Goodbye, 2016.

Goodbyes are hard. But we are happy when we wave goodbye to a year and enter into the new one. We are already in the new year, it’s 1:32 A.M. So, here’s a quick flashback.

“It’s true that it is gone, we have a lot of good memories”
2016 in words-Allen, JEE, 2 months after JEE, ‘TRAVEL’, college, excitement, fun, TRAVEL, Diwali, Winters.
The year started in winters as every year do. On the first day, I woke up to find my shoes were not in place, they were stolen. What a coincidence? We couldn’t do anything and accepted that I gifted them to someone in need. Then came the festival of Makar Sankranti which is a much-loved celebration in North India. I again made the kite with the longest tail made of paper (3 meters).
Cake, candles, and fun on 17th January. Thrown a party for about 40 people in the coaching. February came and taught me something useful, something that will help me all my life. In April, Mains happened and without much time to think, Advanced too. It was then,  in June, July I was absolutely jobless and did everything that I ever wanted to. Tried my hobbies, I drew, learned Spanish, Played video games and slept. I also appeared for NATA, exam in architecture just because of interest and curiosity. And I scored well.

After this period, a new life started. A life which is full of joy and travel. I started loving traveling. Huge love. It started with the trip to Ajmer. We visited the Dargah and other places in Ajmer. Then for admission in the college, reported at IIT Indore which was again an unforgettable journey with Raul07. There were crazy experiences. I stayed a night and day at his college in Jhalawar and I loved it. Thanks to him.
Then I was allotted the college and took the route to Varanasi. IIT BHU. The one month of Induction program at college (no study, just fun). College took to the Varanasi tours and creative course classes. Those days, the schedule was really packed, but sometimes when I was alone in my room, I felt a little homesick. Rakshabandhan was the first festival to come and I was never away from home on this day. This year too I was not away. One holiday and One night stay at home. In September, I visited Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The coconut juice, Hotel Celebrations and memories. Then from there, Rajkot. The large and tasty Gujarati Thali made the Sunday awesome. I was back home on Dussehra and then Diwali. Diwali was a special one. A Happy one. Then came the winter break. I downloaded games like a maniac in November last so that I could play in the vacations.  And again a visit to Ajmer on Christmas made my travel love grew.
December I spent at home was a good, long, sleepy month. Home=love and lots of love. I was too jobless, just watched movies and played games. Attended maternal cousin’s marriage and it was lovely. For the first time, I saw Jaipur from the top of Nahargarh. And visited Jaigarh fort. On the last day, Me and Jayzbra went to GT and had a great time laughing like mad men on the street, in the parking lot and in the Domino’s Pizzas.

A year to be remembered. I thank everybody who made the last year fabulous for me.
And send them warm wishes for a joyful new year. Create good memories which make you smile when you look back after a year again. Goodbye, 2016.
Welcome, 2017.
(17 is my favorite number :P)


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