Goodbye, 2016.

Goodbyes are hard. But we are happy when we wave goodbye to a year and enter into the new one. We are already in the new year, it’s 1:32 A.M. So, here’s a quick flashback.

“It’s true that it is gone, we have a lot of good memories”
2016 in words-Allen, JEE, 2 months after JEE, ‘TRAVEL’, college, excitement, fun, TRAVEL, Diwali, Winters.
The year started in winters as every year do. On the first day, I woke up to find my shoes were not in place, they were stolen. What a coincidence? We couldn’t do anything and accepted that I gifted them to someone in need. Then came the festival of Makar Sankranti which is a much-loved celebration in North India. I again made the kite with the longest tail made of paper (3 meters).
Cake, candles, and fun on 17th January. Thrown a party for about 40 people in the coaching. February came and taught me something useful, something that will help me all my life. In April, Mains happened and without much time to think, Advanced too. It was then,  in June, July I was absolutely jobless and did everything that I ever wanted to. Tried my hobbies, I drew, learned Spanish, Played video games and slept. I also appeared for NATA, exam in architecture just because of interest and curiosity. And I scored well.

After this period, a new life started. A life which is full of joy and travel. I started loving traveling. Huge love. It started with the trip to Ajmer. We visited the Dargah and other places in Ajmer. Then for admission in the college, reported at IIT Indore which was again an unforgettable journey with Raul07. There were crazy experiences. I stayed a night and day at his college in Jhalawar and I loved it. Thanks to him.
Then I was allotted the college and took the route to Varanasi. IIT BHU. The one month of Induction program at college (no study, just fun). College took to the Varanasi tours and creative course classes. Those days, the schedule was really packed, but sometimes when I was alone in my room, I felt a little homesick. Rakshabandhan was the first festival to come and I was never away from home on this day. This year too I was not away. One holiday and One night stay at home. In September, I visited Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The coconut juice, Hotel Celebrations and memories. Then from there, Rajkot. The large and tasty Gujarati Thali made the Sunday awesome. I was back home on Dussehra and then Diwali. Diwali was a special one. A Happy one. Then came the winter break. I downloaded games like a maniac in November last so that I could play in the vacations.  And again a visit to Ajmer on Christmas made my travel love grew.
December I spent at home was a good, long, sleepy month. Home=love and lots of love. I was too jobless, just watched movies and played games. Attended maternal cousin’s marriage and it was lovely. For the first time, I saw Jaipur from the top of Nahargarh. And visited Jaigarh fort. On the last day, Me and Jayzbra went to GT and had a great time laughing like mad men on the street, in the parking lot and in the Domino’s Pizzas.

A year to be remembered. I thank everybody who made the last year fabulous for me.
And send them warm wishes for a joyful new year. Create good memories which make you smile when you look back after a year again. Goodbye, 2016.
Welcome, 2017.
(17 is my favorite number :P)

Back to college after a month

A semester is over in college and I am back here. This was my last train journey of this year 2016. Today’s the last day of the year. 31st December 2016, 1:55 A.M. I wish I could be home but there is physical registration today at the college for the second semester so I had to be here.
The train was already 3 hours late before reaching Jaipur. I boarded it at 6:44 P.M in the evening. Mine was the side lower berth and Riko’s side upper. There was a family in the compartment in front. They were from Varanasi and were going home after visiting their relatives in Ajmer. And see, I was going away from home. They were Muslims and spoke like a true Banarasi. I was happy to hear them, don’t know why.
The night fell, and I was in my blanket comfortably. I slept at 11 at home, so I was sleepy at the right time. It took me more than 10 minutes to adjust my blanket as my wish. Tucked under the body from sides and under the head from above. 🙂
It was a cold night, I woke up three times and wished it was morning. At around 8, I left my bed. It was foggy outside the glass window. And piercing wind. The train was diverted due to the recent train accident near Kanpur and there was a state of confusion among passengers. The kid in the family was looking out of the glass and reading out everything that came. At times, he imitated the vendors on the stations and shouted- “Chai, samosa, garama garam” and laughed. I was noon and foggy. I understood that it remains like this all day here. I plugged in my earphones and listened to Owl City melodies. I loved the artist but the likeness is somewhat faded now.


Took from the gate. It was really icy.

I felt a little heavy head So, went to the gate and let the fast, cold wind strike my face. Through my hair. It took 15 minutes and I was feeling better like a face wash. This is perhaps weird but I love winters. Sometimes, the feeling of winters. As we were getting closer to Varanasi, it was getting colder. Or that is what I felt. The horizon was again covered with fog like it was in the morning.One cannot tell the difference without looking at the watch. It was a day without the sun. We reached Varanasi at 9:15 P.M and I was drowsy, slightly fever like feeling. I just wanted to sleep in a comfy bed like I did at home. This time I missed home. More than the first time I came to college because there was excited that time. Which was missing this time.
The hostel’s mess has not yet started and yesterday morning we went out to have lunch. Me, Walter, Geodude, Pedd and Riko. Pedd lives in the next room and Geodude in the next to next’s. And again it was just walking and laughing out loudly on the street like it was all ours. Then comes dinner, again we rode off to Lanka, had dinner at a restaurant and decided to walk back to the hostel. All the 4 Kms. And we did. The same again. Had a great time pulling each other’s leg.

