Malliyo-The special sweet

So, after the wonderful night at the ghats, it was decided to get back to Godowlia at 6 A.M to eat Malliyo. Around 5:15, I knocked Kevin's door. "Dylan?" he asked. Oh, he was awake, good. "Yeah" I answered and he opened the door. "I will be at your door in 15 minutes" he said. … Continue reading Malliyo-The special sweet


Night at Ghats of Varanasi!

If you are living in a college hostel and don't pull an all-nighter, then you are not a true hosteler. I thought of Night out many times but never succeeded. Today without planning, it is just happening. At 10 P.M, we pulled out the cycles out of the stand and went to Assi ghat. We- … Continue reading Night at Ghats of Varanasi!


No, nothing about the TV show. It's 00:04 A.M right now. And bloody Monday is here. 16th January. 24 hours later, at this time, I will not be writing this. These are my last 24 hours of Eighteen. I will be a year older in all documents then. Excited.