So, we are already into my favorite month. It’s January. And today’s Makar Sakranti-The Kite Festival. Quarter past midnight and I am writing this post. I have never been away from home on this festival, always enjoyed the kite flying and sweets. I used to wake up early, bath, get ready and spent my whole day on the roof. This time it is different. I am in my college as there are only two days of holidays. I am planning to fly kite in a special way this year. Let’s keep it a secret for now. I’m feeling the winters now, as I want to be in my bed forever. It’s freezing outside and I can’t even wash hands. Still, some people are playing Badminton in the lawns. Let them be. I will sleep sound in my bed with sweet dreams.
From the last two days, I am busy in studying Matlab as I have participated in the competition -Pixelate in which we have to make an autonomous bot.
Kashiyatra is approaching but before that something else in coming up. My last year of teenage is going to start in a few days.


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