Malliyo-The special sweet

So, after the wonderful night at the ghats, it was decided to get back to Godowlia at 6 A.M to eat Malliyo. Around 5:15, I knocked Kevin’s door.
“Dylan?” he asked.
Oh, he was awake, good.
“Yeah” I answered and he opened the door.
“I will be at your door in 15 minutes” he said.
Riko, Gio and Connor, all three were sleeping.
We left at 5:45 and reached Godowlia Chowk at 6. Okay, now we have to find the Malliyo shop. So, we asked the local shopkeepers and they said a man will be here with his stall in half an hour. I wanted to eat Malliyo and see the sunrise at the ghat, an exciting morning. Sunrise time was 6:42 A.M (According to Google Baba). So we had thirty more minutes left. Then suddenly,
“Hey, do you have money?” Kevin tensed.
“Yes, I got 50.”
“And me, 60.” he said plainly.
“We have to eat, maybe boating and return to the hostel.” I summarized after knowing what he was pointing at.
“Let’s find an ATM nearby” he took out his phone and started searching.
“There must be ATMs at the chowk.” I answered.
It was 6:20 by then. We ran towards the Chowk, panting and repeating how we were the idiots of the day.
“We should have stopped at Lanka and withdrawn some notes.”
“But we didn’t, that’s why we are what we are- Fools.” I was not joking this time.
And the conversation continued till we reached the crossing and I shouted
“See, there!!” There was a SBI ATM in the left corner of the crossing. We ran and got into it.
A few seconds later the ATM screened flashed a message ‘OUT OF CASH’.
“I’m sure god is playing some game” I told him “Let’s go this way.”
And we ran again in the lane, after a while, we found another cash machine.
“Hope, this works.” Kevin prayed before inserting the card.
And yeah, the good old machine gave us some good old 100 rupee notes. We started running towards the ghat. Already, the watched showed 6:40 and we couldn’t miss any of the two things- Malliyo and Sunrise at the ghat.

He was an old man, a large utensil was on his side and some kullhads. He offered the tasty looking cup to us, it was Malliyo.
Sweet, fluffy like foam, yellow in color and pistachios and almonds sprinkled on the top. It was as delicious as it should be. The man told us that the sweet is kept uncovered the whole night and gets a topping of dewdrops. That’s why you can eat Malliyo in winters only and this is the last phase for this year. We were happy, we made it, others wait a year. 😛
Then we headed to the ghat, the sun was about to rise.

Night at Ghats of Varanasi!

