A Memorable Monday

Woke up at the right time. Right time is twenty minutes before the starting of the class. 10 minutes for dressing up and breakfast and 10 to reach the lecture theater. 

We have to work for the RC Plane project. Actually we have to start the work, the idea srruck when we saw that other teams are done with their wing-making. Me and Hanley made the wing out of thermocol. It took us 3 hours of rubbing and cutting. The team’s Me, Hanley, Riko and Adolf. Adolf and Hanley are from Electrical engineering Department and Adolf is Riko’s roommate. They are also working on their telescope with a member from the other freshmen hostel. He was there in the room, we four were.

Some time later, Gio came to just to check in and found us working on the projects. 

“Gio, he’s our mentor of the project from 3rd year” I gamed.                          “Good evening, sir” 

We tricked him. The ballgame continued for some minutes til I shouted something horrible at the actors and we all laughed hard except Gio. This was the start of a fire, in fact a wild fire. We continued to invite more preys and befooled all the dogs out there. Started at 11 in the night, ended at 2 A.M. Some of them were really scared when Ian(the actor) scolded them. He is heavy built and do look like a senior. And the fallen fools, stayed in the room to watch the next one getting banged. One by one, there were more than 20 people in the room. It was crowded and we got the videos too. We exactly tricked 17 people. It was wild fun which I can’t explain in typing. It was a memorable night. For a lifetime. One of those that you recall and laugh. 

And Today’s Wednesday and I’m heading home tomorrow. At first I was going home on 28th but decided to bunk the Friday’s classes and give everyone at home a grand surprise by reaching there a day before. 😁 


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