Back to college after a month

A semester is over in college and I am back here. This was my last train journey of this year 2016. Today’s the last day of the year. 31st December 2016, 1:55 A.M. I wish I could be home but there is physical registration today at the college for the second semester so I had to be here.
The train was already 3 hours late before reaching Jaipur. I boarded it at 6:44 P.M in the evening. Mine was the side lower berth and Riko’s side upper. There was a family in the compartment in front. They were from Varanasi and were going home after visiting their relatives in Ajmer. And see, I was going away from home. They were Muslims and spoke like a true Banarasi. I was happy to hear them, don’t know why.
The night fell, and I was in my blanket comfortably. I slept at 11 at home, so I was sleepy at the right time. It took me more than 10 minutes to adjust my blanket as my wish. Tucked under the body from sides and under the head from above. 🙂
It was a cold night, I woke up three times and wished it was morning. At around 8, I left my bed. It was foggy outside the glass window. And piercing wind. The train was diverted due to the recent train accident near Kanpur and there was a state of confusion among passengers. The kid in the family was looking out of the glass and reading out everything that came. At times, he imitated the vendors on the stations and shouted- “Chai, samosa, garama garam” and laughed. I was noon and foggy. I understood that it remains like this all day here. I plugged in my earphones and listened to Owl City melodies. I loved the artist but the likeness is somewhat faded now.


Took from the gate. It was really icy.

I felt a little heavy head So, went to the gate and let the fast, cold wind strike my face. Through my hair. It took 15 minutes and I was feeling better like a face wash. This is perhaps weird but I love winters. Sometimes, the feeling of winters. As we were getting closer to Varanasi, it was getting colder. Or that is what I felt. The horizon was again covered with fog like it was in the morning.One cannot tell the difference without looking at the watch. It was a day without the sun. We reached Varanasi at 9:15 P.M and I was drowsy, slightly fever like feeling. I just wanted to sleep in a comfy bed like I did at home. This time I missed home. More than the first time I came to college because there was excited that time. Which was missing this time.
The hostel’s mess has not yet started and yesterday morning we went out to have lunch. Me, Walter, Geodude, Pedd and Riko. Pedd lives in the next room and Geodude in the next to next’s. And again it was just walking and laughing out loudly on the street like it was all ours. Then comes dinner, again we rode off to Lanka, had dinner at a restaurant and decided to walk back to the hostel. All the 4 Kms. And we did. The same again. Had a great time pulling each other’s leg.

The year’s gonna end. And I have some things to say.


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