Half Night Out 

So, yesterday was Torrence’s birthday. (It’s 2 A.M right now). The night was a riot. Cake on faces, people on floor and loud music in the air. This went on for an hour. 

We went out for the party in the evening. We went to the Domino’s Pizza  outing, ate, drank some coke, water, lays etc. And hired a taxi not to the hostel but to the nearest river bank. Our college is in Varanasi, city on thr bank of River Ganges. More than fifty ghats(banks) and a thousand things to experience. We roamed on the bank for a while watching the silent waves shimmering in front of us. There were some groups playing guitar and singing. And also some couples sitting close to each other talking about things we don’t have to know. We came back to the college’s main gate by foot and then came to the hostel by the auto. It was a fun night but wasn’t that satisfactory. We call it a Night Out when you come back in the morning, but the day was not yesterday. We will go on a night out in winters. It is a great feeling to see the sun rise from a river bank and let the redness engulf everything. Someone told me that. 


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