around 11. Laughing on each other, shouting and music, continued till 1. It was past midnight and I was not even thinking about sleeping. I sleep when I can’t remain awake anymore. Until then, We have fun.

The group of insomniacs brought out their rackets and we were in the hostel lawn. Played Badminton for long one hour. Me, Riko and Jordan came back, some were playing. Riko went to his room and slept. 

“Wanna come to the terrace?” Jordan suggested. 

I agreed as we were all sweat and it’s windy up there. 

It was silent. A silent night similar to the one in villages. I was drowning in the feeling of being at my village. The sound of the crickets was making it more still. We looked down on the empty road and the lonely light poles. 

“It feels like country,  doesn’t it?” I spoke. 

Before he could say something, I started again “There is nobody, no sound. Peaceful.” 

I suddenly wanted to go home. I missed my mom. 

“See, Jordan, look at the roads and the buildings behind the trees and all that… This is our home for the next four years. We will be roaming on these roads only.” I was all in thoughts. 

Jordan was listening, eyes down at the road without moving. Then we sat on the wall which is on the inner side. The game was still going on. We sat there for about an hour. It was 4 when I last checked the time. 

Yester day we had the Water Rocket Pro. Our rocket performed well though we didn’t won but we liked it. Got it in video. 😊 

On Sunday, I had lunch and I decided to go to the Automotive Engineers Club’s workshop. And later, changed my mind. I went to the photography workshop and we were taught basics of photo editing. 

All the people didn’t had a laptop so the mentors distributed theirs, one in a group of 2-3 students. Me and a guy were operating a laptop. After 20 minutes into the class, a girl came and the mentors told her to sit with me and asked me to tell her what she missed. 😊 Cool! I enjoyed my duty. I asked her about her branch, where she belongs to, got a laptop and just many things. 

And yes,  I already knew her name,  branch, hometown etc. FB. 😁She is in dance club, she asked me about my theatre practices. We were just talking and not paying attention to the world around us-the workshop going on. The one hour was great. I am looking to meet her again. 

On Monday, it was Teacher’s day, and we bunked the classes. Mass bunk. No attendance. 

Today’s Wednesday and I am going to have lunch. 


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