The Wedding Ceremony

The name on the signboard reads the same that was written on the invitation card. So, I moved into the area which is more like a lawn but the signboard has ‘Palace’ in the name. Maybe it’s a deep metaphor. There is a wedding ceremony in the garden and the couple is the King and the Queen. So, we can call it a palace. Or maybe ‘Palace’ sounds cool to them.

The entrance is beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. The tented way to the lawn has dim blue lighting. You can take a selfie at this moment (if nobody is around) and caption it with #disco #formal_wear #new_try_sherwani_in_a_bar. Girls can go with #dance #bar_anarkali_suit šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜ [more kiss emojis].
The pathway ends with male waiters on your left and females on the right with sweets. You take the yellow one with a toothpick in it. On one side of the garden, there is crowd consisting of kids, young people, and some aunties. The other side got uncles and more uncles.
The first side is offering starters that are supposed to served before the meal. But there is no serving in the ceremony, only self-service. So, some people don’t bother to run around and end their course with the starters itself.
The other side offers food, but it’s not that crowded. Wait, What’s there? The place near the corner is jam-packed. Chapatis. The cook there must have some experience in feeding animals at the zoo to handle the Chapati Eaters. They are staring at the plate in which the cook throws out the bread. For a moment, the people are immune to heat, sudden pushes, and everything all around. They grab the chapati like a lion jumps on a deer. Some win. Some lose. Some wait one more time.
Other things are easy to get.
There are some tables arranged for dining. They are occupied all the time. And then, there is a drone video recording how much you eat.
“Oh, see the bride is coming up on the stage.” a woman tells another.
“Hmmm..why did she stop?” the second replied.
“The cameraman is taking pictures.”
“See, she is smiling.”
“She is now adjusting her dress.”
“Her elbow touched the plastic flowers on the wall”
And this very serious commentary continues.
She doesn’t know these aunties.Nor does she knows the uncles standing in that group. She doesn’t know the group of friends enjoying the food and taking photos. Nor does she knows the cute little girl laughing and running away from her mother. Nor does she knows the mother. Nor does the bridegroom knows all these.

“The bride is beautiful..but it would’ve been best if she was a bit taller” the one woman.
“The groom should smile more, he looks like a sad man.” the other woman.
The couple doesn’t know all the people sitting on the chairs in front of them and judging them.
There are 500 people eating and having fun with which the couple or their families never met.
Let’s check some facts-
The average expense of a wedding in India is 20,000 dollars (12 lacs excluding dowry šŸ˜¦ ) which are 7,000 dollars more than an average American wedding cost. 410 Million marry every 15 years in India and 73% take a loan for marriage costs. We have more expensive weddings than the US but also we have a larger population living below the poverty line.
The King and the Queen sitting on the sofa smile while the cameraman clicks pictures with different humans standing beside them. A young gal checks the bride’s hair and make-up if there’s some problem.
The show ends in some hours. I see all this happening while eating my Ice-Cream. I love Butterscotch. šŸ™‚


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