Closer to nature

Came the morning of 27th November 2016, and I wake up at 7 A.M. Why such an unjustified hard work? Because we had planned to have some fun, the plan was more than half a month old. We all bathed and got ready in just two hours. The Traveller got filled with ten of us- ME, Riko, Kevin,Connor, Gio, Hanley, Torrence, Adolf, David and Lay. David is Riko’s roommate and Lay Connor’s. I took the window seat and the slightly cool breeze blew in my face elegantly. The weather was being sunny from last few days but forgave us. Overcast sky with gray clouds. We were laughing and shouting making the vehicle look like a fair-on-wheels. I noticed the driver he was not laughing or anything. Just staring out of the windshield.
It took us 2 hours to reach the destination. There was an arch gate with these words painted ‘Lakhaniya Dari’. Some people were passing through it making us believe that it is a tourist spot. Just a little less popular. The guard came to us and told us “There’s the place, but the waterfall is about 3 km deep into the forest and it’s advisable to avoid going there. It is dangerous.”
We all nodded. After he was gone I spoke out with a tiny smile “He did a great job, now we will have to walk 3 KM”.
Few long minutes and the place astounded us with its beauty. There were rocks, black and round. The clear water was falling over them from some heights. People were diving, swimming (though the water was knee high). The sound was clearly audible to the ears. It felt magnificent. We started taking photos and selfies just right out. Half an hour and we were walking slowly ahead with taking photos in between. 50+ clicks and we didn’t reach the waterfall yet.
The path got narrower and it was turning into a trek with bushes on both sides. Rubbing into our bags every now and then. We all were excited what beholds. The rocks continued to get bigger and smoother. Suddenly “See, there, it’s huge.” Kevin shouted out in amusement. We all turned our heads to treat our eyes with candies. From a distance, it looked like a painting with trees and boulders acting as the frame. Somebody painted the water white while it was falling off from 300 feet and blue when it was still. A jaw dropping scene. I can write a thousand words more about this and then again a million.
Captured with my phone.
We removed our shoes and felt the water without pants folded up to the knee. The water was freezing. Walk around for an hour and you will be a pair of numb feet.
The water was falling close the to the wall made of rocks like a white cloth draped and waved with the wind. We sat behind the white curtains and ate some snacks. Then again we started with hilarious shoutings like Tarzan. Me, Adolf and Kevin went on the other side. I got some new ideas for photos and we implemented them. I took many photos for my collection. And also, I was tired taking everyone’s photos, they just pestered me because I am a member of Photography Club.
After those memorable three hours, we came back to the taxi and started again. We started playing ‘Antrakshiri’. It was fun too. Old School. The driver was still driving without uttering a word. He had his mouth full of betel nuts. I got it. Hw turned on the songs from his USB. I think he was obsessed with writing on the heart. There were songs like this in a row- ‘Main likh doon tere dil par, dilbar dilbar…’ and ‘Tere dil par mohabbat ka paigaam likh diya…’. Decades-old melodies. It was fantastic day and maybe the best of this year in college. And we all thank each other for this. Friends can make any trip an experience.
This was a break from staring at digital screens of laptops and mobiles all day long. The long journey to this place took all of us a step closer to nature.

Nostalgia: Back to the past

It’s been a week. Time flies when you’re happy and it stretches when there are dark times. What are End Semester Examinations? You decide.
ETEs ended today. For some branches. A lot has happened but nobody can write all that, exclude Baba Ramdev, he can do anything.
The day after tomorrow, I am heading home. What will I do? No classes, No assignments. I felt the fear of getting bored, so in between the end sems, when everyone was busy in books or sleeping, in the dark of the lonely night. I turned my laptop on and resumed the game downloading which I paused due to low speed in daytime. Left it for the night, wake up with a new game every day. (The latest games take 3-4 hours (20+GB)). During these days, I found out that Hanley is a devouring gamer, like me. I found a partner. We planned that we will exchange games as well as collect some more from friends.
Now, I have plenty of movies and games to play, not a month but a year. And I know I will not even watch them. I just know about myself. 🙂
Yesterday was the last Saturday of this semester (it’s 1:03 A.M right now). We-Me, Riko, Hanley and Adolf ate out at a restaurant near the campus. Then we came back to the hostel. There is some work to do. Game exchanging. Just at the moment, we entered the room, Adolf said “Wanna hangout?”
“Where?” I asked him.
“Anywhere, just roaming on bicycles.”
Cool. Everbody’s ready, in a few minutes, we were wandering in the university’s roads with no reason and no planning. We took every next turn and just went straight.We started talking about the cartoons we watched when we were younger. And our laughter and the excitement in the voice reflected that we were drowned in the nostalgia. It was awesome. We were remembering them in order in which they came, in our respective lives. First, it all started with Junior G and Shaktimaan on DD national. Then, Gali Gali Sim Sim, then the cartoon network shows- Richie Rich, Popeye and all that you can think about. At that time there was no DTH service. How we waited for the Saturdays. Only on Saturdays, cartoons were aired on DD National. We counted more than 50 shows and I’m sure we still missed many.
We discussed what this generation’s kids are missing out on, and how mobile phones and computers took over the world. But nothing can compete with what we all have experienced, no iPhone nor any Virtual reality game. Then chain reaction initiated, old school horror shows, video games etc. There are some moments which fill you with happiness and gladdens your inner kid. They were some. After taking a tour of the whole 1400 acre university, we came back. Laughing Inaudibly.
Tomorrow’s the last day before our one-month winter break. We are planning something. Let it be a surprise. 🙂

