Kites | Varanasi

Night of 13th January 2017. I was planning to go to the Kite Festival at Assi Ghat. So I asked everybody and Walter and me planned that we will reach there at 10 A.M.
The morning of 14th January. For the world, it was noon about that time. I woke up at 11:35 A.M. The sun was high above, a great sunshine to start a winter morning. Lise most of the population on the earth, I checked my phone. Chain of ‘Happy Makarsakranti wishes’. Replied everybody with a moderate care that no one gets her own message in reply.
Kite Flying in north and west India is not a part of the festival but a hobby. But here, I found that it is not that prominent. Neither it is in South India, they celebrate Pongal. And Connor celebrates Lohri, he hails from Punjab. But, I am a Jaipurite and People from Gujarat and Rajasthan can feel what I mean. Celebrating Makar Sankranti is a must for me.

I asked Gio, Riko, Kevin, but they were not interested. I couldn’t decode Riko’s case as he is from Jaipur too. Anyway, I took shower, had lunch and dressed up. Me, Geodude, Lay, Walter, and Abel were the final participants. Lay is Connor’s roommate. He is a short boy, with wide frame spectacles and a particular smile. He belongs to Jaipur. And I didn’t know him before college. I am not going to answer why are there so many people from Rajasthan?
We left at around 1:30 P.M and reached Lanka. We had to buy some kites and string. But there was no shop to be seen. I and Lay wondered that in our hometown, every shop had kites hanging on the display, even groceries sometimes. We roamed there for some minutes and found a shop. And he said the stock is over. Man?? You don’t have kites in stock and also the sky is clear?

Walked a little and found another. Only 10 kites. We bought them and headed to Assi. It was crowded and beggars were sitting in a queue beside the stairs. In India, it is a tradition to donate wheat, bread etc on this day. We jumped into a boat which was ready to take us to the other side of Ganga. A few minutes and spectacular scenes later, we reached there.
The other side is very different from what we see at Assi and all the other ghats. No ghat or cemented floor there. Just sand. Shiny sand, soft and of skin color. It was soft but you can feel the quartz particles in your hands. There were people flying kites, couples sitting on a picnic and kids running in the afternoon sun. A pleasant for kite flying. Walter indulged himself in dune making. Lay and Abel occasionally ran to catch the kites which lost after the match of strings. The sand was not suitable for a castle, So he just collected and made a dune. In no time, my kite was in the sky, high and roaring. A windy day it was. There was an option for horse-riding too.
It was kind of an island. Looked like Goa, I never went to a beach, though. Time flown just like kites, it was dusk. A setting sun and an orange reflection in the still Ganga looks magnificent.It was proved one more time. I clicked some photographs. We came back after a fun filled Saturday.
And I celebrated a different Makar Sakranti, first time away from home.
Today’s 15th 12:53 P.M, and I am still in confusion whether to bath before having lunch or not. And, I can’t believe that I am getting closer to my teenage’s end. And I don’t that, really. Let’s make it the best year then!!


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