Home Sweet Home III

Some years ago, vacations were to go out of the home, now they are for going back home.

Attended the classes on Thursday.Left the hostel at 6 P.M, took a taxi to the railway station. The train was scheduled to arrive after half an hour.

We sat on our seats, me and Riko. Played games on mobile, get bored, talked nonsense for an hour. Got off at Allahabad and waited for the train. We change trains at Allahabad. There is a direct train from Varanasi to Jaipur but it usually gets late, sometimes very late. Due to horrible experiences in the past, we decided to take this train. We were just arranging our bags when two guys came and said that the seat numbers belong to them. We showed them the ticket. They asked us to check the status as we are upgraded in 2nd AC. I noticed a guy’s shirt, they were from IIIT Allahabad. We went to our new coach.

It was silence in the dreaded coach. Only retired old men and unretired silent young men. Nobody was talking. We went to the newly allotted seats, there were three people- a man in his fifties, his friend, a young guy with earphones on. He was looking at us as if we were some outer space intruders. I was confused.

“I think I know him.” Riko said in a normal tone. I was surprised.
“You don’t. I’m a student Allahabad.” he answered.
‘IIIT Allahabad?’ I thought to myself.

We settled in our seats with blankets on and mobiles in hands. It was already midnight. Dozed off. At 2:45, I opened my eyes and saw that the fellow was lying awake with blue light falling on his face from the palm-sized smartphone. He’s sick. I woke up at half past six and found a lady sleeping at his place. He got off. Don’t know when.

Riko was sleeping, I customarily wake up early in a train. I like it. I can do whatever I want. Us loo, brush my teeth etc. My favorite is standing at the door with the cold morning breeze hitting your face, feeling it blowing through your hair. And watching the sun rising. After this , came back to see Riko up.

“It is 2:30 P.M, the train is 2 hours late and getting more late every next station.” I smiled at Riko. There was some problem occurred in the engine in the morning and it got delayed by 2 hours at Agra.
“We will reach home.” Riko said.
We chatted, listen to music and managed to sit in the train til 4:30. Reached home.
I silently went in, Mom was in kitchen, I seized her in my arms from behind and shouted “Surprise” She didn’t recognized who is there. And was astonished.
“You were coming tomorrow…I did not get it, who is this? Were not expecting you, not a bit.”
We just laughed and it was all fun. I hid the Saree I bought as her gift as soon as I unpacked my bag. I will give it to her on Diwali. It’s tomorrow. I’m going to sleep as I have to wake up early tomorrow. Lost of work to do and fun to have.

A Memorable Monday

Woke up at the right time. Right time is twenty minutes before the starting of the class. 10 minutes for dressing up and breakfast and 10 to reach the lecture theater. 

We have to work for the RC Plane project. Actually we have to start the work, the idea srruck when we saw that other teams are done with their wing-making. Me and Hanley made the wing out of thermocol. It took us 3 hours of rubbing and cutting. The team’s Me, Hanley, Riko and Adolf. Adolf and Hanley are from Electrical engineering Department and Adolf is Riko’s roommate. They are also working on their telescope with a member from the other freshmen hostel. He was there in the room, we four were.

Some time later, Gio came to just to check in and found us working on the projects. 

“Gio, he’s our mentor of the project from 3rd year” I gamed.                          “Good evening, sir” 

We tricked him. The ballgame continued for some minutes til I shouted something horrible at the actors and we all laughed hard except Gio. This was the start of a fire, in fact a wild fire. We continued to invite more preys and befooled all the dogs out there. Started at 11 in the night, ended at 2 A.M. Some of them were really scared when Ian(the actor) scolded them. He is heavy built and do look like a senior. And the fallen fools, stayed in the room to watch the next one getting banged. One by one, there were more than 20 people in the room. It was crowded and we got the videos too. We exactly tricked 17 people. It was wild fun which I can’t explain in typing. It was a memorable night. For a lifetime. One of those that you recall and laugh. 