Money makes the world go round!

It’s 1:16 A.M right now and Walter is planning to visit the ATM. No, he doesn’t have an emergency. It’s a planned event. Because, in the daytime, the queue outside any ATM is never ending.
An ATM is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week but people started utilizing it from the past five days. Go there at midnight, come back in the morning. There is no best time for an ATM transaction. My friends here tried everything.
Riko went to the ATM at 12 noon, came back at 3 P.M with open hands. The machine went out of cash. Fruitless waiting.
Then he again visited at 5 A.M, unsuccessful.


1:05 A.M

I, Jacob and Leo decided to fight the battle yesterday. Left the hostel at 12:30 A.M. We were already sure that we have to wait for at least more than an hour to get cash. And it was true. There were around 40 human beings standing before us, some glued to their phones, some looking straight into the dark like a vampire. I was listening to my music library. Shuffle on. And then, the song ‘Zara si dosti’ started flowing into my ears. I like the song. I think the song is relatable to everyone who has a crush on somebody or had one sometime before. They will feel it. One and a half hour later, I was the third person from the machine.
Jacob was just before me, and a middle-aged man was carrying out the transaction. But when he inserted his card and entered the amount, the machine showed ‘Transaction error’. He tried one more time. Same result.
“Check out account balance, it must have exhausted.” I suggested.
He took out the statement and it was all OK. He tried once again and the words ‘Transaction Error’ flashed on the LCD screen. With all these, something inside me froze.
“I hope we are good, Jacob.” I said in a low tone.
“Let me try” Jacob said to the man.
Jacob pushed some buttons. Entered the amount. Few seconds passed…and the machine started growling. The sound of notes being counted. God saved us. I enjoyed my walk back to the hostel with music and some good talk with some good people.

But these days made us learn that we can survive with a little money and fewer luxuries. The truth is- ATM is the picnic spot and bank is the new home. Money makes the world go around!!


A Flood of events

Not sure if it should be called a glut of things or it’s because I didn’t write all those. The prime reason being, you can guess if you’re here in the college. LAN connection failure. They turn off the connection whenever they want. It was not working since Friday night and started this morning. Three days felt I am lost, disconnected from the world, no news, no FB updates, nothing at all. Some people were on the verge of crying out.
So, On Friday, there was Retro Night, DJ night organised under KashiYatra 2017. KashiYatra is the annual cultural fest of my college. The air is infected already with the DJ nights, occasional special events and the promotional hoodies. People wear them everywhere. Hostel, Classroom, Bathroom and in the bed.
We danced at the DJ Night. Everybody do that. Me and Adolf danced with strangers. And never met them again. No details here. After getting tired, we came back, dined and slept.
Holidays. We love it. Sleep at 4, wake up at 11. Skip Breakfast, lunch, shower. Sleep again.
On saturday, we have to test our RC Plane for the for the first time. It glided like an eagle. We rejoiced.
KashiYatra’17 organised another event-Benaras Bazaar. Stalls of everything stood up there including jewellery, Banarasi clothes, winter clothes, ornaments and handicrafts. All these meant nothing tot he students as we can’t buy any of these nor we have to buy. Just the decoration was eye candy.
And yeah, this time Monday was a holiday too. Bloody Monday. We practised on our RC Plane again, gearing up for the event on Tuesday.
Last night around, midnight, Walter, Jacob and Leo went to the ATM. they chose the time so that they don’t have to face the long queues. They went to the ATM near Hyderabad Gate, just outside the campus. The wind was chilly and sharp. Something bad was going to happen. ATM was there with shutter dropped down. They headed back. The road was empty, some insects were flying under the streetlamp. Something bad was going to happen. Worse. The campus main gate was closed. They started shouted trying to wake up the guard. As if there was any guard there. Nobody heard them except the trees and stray dogs. Dripping in cold sweat, Walter dialled a number. I pick up the phone.
“Please come here, we are stuck here, can’t come in, noone to open the door.”
I went there. Jacob jumped over the gate and was with me on the other side. Leo and Walter were really frightened to climb. We two have to motivate them with words like they were going mountaineering in the Himalayas. After all after long 10 minutes, they went for it. All this made a good laugh (for me and Jacob).
Today we went for our RC Plane event. There were bout a dozen teams with their airplanes in their hands. Our turn came.
Everything was fine as expected…suddenly when Adolf was flying, it lost control, swifted towards  tree and Bang! Oh, it stuck there. Throttle on, off. Power full. Nothing changed. We called the gardener, he climbed all up the way and brought it down. Nothing was damaged.
In half an hour, I am going for the dinner.

