A Joyous Diversion

A prominent Indian festival- An excessive and dangerous dose of sweets and flocking relatives.
Every year, Diwali is the same but is going to be different every next time for a person.
I and my sister had planned to get up early and start working on the Rangoli-making -which is a tremendous task. How?
We learned that the previous year, worked all day long, it was a simple design. And we wanted it improved. And also there were smaller complementary rangolis this time. Woke up at seven. First, the garage and front yard are supposed to be washed. That too, by us or wait til 10. That was not a choice. We started with the swabbing clothes and water.

“Wash the vehicles you drive, before mopping the water off.” Mom’s voice fell into my ears.
Again, there was no choice. It was done, mockingly at around ten o’clock. We started with the design. It was noontime when we finished the blueprint on the white marble floor. Let’s take a break. A long break. Shower
+lunch+TV+Facebook+ Maternal Uncle’s home.
“Hey, it’s already three and we will not be able to complete it if we didn’t start now”
“Yes” I knew it.
We again took off.

“Will you do this til the morning? There are many other things to do” Mom said something like this every time she passed past us. A little angrier every time.
“Just half an hour more” This was the answer.
We left it incomplete, got rid of the outer boundary design.
“It’s 75% complete” Caryl stated at the end.
“Nobody knows this. It’s a modification.” I spoke as I rubbed my hands on my jeans.


And with all the earthen lamps lighted up, it looked like this.
Then, we did all the stuff like putting on new clothes, puja, dinner and crackers. We decide to not buy crackers this time. A few sparkles and flower pots were enough to celebrate. Yesterday, we celebrated the Govardhan puja (officially for the first time). It was fun too. Now, the season is over, people are heading back to their life, the fast-breaking straightway life. All this was a nice distraction. A Joyous Diversion.


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