If you are living in a college hostel and don’t pull an all-nighter, then you are not a true hosteler. I thought of Night out many times but never succeeded. Today without planning, it is just happening. At 10 P.M, we pulled out the cycles out of the stand and went to Assi ghat. We- Kevin, Gio, Riko, Connor and Me. It was my third consecutive night at Assi. We strolled around for some minutes, then started walking along the shoreline, actually ghats. Walking along the ghats of Varanasi is one of the things that one must do to get the feel of being a real Banarasiya. Assi, then came the Tulsi ghat. Followed Jain Ghat, Prabhu Ghat, Mahanirvana Ghat, Prachin Hanuman Ghat and a lot more. The names of the ghats change every ten steps but the feeling doesn’t. The ghats are peaceful and soundless. Ganga is tranquil in Varanasi most of the time unlike in Haridwar and other northern banks where the flow is vigorous. The ghats get broad as we move further. The path was all stairs to the river and stares at the river. We climb zig zag and then again run to the bank with the lamp posts throwing light on our laughing faces. A few tourists were also taking a walk. Which I don’t think is safe (wandering in the night if you are a tourist). Maybe they were not tourists, many foreigners live in Varanasi.
Noiseless with just footsteps, our voice and bells ringing in some distant temple.
“Is there Aarti going on in that temple?” Kevin asked the obvious.
“Seems like it.” I said without trying.
“There are fixed times for worship in some temples.” Riko stated.
He was right as I remembered the temple beside my home, the priest rang the bells around 10 P.M.
We continued walking and decided to go to Dashaswamedh Ghat. After hundreds of steps, we were there. We walked about 3 Kms. There was a boat in the still of the night. They were fishing, some were feeding the fishes. Dashawamedh is the main gate for the evening Ganga Aarti and also boating. There were flocks of boats tied at the bank. All were tied to each other. We just jumped in the first, then the second. How to reach the third? Sit at the edge and pull the rope tied to it, pull it closer and jump! Pulling the next boat closer, and hopping off from one to another, after 10 odd minutes we reached the last. It was fairly in the river, felt like we were standing in the middle of Ganga. Sat there for a while and shouted at Kevin who was still standing on the riverside. Kevin has a fear of water or boats, I don’t know. We had a hard time convincing him for boating the day we came at Dashawamedh around the time of Diwali. Tody too, we asked him to come but he didn’t. When we reached the last boat, we saw him in the third. He saw us having fun and tried to overcome the fear. Good, but he refused to come further. We hopped back to the bank. After a while…
“Let’s play a game” Connor suggested.
“Like what? Pakdam Pakdai, like that day?” I mocked. In fact, we have played the game at Assi Ghat. 😛
A few minutes later…
“Tell us the name, boy, tell the name” four of us were gritting at the fifth. The prey.
We played Truth or dare for the next half an hour. The time was 1:30 A.M and the stars were now visible. They were not there earlier in the night. I checked because I love the idea of being on the side of a river under the stars. We started walking back.
It was already half past two in the clock when we reached the hostel. So, we decide that we will not sleep tonight (or call it today :P). And at 5 A.M, we will go to Chowk to eat Malliyo. Malliyo is a special thing that is available only in winters and that too early morning. A true Banarasi told me that in the younger days of my college life back in August. And winters are going to end soon, so we planned it for today.
It’s 4:20 and I don’t know whether they are awake or not? I doubt them. Really, I think Connor and Riko are sleeping, I am not sure about Kevin and Gio, they are in a habit of sleeping late usually around 3 or 4 so, they can be up. But I am pulling an all-nighter for the first time. The one who sleeps is disqualified from the Night Out. Let’s see for whom this night becomes a successful Night Out!


Kashiyatra is long gone. Today’s 27th January and Republic day was here. I was planning to make a habit of jogging every day since I went for the Marathon on 22nd January. No success till now but I am still hoping. On Republic day, I woke up at 8:40 A.M and guess what I did?
Every Republic day or Independence day of my childhood, I watched the parade with my father. My father developed an interest in the parades, that’s why I love them. I watch it for the tableaux of different states showcased at the procession. Especially Rajasthan’s. And also the motorcycle and airplane stunts. The parade shows our country’s military might and the discipline of the marching soldiers. I love them walking together, then the horses and camels. The center of attraction- tanks, and missiles. So, this time I watched the parade live on Youtube. (For the people who doesn’t know that Youtube shows live TV, try it and you will know)
There was no official program in the college, Flag was hoisted at the hostel and GulabJamuns were distributed. Then, we got a mail about Republic Day celebrations at Gyaan Udyaan. Gyaan Udyaan is our DoSA’s(Dean of Student Affairs) house where the college students teach the underprivileged kids. The children come from poor background and do not attend school (most). They were going to perform on Republic Day and I was going to see it. Whom else they prepared for?
So, I went to GU and been a part of the celebrations. The kids staged some plays, sang rhymes and danced. It as great. They narrated the plays in English and the songs too. In loved the effort they had put in the preparations.
And in the late evening, Kevin asked me if I wanted to visit Assi Ghat? And you should know that I never refuse for an outing. 😉
We visited the Ghat. 10 P.M. The ghat was silent, nobody was there except a handful of visitors and the people who live there. Yes, people live there, the priest of the statues under the banyan tree was sleeping under the tree itself. And a few more people were sleeping, looked like beggars or saints. We sat on a bench. This experience at the ghats in the night time is special, I will write it in the next posts.
Yesterday too, Kevin suggested going to Assi. We went. This time we were just two. And when you are only two, you don’t feel like doing hilarious acts or senseless conversations.
Today too, they are planning to go to Assi. And I’m ready.