Interview of A CR

Every group or community needs a representative. Even wolfs need a leader. So do we, students acknowledging the little difference. A class has a voice- CR, the volunteer servant.
CR can mean many things and it does mean many things in my case. No, I’m not the one but one of my friends didn’t see the net and got caught like a cute pigeon. Let’s get into it.

There’s a festival coming up and a 3 day holiday is not sufficient to get in the mood. So, the CR will go and talk to all the professors to ask for class cancellation. Some days back, we wanted two days off. And he did it. Most difficult was to persuade the Chemistry Practical Ma’am who was really against it. But he did it too. Coincidentally, after some days a freshman was sighted washing clothes at her house. And whether this is a choice or not but it is his duty, no doubt.
There’s some new information about any course or something, he must get it from somewhere and forward it to all the students. It’s like I dropped my bread on the floor and the fking CR will pick it up.

We have assignments to submit. The tutor tells us that we have to submit them tomorrow in his chamber. But what he meant was- CR have to collect the assignments from our rooms and submit them tomorrow.
Like Jio users have the sole duty to provide hotspots to everybody and everywhere (even in bathrooms), CRs have the duty to work like a servant without pay. No questions.
Today I interviewed Connor, our CR.

“So, how did you became a CR?” I asked him casually.
His answered stunned the world.
“It was decided by the god itself, C for Connor, C for CR, C for ….”

How is bathing a sin?

This question may seem stupid or ridiculous at the first sight but believe me, it’s very important. Taking shower is a crucial decision in a student’s life, precisely, in an engineering student’s life (Let’s not get to IIT BHU student).
Let’s answer the question together.

What does bathing means?
Washing your body with a liquid be it water or anything else.
What is the purpose?
Cleansing of the body to achieve personal hygiene.

If you look up Wikipedia for bathing, you will find many other reasons to take a shower daily, like rituals, religious activity etc. But most people would answer cleanliness.
But, bathing will clean only if it is done in a good order. And to complete any task decently, one needs time. And time is a priceless thing. A student doesn’t have time. He sleeps at 3 and then you want him/her to wake up at 6, bathe, eat and attend the classes. That’s injustice. A person can sleep one and a half hour more if he/she skips this nonsensical activity. You will cross question- Why to sleep at 3?
Because he has to do all this in the night- Assignments, Practicals, Notes, Projects, working on the remote control plane for the competition etc. In short- Laptop+Phone.
So, it reduces your sleep time. Also, in winters, bathing early in the morning can land you up in a hospital bed- Influenza.
Therefore, Bathing is injurious to health.

‘X’ takes a shower, has breakfast and reaches the class. But 10 minutes late. ‘Y’ wakes up and reaches the class. This simple example proves that Bathing is against education.
Both health and education are foundations for human development. Bathing is wrongful to both.
And at last, if a person uses which 2 buckets of water, he/she (not sure of she, though :P) wastes 20 liters of the precious fluid every day. Hence, Bathing is a waste of resources.

These all together makes it an act that is regarded as a violation of nature’s law and god’s will.


There is a first time for everything. This is the first post I am writing from my new laptop-Gizmo. And also the first time, I am posting something from a laptop from my hostel too. You are reading a post posted from Gizmo for the first time too. Phew!
I Reached Varanasi today, the train was 2 hours late, it’s normal. We were pitied upon by the train gods or it could be late by 5 hours. I downloaded some music, went to work for the RC Plane, just had dinner and now feeling a little sleepy. The thought me attending classes tomorrow is scary. I don’t want to wake up early and go the classes. But I will. I have to.

