The other reality

The last few days whizzed past fast. I was too busy for anything. The weekend is over and Monday is here. Literally here as it’s 12:40 A.M right now. We got the mail about ‘Aparigraha’, in which old unusable clothes and footwears are collected to be distributed among the needy. Me, Connor and Riko opted for it and met the senior at his room. On Saturday, we started collecting from the 2 yearites’ hostel. And we were tired after all that running around. And we were fascinated to know that all together, the whole collection was more than 200 kg.
There’s a club called ‘Kashi Utkarsh’ in the college which works for the well-being and development of the poor in Varanasi.I knew about it from the beginning but didn’t know how to join. When we were in the senior’s room for Aparigraha, we met one from the club.
They go to the areas where the underprivileged people live.  So, we decided to go this Sunday with the club. It would be a good thing to do and we will gain some experience too. So, I woke up at 8 and got ready at 10. We reached the place in about 20 minutes and started doing the job. One person needs to take care of 2 or 3 kids. I also started teaching them. There were Robby, Salman and Parul whom I was teaching. Salman is 14-year-old boy, he is from West Bengal and learns Bangla also. Most of the kids were not reluctant or opposing, they were ready to study.He knew the tables up to 6, I made him learned the 7th.
Some of the kids go to school, others don’t. The families living there are ragpickers.So, the whole area is full of garbage and plastic.


Representation only.

Robby was talkative and pure. He after a while reading, laid down and said “Main So Rha Hoo!’ and I scolded him like “Pitai khaoge?”
Robby replied “Nahi, Mithai khayenge.” And he giggled. Sometimes, he joined his hands and prayed “Mummy, Mujhe ghar le chalo, main nhi padhunga” Some time past and we were going well. I didn’t know how the two hours flew away. We came back. I was tired when the phone rang, I went to the Aparigraha, segregated the clothes in two categories- Good or bad. So, even today I didn’t get time to take a shower. Robby was a happy kid. He doesn’t go to school.
Here, in our room, comfortably we sleep sound and they don’t have enough blankets for these winters. That’s the other reality we don’t see everyday. It was a new and great experience, you get closer to the people living in slums and understand there problems and try to help. Feels good!




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