Dance, play and dance again… 

Yesterday was the night we all were excited about. Saturnalia, the opening of the All india sports meet of our college-Spardha 2K16. Guys were dressing up like they are going to attend their maternal uncle’s engagement ceremony. Shirt was an unsiad rule. Walter, my roommate even borrowed somebody’s shirt cause he didn’t have one at the time. Riko was dressed in white, a bow was missing or he would have looked like a five star hotel waiter. I chosen my green shirt, perhaps I was like a parrot but noone told me. 

We left for the venue at 6:45, it was little crowded there. Was like a marriage garden with food stalls replaced by games.Variety of games to play- simple gambling to balloon juggling. Male homosapiens outnumbered the female ones, which was sure. 

Then the songs started, people moved their asses to the songs changing at the rate of 1 per minute. The ones who were not single (a few)  were talking and dancing like it was a party. Rest were mad like anything else. There were prying eyes looking for some pleasure. 😌 If you know what I mean. There are seldom chances to see the fair sex at their best and this was one. I danced for around an hour and came out wet, drank some water and merged in the bodies throbbing in disco lights.Even DoSAA was there and he welcomed us all to the evening. It was half past eleven when I came back. And just dozed off in my bed. 


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