Short Journey II

Alicia got some hint.
“We all are freshers here” Michelle clarified.
“Why did…”Alicia said laughingly.

Then we were just talking about college stuff, holidays. I shown them another trick. An idea dropped from the sky that we can play Bluff. But fot that, we should be sitting in front of each other in a circle.  And that wasn’t possible with a old man sleeping on one of the lower berths.
“Let’s come our seat, there’s nobody, just we two” I suggested.
“Or if Alicia will wake him up and tell him to sit upright and watch us play” Michelle teased her.
“Let us pack the bags, go ahead we are coming.” she added.

Me and Riko came back to our coach and sat for a while. Five minutes and they didn’t came.
“Can some girls whom we met for the first time in train fool us?” I made a face at Riko.       “Maybe they can” Riko laughed.
“I think ours being cutted.” (Informally we use ‘cut’ as euphemism for extreme level of befooling) But we knew they will come.

After some moments, they call came with all their luggage. They were five, two more gals. Kirsten was a fresher in Industrial Production and Sia was in the last year (A super senior). “It’s just four hours more, so we thought we will board off together, no need to worry about the bags” Michelle said.
‘Indeed a good thought’ I said to myself. 😉

We played cards for about two hours. We were laughing and shouting like nobody’s watching. Time flew. We were at the station. I just had a single bag so I helped Alicia with her to trolley bag. She was denying ay first but gave up at last. While we were walking, on the footbridge, she just put her hand on mine which was pulling the trolleybag behind us. I looked at her. “Sharing the… load” she said. I tried to hold back my smile. I don’t know if she did that to get hold of the bag from me or not. I just don’t know why is she so reluctant.

We took a taxi to the hostels. Me, Alicia and Sia were sitting in the backseat. Talking about the city which is my home for the next four years. About the exclusive native foods that are famous in the country. It was a short journey.

Today’s Tuesday and I am in my room. Going to dine in an hour.


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