Closer to nature

Came the morning of 27th November 2016, and I wake up at 7 A.M. Why such an unjustified hard work? Because we had planned to have some fun, the plan was more than half a month old. We all bathed and got ready in just two hours. The Traveller got filled with ten of us- ME, Riko, Kevin,Connor, Gio, Hanley, Torrence, Adolf, David and Lay. David is Riko’s roommate and Lay Connor’s. I took the window seat and the slightly cool breeze blew in my face elegantly. The weather was being sunny from last few days but forgave us. Overcast sky with gray clouds. We were laughing and shouting making the vehicle look like a fair-on-wheels. I noticed the driver he was not laughing or anything. Just staring out of the windshield.
It took us 2 hours to reach the destination. There was an arch gate with these words painted ‘Lakhaniya Dari’. Some people were passing through it making us believe that it is a tourist spot. Just a little less popular. The guard came to us and told us “There’s the place, but the waterfall is about 3 km deep into the forest and it’s advisable to avoid going there. It is dangerous.”
We all nodded. After he was gone I spoke out with a tiny smile “He did a great job, now we will have to walk 3 KM”.
Few long minutes and the place astounded us with its beauty. There were rocks, black and round. The clear water was falling over them from some heights. People were diving, swimming (though the water was knee high). The sound was clearly audible to the ears. It felt magnificent. We started taking photos and selfies just right out. Half an hour and we were walking slowly ahead with taking photos in between. 50+ clicks and we didn’t reach the waterfall yet.
The path got narrower and it was turning into a trek with bushes on both sides. Rubbing into our bags every now and then. We all were excited what beholds. The rocks continued to get bigger and smoother. Suddenly “See, there, it’s huge.” Kevin shouted out in amusement. We all turned our heads to treat our eyes with candies. From a distance, it looked like a painting with trees and boulders acting as the frame. Somebody painted the water white while it was falling off from 300 feet and blue when it was still. A jaw dropping scene. I can write a thousand words more about this and then again a million.
Captured with my phone.
We removed our shoes and felt the water without pants folded up to the knee. The water was freezing. Walk around for an hour and you will be a pair of numb feet.
The water was falling close the to the wall made of rocks like a white cloth draped and waved with the wind. We sat behind the white curtains and ate some snacks. Then again we started with hilarious shoutings like Tarzan. Me, Adolf and Kevin went on the other side. I got some new ideas for photos and we implemented them. I took many photos for my collection. And also, I was tired taking everyone’s photos, they just pestered me because I am a member of Photography Club.
After those memorable three hours, we came back to the taxi and started again. We started playing ‘Antrakshiri’. It was fun too. Old School. The driver was still driving without uttering a word. He had his mouth full of betel nuts. I got it. Hw turned on the songs from his USB. I think he was obsessed with writing on the heart. There were songs like this in a row- ‘Main likh doon tere dil par, dilbar dilbar…’ and ‘Tere dil par mohabbat ka paigaam likh diya…’. Decades-old melodies. It was fantastic day and maybe the best of this year in college. And we all thank each other for this. Friends can make any trip an experience.
This was a break from staring at digital screens of laptops and mobiles all day long. The long journey to this place took all of us a step closer to nature.


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