And Today’s Wednesday and I’m heading home tomorrow. At first I was going home on 28th but decided to bunk the Friday’s classes and give everyone at home a grand surprise by reaching there a day before. 😁 

A Sunday

I was dreaming about something good. Woke up and found my phone and earphones lying next to me. That’s how we accidentally fall asleep. Sleep attacks you when you’re busy thinking about something or someone. It was 9:47 A.M, I missed the breakfast again. So, I can sleep a little more. (In cases like this, God shouldn’t wake me up at the first place as he already knew I am going to miss the breakfast, then he could have let me sleep til 11 nonstop. )
Woke up at 10:30 and checked my phone. The important smartphone checking  mission goes on til 12 noon. Took shower and had lunch. Oh, today’s the last day of Spardha’16, the sports fest and I watched the games on all days. So, let’s watch something else today. I watched three episodes of The Big Bang Theory. And it served the afternoon. 

And something struck me. I have to buy Mom a Diwali gift. Me, Torrence, Riko, Kevin, Conner and Gio left the hostel at 6:20 P.M. Went straight to the Ghat near the market. And decided to have a boat ride. Kevin was horrified. He was afraid. I am not sure if the wobbling boat terrifies him or death. The ride was great with picturesque views of the banks. People moving under the yellow lights that reflect in the crinkled water. Our boat moved along the banks and back. Lot of selfies. 

We roamed in the market streets for a while. I bought a Saree for Mom and came back to the hostel. After a long weekend, tomorrow I have to go to the classes. It’s already late, 1 A.M. I am sleepy, let’s sleep after watching a few episodes. 

Half Night Out 

So, yesterday was Torrence’s birthday. (It’s 2 A.M right now). The night was a riot. Cake on faces, people on floor and loud music in the air. This went on for an hour. 

We went out for the party in the evening. We went to the Domino’s Pizza  outing, ate, drank some coke, water, lays etc. And hired a taxi not to the hostel but to the nearest river bank. Our college is in Varanasi, city on thr bank of River Ganges. More than fifty ghats(banks) and a thousand things to experience. We roamed on the bank for a while watching the silent waves shimmering in front of us. There were some groups playing guitar and singing. And also some couples sitting close to each other talking about things we don’t have to know. We came back to the college’s main gate by foot and then came to the hostel by the auto. It was a fun night but wasn’t that satisfactory. We call it a Night Out when you come back in the morning, but the day was not yesterday. We will go on a night out in winters. It is a great feeling to see the sun rise from a river bank and let the redness engulf everything. Someone told me that. 


I fell ill last night. Visited the doctor this morning and I’m fine enough to remain awake til 2:47 A.M. Tomorrow’s the first day of the Sports fest of my college in which there are more than 50+ colleges participating from all over the country. Cool. 

And it’s gonna be a long weekend. Three day off to enjoy.  

Short Journey II

Alicia got some hint.
“We all are freshers here” Michelle clarified.
“Why did…”Alicia said laughingly.

Then we were just talking about college stuff, holidays. I shown them another trick. An idea dropped from the sky that we can play Bluff. But fot that, we should be sitting in front of each other in a circle.  And that wasn’t possible with a old man sleeping on one of the lower berths.
“Let’s come our seat, there’s nobody, just we two” I suggested.
“Or if Alicia will wake him up and tell him to sit upright and watch us play” Michelle teased her.
“Let us pack the bags, go ahead we are coming.” she added.

Me and Riko came back to our coach and sat for a while. Five minutes and they didn’t came.
“Can some girls whom we met for the first time in train fool us?” I made a face at Riko.       “Maybe they can” Riko laughed.
“I think ours being cutted.” (Informally we use ‘cut’ as euphemism for extreme level of befooling) But we knew they will come.

After some moments, they call came with all their luggage. They were five, two more gals. Kirsten was a fresher in Industrial Production and Sia was in the last year (A super senior). “It’s just four hours more, so we thought we will board off together, no need to worry about the bags” Michelle said.
‘Indeed a good thought’ I said to myself. 😉

We played cards for about two hours. We were laughing and shouting like nobody’s watching. Time flew. We were at the station. I just had a single bag so I helped Alicia with her to trolley bag. She was denying ay first but gave up at last. While we were walking, on the footbridge, she just put her hand on mine which was pulling the trolleybag behind us. I looked at her. “Sharing the… load” she said. I tried to hold back my smile. I don’t know if she did that to get hold of the bag from me or not. I just don’t know why is she so reluctant.

We took a taxi to the hostels. Me, Alicia and Sia were sitting in the backseat. Talking about the city which is my home for the next four years. About the exclusive native foods that are famous in the country. It was a short journey.

