A great fall

See, anything can happen in life. It’s a mystery. And let’s talk about the day before yesterday in brief as I’m really sleepy. In the morning, I found out that my phone is low on charge. Plugged it in the charger went for breakfast. When I came back, it was all fine before I walked past it.
I don’t know how but the wire stuck in my pajama and “THUD!”. It was louder than normal. Like some iron block had fallen on the concrete.
And I was like “Shit, I died.” Hurriedly picked up the phone and tried to push the power button. That’s what we do when we lose it, in water or anywhere. Panic stricken me, tried to see that the button is not there.The phone opened a little and the button is thrust into the body, no longer pressable. The body is all metal and has unremovable back and a drop made it open. It must have fallen on its edge.
The screen has a web of cracks. Like a car’s windshield after an accident. I am glad the display is working otherwise it would be a disaster.


not the real photo. Picture is for you to get an idea.

I will live my life without a smartphone. It’s been only 8 months with my new gold gadget and it had seen so much. This kind of thoughts ran through my mind for some seconds.
After about 6-7 minutes, the phone rang.
I rejoiced, it’s working. Man, it’s Roobaroo walks calling. There is a scheduled video call on skype. Okay, I talked and agreed to the video call after 30 minutes.
The mobile is working fine with a damaged power button. It means that if it got switched off at any time, it’s lost forever. That’s the risk of living. Let’s see how long does it survives.



One thought on “A great fall

  1. Really awesome incident I have ever heard… the way of telling is so good that I have not moved my eyes from the blog even once…..really you should try for some higher level….

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