And it begins again…

Okay, We are here in 2017 and doing all the same things that we used to do back in the last year. Just the vibe is new. I’m back in Banaras without a bang and my college has started on the 2nd day of this year. Today’s the fourth. New subjects, New books, New semester and the same old me trying out new things.
The classes start at 8 in the morning and people find it hard to wake up at time. No, not me, I today woke up at 6:30 and did all the work, reached the class just a minute late at 8:01.
The first day was great. To celebrate the joy of new year, we traveled to Sarnath. Sarnath Temple is the site where Buddha first taught the dharma. It is a historical place with many monuments and a museum. It was not a planned trip. I woke up at 9 and came to knew that Walter was going to Lakhaniya Dari with his branch friends. He also requested me but I was in no mood to visit the Waterfalls again, and that too in winters. So, it struck me that on a new day, I must do something other than sleeping in the room. So, I went to Connor and Gio to discuss (to convince them :P) the trip plans. All agreed and in a couple of hours, we were ready to go. Me, Kevin, Connor, Torrence, Timmy, Riko, Nian, Carlos, Bozo and Gio. Nian is our batchmate and Timmy and Carlos lives in the next room. Bozo is Kevin’s roommate and he is like crazy. Laughs hard. We reached the destination in an hour. There was a giant statue of Mahaveer standing. Dhameka stupa, the main attraction. There are 19 Ashoka pillars in the country and one of them is in Sarnath.


A picture I took. Dhameka Stupa can be seen in the left.

And the Tibetan Buddhist temple is another fascinating place. We roamed, sat, visited temples, monuments, three hours gone. It was little too crowded that day, maybe it was the new year, that’s why. And we were disbanded in two groups while in the crown and only met again in the evening. It was Me, Gio, Kevin, Timmy and Torrence and we lost the others. When we met at the taxi, we just fought it out with Connor. Fun. Went back to the taxi at 5 to reach the hostel at about 6:30 P.M. It was again another trip which makes a travel lover fall in love more with it.
It’s the same life going on now just with a lower temperature.



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