After the melancholy end-sems, I headed home. Not for a visit but a month long vacation. Holidays are for fun and rest. And we all know that resting is the only fun. On December 3, I woke up at 5 A.M and treated myself with water. Yeah, I’m a priest who takes bath before sunrise and prays at the nearby temple. No, I booked an Uber to the Railway Station and boarded a train to Jodhpur. Spent four hours, sleeping and checking my phone alternatively, I reached my destination. It was not like Jaipur but was better than Varanasi. No, only the roads were better. Varanasi is beautiful. 😉
One day and I visited the famous Jodhpur fort, Jaswant Thada, and Mandore Gardens. A party for my phone camera. Mehrangarh fort was a pleasant place, spread over a large area and from the top you can get a view of the city. The blue houses ran to touch the blue sky. You must have seen this in some movies. If not, you should see more movies :P. I discovered that you need a single Sunday to visit Jodhpur as a tourist. Fast Fun just like Fast Food.


I hope you got it. 😛

My legs were calling out to me and crying. There was no return ticket available on any train. So, I took a bus to Jaipur. More fare, more time. What’s the logic behind taking buses?
And the journey was terrible. I went to sleep in my sleeper seat and closed the slidable glass. Oh! I don’t have any blanket or something and there’s air seeping from somewhere. I can’t do anything. But my fatigue pushed me into a nap. I opened my eyes at around 2 and my feets felt cold, face too. Hands too joined in. I tucked my hands into my pockets and wore my shoes but feet were still freezing. I would get ill if this continues. A mental picture showed me the feeling of sleeping on the footpath without any covering. Now, I know what do they feel.
I opened my backpack and closed with my head in it. I could see the water bottle magnified with the word BAILEY written right into my face. I tried to sleep, and I succeeded.
“Hey, get up, we are there.” The conductor was waking up everybody in the bus.
I got off and booked an Uber to home. Rang the bell, waited calmly. Once, I was in, ran straight to the bed in the jeans and shoes and closed my eyes.
It was noon when I showered and ate something. Good, I am not sick, just cough and headache.
What do you do at home? My routine is like wake up, eat, sleep, play games, games, games, movie, eat. I really need suggestions. I badly need some adventure and if I managed to have some, I will write it.


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