Home Sweet Home II

The train journey was smooth. Not much bored. Listened to some music, read my novel and talked with Riko, it was over. We hired a taxi and we were home.

Incidentally, Mom was standing at the door.
I smiled.
“I heard the taxi stopping by and I came out.” she smiled.
Only moms of this world have the sense to know everything. Don’t know how.
We hugged. I went inside and it was the same where I lived some months back. Things were at the same place, same vibe. Home. Home.
I took shower and had my lunch. We do not have anything to do in vacations, just chill around. Most of the time mom complains about how I changed, physically.
I am a skinny, weak and a little darker in color. According to her, I look like the patient suffering from an unknown ailment from past 6 months. There is some truth in the words, I feel that I am now skinny, a lot thinner than what I was when I went to college. I can do nothing. Perhaps, these seven days will make me better in some way.

I am doing the same what I was doing then, watching TV, writing my blog and roaming in the city. Life should be like this, always. I still got three days left and I am going to enjoy them the fullest. Today, I am going for some shopping.


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