The Vacation feeling

I asked the slightly  old man at the ticket window about any cancelled seat in my train and he shook his head for two seconds. I felt he is my enemy but I left without murdering him. My uncle’s friend lives in the nearby city which is a two hour train journey from here. Though a part of me wanted to stay here so that next day I can  visit my old house and relive some of my best times. But Mom tild me to go and stay at his place, he had already called me when I was in the bus. I bought the ticket and boarded the train which departed after 10 minutes.

At 11, I was at his flat. There was his laptop, on which he was watching a movie before going to pick me from the station. I ate some food and started checking my chats. After a while I felt asleep. 

Morning 8:42 A. M

“You sleep with your specs on? ” He smiled.                  

” No, I felt asleep while using my phone… ” I tried. 

We talked a little and I asked him about his office. He said he will be back early and we will visit some places. I was already thinking about that. He left for office some time later, I was watching some comedy videos by TVF on youtube. It started raining in the afternoon and I was worried about my plans. And it was worth the worry. He came back in the evening when the downpour stopped. 

Cool, a large garden with a zoo, Museum and a toy train. It was the second best tourist spot in the city and was not far from his flat. I enjoyed taking pictures of the scenes. We came back and after dinner he dropped me at the station. Right now, I am in train with just trees and vast green fields to accompany me. I will reach my destination tomorrow morning. 



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