Kashiyatra: Day 3

22nd January, the last day of the cultural fest saw many awesome things. After the over exhausting night with the death metal band, we were in no place to wake up early and indulge in the fest’s activities. And there was a marathon to spread Cancer awareness, all cool but it was scheduled at 7 A.M. People here wake up at 11 including me. Having some little hope, I set the alarm of 6:45, I knew that I never hear it ring. I wanted to go the marathon. My reasons. But on that day, it rang, I jumped out of my bed, washed my face, tied my sports shoes and walked with long steps towards the ADV ground. I didn’t want to miss it. I reached there, about 15 people were there. Yeah, nobody shows up for anything in this world at 7 A.M on a foggy morning of January. It postponed to 8 A.M to get more runners. And it did, we were 45 runners. A 4 Km marathon, not a long one but it had a message. I was running after 5 months (last I did in the Induction Programme). But still, I managed the 11th position and completed the lap. My already cramped body worsened.
Most of the things happen in either Swatantrata Bhawan or the ADV ground. Natraj- the dance competition amazed everybody in the afternoon at SB. Following that, the valedictory ceremony.
Now, the only final pronite scheduled at 9:30 P.M. I reached the ADV ground at 9:40 P.M and there was a long queue to enter. I got it after some odd ten minutes.The show started.
Sachin Jigar, the music composer duo were there on the stage. The duo was really energetic and so it spreads. I think Sachin is more talkative and frank. Most of the time he talked with the audience and pulled Jigar’s leg. Whereas Jigar seemed an ambivert. Priya Saraiya, Jigar’s wife was also there. She looked pretty and sang pretty. They started off the with slow melodious songs. Like Babaji ki booty, Sun Saathiya etc. And moved onto dance numbers. The famous 4 Baj Gaye and G Phaad Ke, on which we jumper with our hands up. Occasionally, Sachin showed some crazy moves up there on the stage. 16195391_1249741831775812_6985743187855355443_n

He was also mentioning some campus things. Looks like he did the homework. Good, that’s how we win hearts! The night was going fabulous but there is an end to everything. But it was planned wisely, and they ended with a powerful performance. Ganpati Bappa Morya.
And at the end, DoSA was called up by Sachin. He thanked the convener of the fest and all the volunteers who helped in making the fest wonderful.
After a great musical night, thanks to Sachin Jigar, I came back to the hostel.
It was 2 A.M and I was thinking about ‘How will I take classes tomorrow?’.
I don’t know when I dozed off.

Kashiyatra: Day 2

Okay, the second day of the three-day festival-Kashiyatra is over. Today’s the third and the last.
One more thing, I am writing the Day 2 round-up but believe me, there are some things that can’t be summarized in words. Can only be experienced.
The day begins with the sun, in the morning with the General quiz, Art marathon, and Hullad. The general quiz was held at 9 A.M. in G-14 with quizzers putting their knowledge to test. The Swatantrata Bhawan antechamber was full of artists participating in the art marathon, you can find them there always sitting and painting something. Walking into it, there were Sur finals going on, the solo singing competition. People with melodious voices winning claps. Hullad- the street theatre competition started around 10 in the morning in Rajputana Grounds. In India, we call in Nukkad. In this street performance, no sound amplification or costumes are used, just natural vocals and physical ability. It has powerful energy radiating with the performers shouting at the top of their voices along with intense facial expressions. I was in the drama club at beginning of the college but didn’t participate this time. Then, a quiz was organized in SB, the topic was India. I know about my country, yeah, I went and registered. There were 25 questions, and I got 4 correct. Man, you would have known the level if you were there. 😛
With the sun being ready to set, around 5 P.M, the western music contest shook the stage at ADV Ground. Pop and alternative rock bands from various cities pulled off the event very well. The judges were band members of MindShift, a Swedish metal band.
Ok, then we went out to dine at a restaurant which was my party for the birthday. We came hurrying not to miss the performance by The Local Train, the Delhi-based band. We reached the ADV Ground at 9:40 P.M. The show begun at 10 and The Local Train sung some of their best songs in front of the waving and clapping hands. I loved the songs- Choo Lo and Aaoge Tum Kabhi. They were sweet and soothing. Instant favorites. The drummer Sahil Singh, I saw him playing and juggling with the drumstick in between the beats, he must have practiced hard. They occasionally made the audience sing with them, it was all fun. Some beautiful songs for a college fest. 🙂
You could see couples standing like it was a romantic date. Perhaps, this was what they thought before MindShift took the stage and made our hearts thump with the drumbeats. They were infectious and fierce, compelling our heads to bang, how can one resist the energy? The energetic people from Sweden were rocking it out.