The year’s gonna end. And I have some things to say.

Home Sweet Home IV

I’m here at home since the end of last month. I feel like I live here not in Varanasi. More than a month vacations. But the holiday season has just begun. Tomorrow’s Christmas.
I visited Nahargarh and Jaigarh fort a few days ago with Raul07 and Ajanto and it was the first time for me and Ajanto. It was all fun. A treat for my photography love. We were just three and we had fun. Talking nuisance and laughing like it was a great joke. For some reason, they were great. I spend my days eating, sleeping, writing and sleeping again. So, there’s not much to write on the blog. The number of posts drastically fall when I’m home. The year is going to end and soon there is gonna be a Round-up post.  Cheers!

A great fall

See, anything can happen in life. It’s a mystery. And let’s talk about the day before yesterday in brief as I’m really sleepy. In the morning, I found out that my phone is low on charge. Plugged it in the charger went for breakfast. When I came back, it was all fine before I walked past it.
I don’t know how but the wire stuck in my pajama and “THUD!”. It was louder than normal. Like some iron block had fallen on the concrete.
And I was like “Shit, I died.” Hurriedly picked up the phone and tried to push the power button. That’s what we do when we lose it, in water or anywhere. Panic stricken me, tried to see that the button is not there.The phone opened a little and the button is thrust into the body, no longer pressable. The body is all metal and has unremovable back and a drop made it open. It must have fallen on its edge.
The screen has a web of cracks. Like a car’s windshield after an accident. I am glad the display is working otherwise it would be a disaster.


not the real photo. Picture is for you to get an idea.

I will live my life without a smartphone. It’s been only 8 months with my new gold gadget and it had seen so much. This kind of thoughts ran through my mind for some seconds.
After about 6-7 minutes, the phone rang.
I rejoiced, it’s working. Man, it’s Roobaroo walks calling. There is a scheduled video call on skype. Okay, I talked and agreed to the video call after 30 minutes.
The mobile is working fine with a damaged power button. It means that if it got switched off at any time, it’s lost forever. That’s the risk of living. Let’s see how long does it survives.


The Guy who couldn’t love his…

A dull overcast day. Sun sought the face of the ground but the gray clouds played hide and seek. He was unaware that what he is going to lose today…

It was November 2, this year. I welcomed Gizmo, bought it home. I visited Raul07, he doesn’t live here in Jaipur. Raul07 is a tall, lean and spec-wearing college student and cousin. Just like when we create a new account on some website, we have to find a username that is not taken. In the real world, all names were taken, so he is called himself Raul07, a unique real world username. Now, he is one of the few persons with a number in the name after Star Wars robot R2D2. 😛
Raul07, Ajanto, me and my maternal uncle left for the city’s famous temple-Moti Doongri. It was a Wednesday, a good day to visit Lord Ganesh’s temple. After a short struggle for finding a parking space, we got off.
“You removed your shoes in the car?What’s this new ritual?” I asked Raul07.
It felt like some secret solemn vow taken to get what one wants (like the love of his life).
“They can be stolen. I always keep them safe. DO you too wanna?” Raul07 explained.
“No, I am fine. Mine are a year old.” I stated. Inside I felt that my footwear had never been stolen from a temple and will never be.
“Looks like you don’t love your sandals?” Raul07 laughed.
“I do. They are little costly but they are old, it’s alright.” My misconception spoke again.


Look into the straps, deep blue. Lovely.

We went to the temple. Took some laddoos for the elephant god and removed our footgear at the shop. A large number of believers, waiting in the long queue. We too joined. We came out after about 17 minutes. There was a man distributing pamphlets, we took one and I folded it into a plane. The paper plane fell down abruptly. The wind was crisp. Everything warning for a future misfortune. We reached the shop and everybody wore their footwears again except me. For me, there was none. My blue Sparx sandals, again to note, one year old were not there where I left them.I searched under the stall, in the other pairs like a lost lover. But they were gone. Once I thought to carry someone else’s,. but restrained.
See, the incongruity of the situation.
“Now, you know what did I mean.” Raul07 on purpose.
“Oh, yeah. I am amused.”
And I really was. The premonition had started right when we got off from the car. I should’ve known.
You feel the love when you are apart. I hope wherever they are, they will be happy.
We walked to the Birla temple. Spent some time there and came back home.
This how the pair of lovelorn sandals broke up with the guy who couldn’t love them.


The Wedding Ceremony

The name on the signboard reads the same that was written on the invitation card. So, I moved into the area which is more like a lawn but the signboard has ‘Palace’ in the name. Maybe it’s a deep metaphor. There is a wedding ceremony in the garden and the couple is the King and the Queen. So, we can call it a palace. Or maybe ‘Palace’ sounds cool to them.

