How is bathing a sin?

This question may seem stupid or ridiculous at the first sight but believe me, it’s very important. Taking shower is a crucial decision in a student’s life, precisely, in an engineering student’s life (Let’s not get to IIT BHU student).
Let’s answer the question together.

What does bathing means?
Washing your body with a liquid be it water or anything else.
What is the purpose?
Cleansing of the body to achieve personal hygiene.

If you look up Wikipedia for bathing, you will find many other reasons to take a shower daily, like rituals, religious activity etc. But most people would answer cleanliness.
But, bathing will clean only if it is done in a good order. And to complete any task decently, one needs time. And time is a priceless thing. A student doesn’t have time. He sleeps at 3 and then you want him/her to wake up at 6, bathe, eat and attend the classes. That’s injustice. A person can sleep one and a half hour more if he/she skips this nonsensical activity. You will cross question- Why to sleep at 3?
Because he has to do all this in the night- Assignments, Practicals, Notes, Projects, working on the remote control plane for the competition etc. In short- Laptop+Phone.
So, it reduces your sleep time. Also, in winters, bathing early in the morning can land you up in a hospital bed- Influenza.
Therefore, Bathing is injurious to health.

‘X’ takes a shower, has breakfast and reaches the class. But 10 minutes late. ‘Y’ wakes up and reaches the class. This simple example proves that Bathing is against education.
Both health and education are foundations for human development. Bathing is wrongful to both.
And at last, if a person uses which 2 buckets of water, he/she (not sure of she, though :P) wastes 20 liters of the precious fluid every day. Hence, Bathing is a waste of resources.

These all together makes it an act that is regarded as a violation of nature’s law and god’s will.


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