Today’s Tuesday and I am in my room. Going to dine in an hour.

Short Journey 

Morning. Train. I went to check if Steve’s up or not in the other coach. And he was sleeping on the lower berth. On the middle one, there was a familiar face, she was Michelle. We met during one of the photography club’s editing workshop. She came late and sat beside me and we practiced on the same laptop.

“Cool,” I thought and came back to my seat and started thinking about pranks to do on sleeping people. 👿

No, not that hand in warm water trick. Got Riko’s headphones, chose the song Tears Don’t Fall by Bullet for my Valentine as the surprise alarm and headed to my prey. Slowly and steadily. But unluckily, they both were awake and were watching me as I walked towards them.

I smiled and waved a Hi. Michelle asked me to seat there.

“You were not here last night when I came?” I asked her.
“Some of my friends are in another coach, I was with them.” She said.
“We will book the tickets together now onwards so that we can travel together” Steve suggested.
“You already booked the tickets for the winter vacations which are two months away and now throwing ideas.” he told me that the last night and I didn’t miss.

“Did you booked the tickets of Diwali holidays? ” I turned towards.
” I am not going home on Diwali.” (Diwali is one of the prominent festivals in my country) “How come you are staying here? It is meant to celebrate at home” I said what I feel.             “There is only a three day holiday and a senior told me that the festival is a hit here too. One should witness it.” She answered.
Maybe she is right, I can feel it, the city celebrates the festival in a unique way. But for me, Home is the best. This is when Riko came looking for me. He sat down and I introduced him to the others. We were just talking, then Michelle told us that she got a deck of playing cards. I got it from her bag and asked them if they wanted to have some fun.

I know a few magic tricks and they were amused, they didn’t know that. I never tell anyone until I get a chance to show them. In the middle of my second trick, a girl jumped off from the upper bed. Short in height, long hair, glasses, torso, and jeans. She sat beside me.       “Are you from the second year?” she asked me with a plain face.
“Yes. I have seen you a few times in college. What’s your name?” I spoke out as bluntly as I could.
“Alicia, I’m from Engineering Physics.”
“How you know that I’m from second year?” I asked already knowing the answer.       “That college T-shirt, it is not yet launched this year.”
I looked at others and Michelle was gonna speak something before I winked at her. I was like “Let me continue, it’s fun”. She just smiled and just too widely. 

Back after the break 

Time flies when you are happy. That’s true. My one week vacation got over and I’m going back to college. 

I enjoyed my stay but was a little bored in the daytime. I had nothing to do, sleep, eat, TV, friends, internet. We love this life. And yeah, Pokémon Go is still working in my city even when half of thr country is geolocked. 

Riko is with me. We had dinner and now hooked to our respective phones. Bad luck again, no girls in my compartment. A family. A friend in another coach got lucky. But he is a introvert, Oh I wish… 

Home Sweet Home II

The train journey was smooth. Not much bored. Listened to some music, read my novel and talked with Riko, it was over. We hired a taxi and we were home.

Incidentally, Mom was standing at the door.
I smiled.
“I heard the taxi stopping by and I came out.” she smiled.
Only moms of this world have the sense to know everything. Don’t know how.
We hugged. I went inside and it was the same where I lived some months back. Things were at the same place, same vibe. Home. Home.
I took shower and had my lunch. We do not have anything to do in vacations, just chill around. Most of the time mom complains about how I changed, physically.
I am a skinny, weak and a little darker in color. According to her, I look like the patient suffering from an unknown ailment from past 6 months. There is some truth in the words, I feel that I am now skinny, a lot thinner than what I was when I went to college. I can do nothing. Perhaps, these seven days will make me better in some way.

I am doing the same what I was doing then, watching TV, writing my blog and roaming in the city. Life should be like this, always. I still got three days left and I am going to enjoy them the fullest. Today, I am going for some shopping.

Home Sweet Home

Mid sems are over. They were just satisfactory, I had to satisfy myself as I could do nothing else. Now, there’s a one week vacation and yeah, I am heading home. Right now I am in train and it will depart in 20 minutes (A good lesson learnt,  last time I was gonna miss my train!) . I will reach tomorrow morning. I am Happy. 😊