Money makes the world go round!

It’s 1:16 A.M right now and Walter is planning to visit the ATM. No, he doesn’t have an emergency. It’s a planned event. Because, in the daytime, the queue outside any ATM is never ending.
An ATM is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week but people started utilizing it from the past five days. Go there at midnight, come back in the morning. There is no best time for an ATM transaction. My friends here tried everything.
Riko went to the ATM at 12 noon, came back at 3 P.M with open hands. The machine went out of cash. Fruitless waiting.
Then he again visited at 5 A.M, unsuccessful.


1:05 A.M

I, Jacob and Leo decided to fight the battle yesterday. Left the hostel at 12:30 A.M. We were already sure that we have to wait for at least more than an hour to get cash. And it was true. There were around 40 human beings standing before us, some glued to their phones, some looking straight into the dark like a vampire. I was listening to my music library. Shuffle on. And then, the song ‘Zara si dosti’ started flowing into my ears. I like the song. I think the song is relatable to everyone who has a crush on somebody or had one sometime before. They will feel it. One and a half hour later, I was the third person from the machine.
Jacob was just before me, and a middle-aged man was carrying out the transaction. But when he inserted his card and entered the amount, the machine showed ‘Transaction error’. He tried one more time. Same result.
“Check out account balance, it must have exhausted.” I suggested.
He took out the statement and it was all OK. He tried once again and the words ‘Transaction Error’ flashed on the LCD screen. With all these, something inside me froze.
“I hope we are good, Jacob.” I said in a low tone.
“Let me try” Jacob said to the man.
Jacob pushed some buttons. Entered the amount. Few seconds passed…and the machine started growling. The sound of notes being counted. God saved us. I enjoyed my walk back to the hostel with music and some good talk with some good people.

But these days made us learn that we can survive with a little money and fewer luxuries. The truth is- ATM is the picnic spot and bank is the new home. Money makes the world go around!!



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