Welcome, Gizmo

There should be a blog post every day or every other day. I didn’t forget. Not that I don’t want to write. There was a reason.
November 2 was a special day, fans of a far-famed actor celebrated and wished him on his birthday and without being a part of these celebrations, I bought a new laptop. And named it Gizmo. It was everything I wanted, not in my life but for my contrivance hunger. It is packed with a decent Graphic card and 8 GB RAM, enough to play any modish heavy game. Already tried Assassin’s Creed 4 and Far cry 3, perfect A/F. So, I didn’t write because I wanted to add the new post from Gizmo itself but sadly couldn’t. Waited til today, still sad. I will do it tomorrow from the college hostel.

I was taking a look at the newspaper in the morning when like a bolt, all of a sudden it stroked me that I should check my ticket status if I want to get back to Varanasi on Sunday. I was 26th on the wait list when I booked the ticket one month back and it’s WL 17 now. There is a pocket-size hope of it getting confirmed in one day.
‘The Tatkal ticketing starts at 10, it’s 8:55. I will reach the railway station in 10 minutes, it’s easy.’- This was what I thought at the before riding off. No time to change clothes.
‘Bang, I don’t know what’s gonna happen’- This was when I stood in the queue at the 15th position. People wake up and head to the station. Hopefully, we were divided, 6 on a counter. I handed over my form and he said “Full.” returning the piece of paper.
‘No Problem, the Sleeper class Tatkal starts at 11, I will fill up another form.’- This was what I thought before filling up.
‘There’s a queue for sleeper too, and I am from third from the last…What’s the total fine if one travels without a ticket?’- This was when I was standing in the queue.
“Is he with you?” an old man standing beside me asked his grandson.
“Yes but he’s from Mechanical” he replied.
I collected that I’m wearing the Mechanical Dept. T-shirt of my college.
“Which year?” I asked him in a heavy voice.
He was at the second place.
“Take this, and get the ticket.” I gave him my form. He took it. Spoke nothing.
“Which hostel do you live in?” I inquired again.
“Visvesaraiya. You?”
A voice repeated ‘Rajputana’ several times in my head. But I didn’t lie.” S N Bose” I half laughed without looking at him.
“You are a fresher” he smiled.
“You didn’t ask??” we both laughed.
“We can write both the passengers’ names in a single form.” he suggested.
I wrote down my details.
We walked out of the building, introducing ourselves.
“See you tomorrow” I bid him bye.
I drove home. Canceled the waiting ticket. Had lunch and wrote this post.


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