But things got rougher when we people started doing the ‘Wall of Death’ in the crowd. If you don’t know what a wall of death is, you surely are not a heavy metal fan. 😛 The crowd divided. People formed chains with their hands around their neighbor’s waist. Ok, 1…2..3.And from opposite sides, they ran into each other with full force. Bodies collided, bodies fell. Screams echoed. And the MindShift turned more abrasive. We were like bulls charging at the Torero (bullfighter). Few people got their specs broken, fortunately, nothing else. That continued for more than half an hour with Mindshift playing songs. In the last song, we headbanged like hell, and my head was swirling after that. Sweat dripping, cold breaths, aching legs, dust all over the body and an hour of extreme fun is all we got yesternight.
We walked back to the hostel at 1:30 A.M and we felt intoxicated even when we were not. Exhausted, I went to my bed to get up today.
Let’s see what is in the store today! Kashiyatra’s last day.

Kashiyatra: Day 1

Kashiyatra Day 1, 20th January 2017

The king-sized cultural festival of IIT BHU has started. 20th January, the very first day presented some awesome things and left the people amazed.
The days starts at 10 in the morning. Sur- the solo singing competition started in the Swantantra Bhawan. And the Fine arts club organized soap carving event in the SB foyer. FAC did their job well, with some cool things to showcase at the SB entrance. There was a Rolls Royce made of plastic bottles, a Star Wars clone statue, and He-Man. The foyer had beautiful paintings hung on the walls which were used as a background for profile picture by many people. At the same time, solo dance competition was going on in Rajputana Grounds. That’s the thing, in KY, there are a whole lot of events going on at the same time.

Following the solo singing, I watched the rock bands competing in Advaita. There were more than 10 bands from different colleges which shook the SB with loud guitar strings and ear deafening drums. It was fun, but to the surprise, Geodude and Jordan slept in their seats. At around 6 P.M, we went to the ADV Grounds. Mirage, the fashion show was on increasing the temperature a little. Teams from different colleges showed off their unique designs.The same person walks 3 times and I don’t get it why. Then, at 8 we came back, had dinner and left again for the EDM night by Sunburn. The EDM night started off with ‘Echo and Tito’, the Israeli band followed by Zephyrtone. Zephyrtone, the duo was fabulous and made us jump with our hands in the air. The girl was surely pretty and was energetic as well, showed some great moves on the stage. She sings great too. We were exhausted after such a wonderful dance party. A nice kickstart to the fest by Zephyrtone. It spread some serious energy and people danced to the music. And then came Zaeden, the remix DJ compelled everybody to jump again with the beats even if they were tired out. The ground was crowded with people dancing and enjoying with their friends.

And while most of the audience loves entertainment, there was debate competition and Shipwreck Cove by Lit Club which got claps in the LT. To each his own.
It was a long day with plenty of events and the next two days are going to be more pleasant. Let’s see.


Okay, many things happen in every college. Classes are one of them. And so are college fests. So, after the annual sports festival Spardha’17, the most exciting and entertaining fest of the college is here. Kickstarting from tonight at 10 P.M, IIT (BHU) presents the annual socio-cultural fest- KashiYatra 2017. There will be competitions in everything ranging from Dance, music and Fine arts. Many international music artists are coming for performing. Some are Zaeden, DJ who has performed at Tomorrowland and Zephyrtone. Also, for Bollywood night, Sachin-Jigar, the composer duo will be
The inauguration ceremony was at 5:30 in the evening and I attended that. It was a classical night. A sarod performance followed by Odissi dance by an Italian dancer- Ileana.
Now, at 10, there will be solo singing competition prelims. And I am going.
The classical night was out of my way and I did not enjoyed it that much. There are tons of events in KashiYatra and it will be the best three days of the year.
The theme this year is- A millenial reprise. A nostalgia extravaganza. Memories from childhood will fill us upto the brim. I am looking forward for the fun!


