A Sunday

I was dreaming about something good. Woke up and found my phone and earphones lying next to me. That’s how we accidentally fall asleep. Sleep attacks you when you’re busy thinking about something or someone. It was 9:47 A.M, I missed the breakfast again. So, I can sleep a little more. (In cases like this, God shouldn’t wake me up at the first place as he already knew I am going to miss the breakfast, then he could have let me sleep til 11 nonstop. )
Woke up at 10:30 and checked my phone. The important smartphone checking  mission goes on til 12 noon. Took shower and had lunch. Oh, today’s the last day of Spardha’16, the sports fest and I watched the games on all days. So, let’s watch something else today. I watched three episodes of The Big Bang Theory. And it served the afternoon. 

And something struck me. I have to buy Mom a Diwali gift. Me, Torrence, Riko, Kevin, Conner and Gio left the hostel at 6:20 P.M. Went straight to the Ghat near the market. And decided to have a boat ride. Kevin was horrified. He was afraid. I am not sure if the wobbling boat terrifies him or death. The ride was great with picturesque views of the banks. People moving under the yellow lights that reflect in the crinkled water. Our boat moved along the banks and back. Lot of selfies. 

We roamed in the market streets for a while. I bought a Saree for Mom and came back to the hostel. After a long weekend, tomorrow I have to go to the classes. It’s already late, 1 A.M. I am sleepy, let’s sleep after watching a few episodes. 


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