Short Journey 

Morning. Train. I went to check if Steve’s up or not in the other coach. And he was sleeping on the lower berth. On the middle one, there was a familiar face, she was Michelle. We met during one of the photography club’s editing workshop. She came late and sat beside me and we practiced on the same laptop.

“Cool,” I thought and came back to my seat and started thinking about pranks to do on sleeping people. 👿

No, not that hand in warm water trick. Got Riko’s headphones, chose the song Tears Don’t Fall by Bullet for my Valentine as the surprise alarm and headed to my prey. Slowly and steadily. But unluckily, they both were awake and were watching me as I walked towards them.

I smiled and waved a Hi. Michelle asked me to seat there.

“You were not here last night when I came?” I asked her.
“Some of my friends are in another coach, I was with them.” She said.
“We will book the tickets together now onwards so that we can travel together” Steve suggested.
“You already booked the tickets for the winter vacations which are two months away and now throwing ideas.” he told me that the last night and I didn’t miss.

“Did you booked the tickets of Diwali holidays? ” I turned towards.
” I am not going home on Diwali.” (Diwali is one of the prominent festivals in my country) “How come you are staying here? It is meant to celebrate at home” I said what I feel.             “There is only a three day holiday and a senior told me that the festival is a hit here too. One should witness it.” She answered.
Maybe she is right, I can feel it, the city celebrates the festival in a unique way. But for me, Home is the best. This is when Riko came looking for me. He sat down and I introduced him to the others. We were just talking, then Michelle told us that she got a deck of playing cards. I got it from her bag and asked them if they wanted to have some fun.

I know a few magic tricks and they were amused, they didn’t know that. I never tell anyone until I get a chance to show them. In the middle of my second trick, a girl jumped off from the upper bed. Short in height, long hair, glasses, torso, and jeans. She sat beside me.       “Are you from the second year?” she asked me with a plain face.
“Yes. I have seen you a few times in college. What’s your name?” I spoke out as bluntly as I could.
“Alicia, I’m from Engineering Physics.”
“How you know that I’m from second year?” I asked already knowing the answer.       “That college T-shirt, it is not yet launched this year.”
I looked at others and Michelle was gonna speak something before I winked at her. I was like “Let me continue, it’s fun”. She just smiled and just too widely. 


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