I am 17+2 now. Nineteen years ago, on this day, I opened my eyes for the first time. The day must have been a happy one, the happiest of all. As the infant is surrounded by all the relatives, and they play with the little hands and smile. The day you see the greatest number of smiles.
Today wasn’t bad either. Last night, I was waiting. And the clock struck twelve, People came rushing and dragged me out of the room, I was in the adjacent room i.e 95. One tried to remove my belt and I shouted “Man, WTF”. I thought they were trying to remove my jeans. No, the belt could hurt, better removed. They got hold of my legs and pulled me out. And it begins, I was pushed against the wall and I felt a hundred strokes. I ran, sometimes stand with my back to the wall and again the mob overpowered me.  Involuntarily my eyes closed with every blow, I saw only glimpses of people standing. It was really crowded,25+ hitters. And then I sat on the ground a counter-measure, it failed. After some horrifying minutes, they stopped. I was lying on the ground. Extremely exhausted.
After this, we came to my room. I sat on the bed, blew the candles and cut the cake. My buddies first made me eat with their hands and then… THUMP! The cake was on my face.
My glasses covered with cream like snow. And I wiped my face with one hand and rubbed it on anyone who was beside me. The victims were Connor, Geodude, and Walter.
The music system was set up and we started dancing. Everyone showed us their special moves. Jordan dances like a drunkard. Lay has his signature move which is very fast. And yeah, Riko has a special dancing move, which I must say is enjoyable. No comments on Bozo’s deed. He was crazy as always. It looks good when everybody dances their heart out without any boundaries. I too moved my body a little. Birthday Nights are for that only.

There were 13 missed calls from many people til now and I answered the later ones. It was already 1:23 A.M and I went for a shower. This might look stupid but I was covered with cake, my sweatshirt, jeans also. I came back and turned on Facebook, thanked the wishes and went to sleep. The room was a mess, party poppers did that. And we are in no mood to clean it. I know it will remain like this for at least a month. 🙂


After the party, the scene in the room was this only.

It was fun, my first GPL, and it was explosive. First Birthday away from home. It’s 11 P.M now. I didn’t get time to write this earlier but I wanted to post something on my birthday, so I did.  Pondiu made a special birthday card for me using paper quilling, it was very beautiful. I could have never made it for her, but she is such a lovely little sister one can have. She posted a collage on facebook. I couldn’t do that too. Lots of love for her. 😀
The reason behind 17+2 is that 17 is my birth date and my favorite number. So I count from 17. Altogether, it was joyous to celebrate. Such good moments turn into memories later in the future. Let’s keep making memories then!!


I am not waiting for somebody or a bus. It’s 11 P.M and in an hour, I will be on the floor, getting beaten by a group of people with whom I hangout. ‘GPL’ is a concept in IIT BHU, and most of the IITs in which a person is beaten on the midnight of his Birthday Eve.
And the fun part, it is done with slippers, sandals and shoes. Some also bring towels, cardboard bats and belts. Or anything they think can be used. After that GPL, cake is cutted. And music and dance and fun.
Till now, I have only seen other people getting a ‘GPL’ or myself giving to a few. Now’s it’s my turn and I already know I will see no mercy.
Since morning I am getting threat visits. Anybody who comes in the room smiles and says ‘What is gonna happen tonight?’ Literally.

Appreciable amount of alarming comes from Connor who came to the room and singed these lines ‘G..P…L..Deepak ki GPL…’. And other Pedd, who is still in the room, and many a times had said ‘Be ready.’
I am imagining how is it going to be on basis of what I seen happening with others. I fear it will be more rough than those. Let’s see what happens.


No, nothing about the TV show. It’s 00:04 A.M right now. And bloody Monday is here. 16th January. 24 hours later, at this time, I will not be writing this. These are my last 24 hours of Eighteen. I will be a year older in all documents then. Excited.