Nostalgia: Back to the past

It’s been a week. Time flies when you’re happy and it stretches when there are dark times. What are End Semester Examinations? You decide.
ETEs ended today. For some branches. A lot has happened but nobody can write all that, exclude Baba Ramdev, he can do anything.
The day after tomorrow, I am heading home. What will I do? No classes, No assignments. I felt the fear of getting bored, so in between the end sems, when everyone was busy in books or sleeping, in the dark of the lonely night. I turned my laptop on and resumed the game downloading which I paused due to low speed in daytime. Left it for the night, wake up with a new game every day. (The latest games take 3-4 hours (20+GB)). During these days, I found out that Hanley is a devouring gamer, like me. I found a partner. We planned that we will exchange games as well as collect some more from friends.
Now, I have plenty of movies and games to play, not a month but a year. And I know I will not even watch them. I just know about myself. 🙂
Yesterday was the last Saturday of this semester (it’s 1:03 A.M right now). We-Me, Riko, Hanley and Adolf ate out at a restaurant near the campus. Then we came back to the hostel. There is some work to do. Game exchanging. Just at the moment, we entered the room, Adolf said “Wanna hangout?”
“Where?” I asked him.
“Anywhere, just roaming on bicycles.”
Cool. Everbody’s ready, in a few minutes, we were wandering in the university’s roads with no reason and no planning. We took every next turn and just went straight.We started talking about the cartoons we watched when we were younger. And our laughter and the excitement in the voice reflected that we were drowned in the nostalgia. It was awesome. We were remembering them in order in which they came, in our respective lives. First, it all started with Junior G and Shaktimaan on DD national. Then, Gali Gali Sim Sim, then the cartoon network shows- Richie Rich, Popeye and all that you can think about. At that time there was no DTH service. How we waited for the Saturdays. Only on Saturdays, cartoons were aired on DD National. We counted more than 50 shows and I’m sure we still missed many.
We discussed what this generation’s kids are missing out on, and how mobile phones and computers took over the world. But nothing can compete with what we all have experienced, no iPhone nor any Virtual reality game. Then chain reaction initiated, old school horror shows, video games etc. There are some moments which fill you with happiness and gladdens your inner kid. They were some. After taking a tour of the whole 1400 acre university, we came back. Laughing Inaudibly.
Tomorrow’s the last day before our one-month winter break. We are planning something. Let it be a surprise. 🙂


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