Home Sweet Home III

Some years ago, vacations were to go out of the home, now they are for going back home.

Attended the classes on Thursday.Left the hostel at 6 P.M, took a taxi to the railway station. The train was scheduled to arrive after half an hour.

We sat on our seats, me and Riko. Played games on mobile, get bored, talked nonsense for an hour. Got off at Allahabad and waited for the train. We change trains at Allahabad. There is a direct train from Varanasi to Jaipur but it usually gets late, sometimes very late. Due to horrible experiences in the past, we decided to take this train. We were just arranging our bags when two guys came and said that the seat numbers belong to them. We showed them the ticket. They asked us to check the status as we are upgraded in 2nd AC. I noticed a guy’s shirt, they were from IIIT Allahabad. We went to our new coach.

It was silence in the dreaded coach. Only retired old men and unretired silent young men. Nobody was talking. We went to the newly allotted seats, there were three people- a man in his fifties, his friend, a young guy with earphones on. He was looking at us as if we were some outer space intruders. I was confused.

“I think I know him.” Riko said in a normal tone. I was surprised.
“You don’t. I’m a student Allahabad.” he answered.
‘IIIT Allahabad?’ I thought to myself.

We settled in our seats with blankets on and mobiles in hands. It was already midnight. Dozed off. At 2:45, I opened my eyes and saw that the fellow was lying awake with blue light falling on his face from the palm-sized smartphone. He’s sick. I woke up at half past six and found a lady sleeping at his place. He got off. Don’t know when.

Riko was sleeping, I customarily wake up early in a train. I like it. I can do whatever I want. Us loo, brush my teeth etc. My favorite is standing at the door with the cold morning breeze hitting your face, feeling it blowing through your hair. And watching the sun rising. After this , came back to see Riko up.

“It is 2:30 P.M, the train is 2 hours late and getting more late every next station.” I smiled at Riko. There was some problem occurred in the engine in the morning and it got delayed by 2 hours at Agra.
“We will reach home.” Riko said.
We chatted, listen to music and managed to sit in the train til 4:30. Reached home.
I silently went in, Mom was in kitchen, I seized her in my arms from behind and shouted “Surprise” She didn’t recognized who is there. And was astonished.
“You were coming tomorrow…I did not get it, who is this? Were not expecting you, not a bit.”
We just laughed and it was all fun. I hid the Saree I bought as her gift as soon as I unpacked my bag. I will give it to her on Diwali. It’s tomorrow. I’m going to sleep as I have to wake up early tomorrow. Lost of work to do and fun to have.


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