An unexpected overload

So on September 30th, I went for the movie screening at ten o’clock. And the movie was great. I came back and sleep, I was little tired after all. Weekend. Sleep til twelve and have lunch and sleep again. No need to bath. In the afternoon, I went for the SnapChase, an game in the FMC fest. You are given some riddles based on places in the campus,  solve them and click the photos of the places. We were three in a team,  me, my batchmate and one girl- Reid. We met her there at the competition only. We solved three out of the five questions and submitted them. Came back at hostel and I was a little dizzy. And within an hour, I was suffering from fever. I took a tablet the day before but it was recurrent. So, I went to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor asked me get a blood examination. And to record the fever temperatures. So, I bought a thermometer and recorded the temperatures that night. 

And that night was harsher than ever, the one you experience once in some years. It was 103 Fahrenheit and my head was revolving like a hurricane. I couldn’t sleep properly, there were tears in my eyes(the common cold ones). Next morning, I went to the doctor. The hospital has a peculiar smell. Of drugs and something else. And there I saw a woman crying loudly with a little boy in her lap. And that sent an vibration to my chest. A cold agitation. The hospital staff was not much moved, it was normal for them. And at that time, I realized that I could have never been a medical student… 

I am taking the pills and Now I am better. But one thing, mid-sem examination is from 6th October and My weekend passed in head bursting hallucinations. 


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