The Guy who couldn’t love his…

A dull overcast day. Sun sought the face of the ground but the gray clouds played hide and seek. He was unaware that what he is going to lose today…

It was November 2, this year. I welcomed Gizmo, bought it home. I visited Raul07, he doesn’t live here in Jaipur. Raul07 is a tall, lean and spec-wearing college student and cousin. Just like when we create a new account on some website, we have to find a username that is not taken. In the real world, all names were taken, so he is called himself Raul07, a unique real world username. Now, he is one of the few persons with a number in the name after Star Wars robot R2D2. 😛
Raul07, Ajanto, me and my maternal uncle left for the city’s famous temple-Moti Doongri. It was a Wednesday, a good day to visit Lord Ganesh’s temple. After a short struggle for finding a parking space, we got off.
“You removed your shoes in the car?What’s this new ritual?” I asked Raul07.
It felt like some secret solemn vow taken to get what one wants (like the love of his life).
“They can be stolen. I always keep them safe. DO you too wanna?” Raul07 explained.
“No, I am fine. Mine are a year old.” I stated. Inside I felt that my footwear had never been stolen from a temple and will never be.
“Looks like you don’t love your sandals?” Raul07 laughed.
“I do. They are little costly but they are old, it’s alright.” My misconception spoke again.


Look into the straps, deep blue. Lovely.

We went to the temple. Took some laddoos for the elephant god and removed our footgear at the shop. A large number of believers, waiting in the long queue. We too joined. We came out after about 17 minutes. There was a man distributing pamphlets, we took one and I folded it into a plane. The paper plane fell down abruptly. The wind was crisp. Everything warning for a future misfortune. We reached the shop and everybody wore their footwears again except me. For me, there was none. My blue Sparx sandals, again to note, one year old were not there where I left them.I searched under the stall, in the other pairs like a lost lover. But they were gone. Once I thought to carry someone else’s,. but restrained.
See, the incongruity of the situation.
“Now, you know what did I mean.” Raul07 on purpose.
“Oh, yeah. I am amused.”
And I really was. The premonition had started right when we got off from the car. I should’ve known.
You feel the love when you are apart. I hope wherever they are, they will be happy.
We walked to the Birla temple. Spent some time there and came back home.
This how the pair of lovelorn sandals broke up with the guy who couldn’t love them.



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