Right now I am trying to create a hotsot in my laptop so that I can use the LAN internet in my phone.

Welcome, Gizmo

There should be a blog post every day or every other day. I didn’t forget. Not that I don’t want to write. There was a reason.
November 2 was a special day, fans of a far-famed actor celebrated and wished him on his birthday and without being a part of these celebrations, I bought a new laptop. And named it Gizmo. It was everything I wanted, not in my life but for my contrivance hunger. It is packed with a decent Graphic card and 8 GB RAM, enough to play any modish heavy game. Already tried Assassin’s Creed 4 and Far cry 3, perfect A/F. So, I didn’t write because I wanted to add the new post from Gizmo itself but sadly couldn’t. Waited til today, still sad. I will do it tomorrow from the college hostel.

I was taking a look at the newspaper in the morning when like a bolt, all of a sudden it stroked me that I should check my ticket status if I want to get back to Varanasi on Sunday. I was 26th on the wait list when I booked the ticket one month back and it’s WL 17 now. There is a pocket-size hope of it getting confirmed in one day.
‘The Tatkal ticketing starts at 10, it’s 8:55. I will reach the railway station in 10 minutes, it’s easy.’- This was what I thought at the before riding off. No time to change clothes.
‘Bang, I don’t know what’s gonna happen’- This was when I stood in the queue at the 15th position. People wake up and head to the station. Hopefully, we were divided, 6 on a counter. I handed over my form and he said “Full.” returning the piece of paper.
‘No Problem, the Sleeper class Tatkal starts at 11, I will fill up another form.’- This was what I thought before filling up.
‘There’s a queue for sleeper too, and I am from third from the last…What’s the total fine if one travels without a ticket?’- This was when I was standing in the queue.
“Is he with you?” an old man standing beside me asked his grandson.
“Yes but he’s from Mechanical” he replied.
I collected that I’m wearing the Mechanical Dept. T-shirt of my college.
“Which year?” I asked him in a heavy voice.
He was at the second place.
“Take this, and get the ticket.” I gave him my form. He took it. Spoke nothing.
“Which hostel do you live in?” I inquired again.
“Visvesaraiya. You?”
A voice repeated ‘Rajputana’ several times in my head. But I didn’t lie.” S N Bose” I half laughed without looking at him.
“You are a fresher” he smiled.
“You didn’t ask??” we both laughed.
“We can write both the passengers’ names in a single form.” he suggested.
I wrote down my details.
We walked out of the building, introducing ourselves.
“See you tomorrow” I bid him bye.
I drove home. Canceled the waiting ticket. Had lunch and wrote this post.

A Joyous Diversion

A prominent Indian festival- An excessive and dangerous dose of sweets and flocking relatives.
Every year, Diwali is the same but is going to be different every next time for a person.
I and my sister had planned to get up early and start working on the Rangoli-making -which is a tremendous task. How?
We learned that the previous year, worked all day long, it was a simple design. And we wanted it improved. And also there were smaller complementary rangolis this time. Woke up at seven. First, the garage and front yard are supposed to be washed. That too, by us or wait til 10. That was not a choice. We started with the swabbing clothes and water.

“Wash the vehicles you drive, before mopping the water off.” Mom’s voice fell into my ears.
Again, there was no choice. It was done, mockingly at around ten o’clock. We started with the design. It was noontime when we finished the blueprint on the white marble floor. Let’s take a break. A long break. Shower
+lunch+TV+Facebook+ Maternal Uncle’s home.
“Hey, it’s already three and we will not be able to complete it if we didn’t start now”
“Yes” I knew it.
We again took off.

“Will you do this til the morning? There are many other things to do” Mom said something like this every time she passed past us. A little angrier every time.
“Just half an hour more” This was the answer.
We left it incomplete, got rid of the outer boundary design.
“It’s 75% complete” Caryl stated at the end.
“Nobody knows this. It’s a modification.” I spoke as I rubbed my hands on my jeans.


And with all the earthen lamps lighted up, it looked like this.
Then, we did all the stuff like putting on new clothes, puja, dinner and crackers. We decide to not buy crackers this time. A few sparkles and flower pots were enough to celebrate. Yesterday, we celebrated the Govardhan puja (officially for the first time). It was fun too. Now, the season is over, people are heading back to their life, the fast-breaking straightway life. All this was a nice distraction. A Joyous Diversion.