The entrance is beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. The tented way to the lawn has dim blue lighting. You can take a selfie at this moment (if nobody is around) and caption it with #disco #formal_wear #new_try_sherwani_in_a_bar. Girls can go with #dance #bar_anarkali_suit 😘😘😘 [more kiss emojis].
The pathway ends with male waiters on your left and females on the right with sweets. You take the yellow one with a toothpick in it. On one side of the garden, there is crowd consisting of kids, young people, and some aunties. The other side got uncles and more uncles.
The first side is offering starters that are supposed to served before the meal. But there is no serving in the ceremony, only self-service. So, some people don’t bother to run around and end their course with the starters itself.
The other side offers food, but it’s not that crowded. Wait, What’s there? The place near the corner is jam-packed. Chapatis. The cook there must have some experience in feeding animals at the zoo to handle the Chapati Eaters. They are staring at the plate in which the cook throws out the bread. For a moment, the people are immune to heat, sudden pushes, and everything all around. They grab the chapati like a lion jumps on a deer. Some win. Some lose. Some wait one more time.
Other things are easy to get.
There are some tables arranged for dining. They are occupied all the time. And then, there is a drone video recording how much you eat.
“Oh, see the bride is coming up on the stage.” a woman tells another.
“Hmmm..why did she stop?” the second replied.
“The cameraman is taking pictures.”
“See, she is smiling.”
“She is now adjusting her dress.”
“Her elbow touched the plastic flowers on the wall”
And this very serious commentary continues.
She doesn’t know these aunties.Nor does she knows the uncles standing in that group. She doesn’t know the group of friends enjoying the food and taking photos. Nor does she knows the cute little girl laughing and running away from her mother. Nor does she knows the mother. Nor does the bridegroom knows all these.

“The bride is beautiful..but it would’ve been best if she was a bit taller” the one woman.
“The groom should smile more, he looks like a sad man.” the other woman.
The couple doesn’t know all the people sitting on the chairs in front of them and judging them.
There are 500 people eating and having fun with which the couple or their families never met.
Let’s check some facts-
The average expense of a wedding in India is 20,000 dollars (12 lacs excluding dowry 😦 ) which are 7,000 dollars more than an average American wedding cost. 410 Million marry every 15 years in India and 73% take a loan for marriage costs. We have more expensive weddings than the US but also we have a larger population living below the poverty line.
The King and the Queen sitting on the sofa smile while the cameraman clicks pictures with different humans standing beside them. A young gal checks the bride’s hair and make-up if there’s some problem.
The show ends in some hours. I see all this happening while eating my Ice-Cream. I love Butterscotch. 🙂


After the melancholy end-sems, I headed home. Not for a visit but a month long vacation. Holidays are for fun and rest. And we all know that resting is the only fun. On December 3, I woke up at 5 A.M and treated myself with water. Yeah, I’m a priest who takes bath before sunrise and prays at the nearby temple. No, I booked an Uber to the Railway Station and boarded a train to Jodhpur. Spent four hours, sleeping and checking my phone alternatively, I reached my destination. It was not like Jaipur but was better than Varanasi. No, only the roads were better. Varanasi is beautiful. 😉
One day and I visited the famous Jodhpur fort, Jaswant Thada, and Mandore Gardens. A party for my phone camera. Mehrangarh fort was a pleasant place, spread over a large area and from the top you can get a view of the city. The blue houses ran to touch the blue sky. You must have seen this in some movies. If not, you should see more movies :P. I discovered that you need a single Sunday to visit Jodhpur as a tourist. Fast Fun just like Fast Food.


I hope you got it. 😛

My legs were calling out to me and crying. There was no return ticket available on any train. So, I took a bus to Jaipur. More fare, more time. What’s the logic behind taking buses?
And the journey was terrible. I went to sleep in my sleeper seat and closed the slidable glass. Oh! I don’t have any blanket or something and there’s air seeping from somewhere. I can’t do anything. But my fatigue pushed me into a nap. I opened my eyes at around 2 and my feets felt cold, face too. Hands too joined in. I tucked my hands into my pockets and wore my shoes but feet were still freezing. I would get ill if this continues. A mental picture showed me the feeling of sleeping on the footpath without any covering. Now, I know what do they feel.
I opened my backpack and closed with my head in it. I could see the water bottle magnified with the word BAILEY written right into my face. I tried to sleep, and I succeeded.
“Hey, get up, we are there.” The conductor was waking up everybody in the bus.
I got off and booked an Uber to home. Rang the bell, waited calmly. Once, I was in, ran straight to the bed in the jeans and shoes and closed my eyes.
It was noon when I showered and ate something. Good, I am not sick, just cough and headache.
What do you do at home? My routine is like wake up, eat, sleep, play games, games, games, movie, eat. I really need suggestions. I badly need some adventure and if I managed to have some, I will write it.