Interview of A CR

Every group or community needs a representative. Even wolfs need a leader. So do we, students acknowledging the little difference. A class has a voice- CR, the volunteer servant.
CR can mean many things and it does mean many things in my case. No, I’m not the one but one of my friends didn’t see the net and got caught like a cute pigeon. Let’s get into it.

There’s a festival coming up and a 3 day holiday is not sufficient to get in the mood. So, the CR will go and talk to all the professors to ask for class cancellation. Some days back, we wanted two days off. And he did it. Most difficult was to persuade the Chemistry Practical Ma’am who was really against it. But he did it too. Coincidentally, after some days a freshman was sighted washing clothes at her house. And whether this is a choice or not but it is his duty, no doubt.
There’s some new information about any course or something, he must get it from somewhere and forward it to all the students. It’s like I dropped my bread on the floor and the fking CR will pick it up.

We have assignments to submit. The tutor tells us that we have to submit them tomorrow in his chamber. But what he meant was- CR have to collect the assignments from our rooms and submit them tomorrow.
Like Jio users have the sole duty to provide hotspots to everybody and everywhere (even in bathrooms), CRs have the duty to work like a servant without pay. No questions.
Today I interviewed Connor, our CR.

“So, how did you became a CR?” I asked him casually.
His answered stunned the world.
“It was decided by the god itself, C for Connor, C for CR, C for ….”


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