A Flood of events

Not sure if it should be called a glut of things or it’s because I didn’t write all those. The prime reason being, you can guess if you’re here in the college. LAN connection failure. They turn off the connection whenever they want. It was not working since Friday night and started this morning. Three days felt I am lost, disconnected from the world, no news, no FB updates, nothing at all. Some people were on the verge of crying out.
So, On Friday, there was Retro Night, DJ night organised under KashiYatra 2017. KashiYatra is the annual cultural fest of my college. The air is infected already with the DJ nights, occasional special events and the promotional hoodies. People wear them everywhere. Hostel, Classroom, Bathroom and in the bed.
We danced at the DJ Night. Everybody do that. Me and Adolf danced with strangers. And never met them again. No details here. After getting tired, we came back, dined and slept.
Holidays. We love it. Sleep at 4, wake up at 11. Skip Breakfast, lunch, shower. Sleep again.
On saturday, we have to test our RC Plane for the for the first time. It glided like an eagle. We rejoiced.
KashiYatra’17 organised another event-Benaras Bazaar. Stalls of everything stood up there including jewellery, Banarasi clothes, winter clothes, ornaments and handicrafts. All these meant nothing tot he students as we can’t buy any of these nor we have to buy. Just the decoration was eye candy.
And yeah, this time Monday was a holiday too. Bloody Monday. We practised on our RC Plane again, gearing up for the event on Tuesday.
Last night around, midnight, Walter, Jacob and Leo went to the ATM. they chose the time so that they don’t have to face the long queues. They went to the ATM near Hyderabad Gate, just outside the campus. The wind was chilly and sharp. Something bad was going to happen. ATM was there with shutter dropped down. They headed back. The road was empty, some insects were flying under the streetlamp. Something bad was going to happen. Worse. The campus main gate was closed. They started shouted trying to wake up the guard. As if there was any guard there. Nobody heard them except the trees and stray dogs. Dripping in cold sweat, Walter dialled a number. I pick up the phone.
“Please come here, we are stuck here, can’t come in, noone to open the door.”
I went there. Jacob jumped over the gate and was with me on the other side. Leo and Walter were really frightened to climb. We two have to motivate them with words like they were going mountaineering in the Himalayas. After all after long 10 minutes, they went for it. All this made a good laugh (for me and Jacob).
Today we went for our RC Plane event. There were bout a dozen teams with their airplanes in their hands. Our turn came.
Everything was fine as expected…suddenly when Adolf was flying, it lost control, swifted towards  tree and Bang! Oh, it stuck there. Throttle on, off. Power full. Nothing changed. We called the gardener, he climbed all up the way and brought it down. Nothing was damaged.
In half an hour, I am going for the dinner.


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