I am not waiting for somebody or a bus. It’s 11 P.M and in an hour, I will be on the floor, getting beaten by a group of people with whom I hangout. ‘GPL’ is a concept in IIT BHU, and most of the IITs in which a person is beaten on the midnight of his Birthday Eve.
And the fun part, it is done with slippers, sandals and shoes. Some also bring towels, cardboard bats and belts. Or anything they think can be used. After that GPL, cake is cutted. And music and dance and fun.
Till now, I have only seen other people getting a ‘GPL’ or myself giving to a few. Now’s it’s my turn and I already know I will see no mercy.
Since morning I am getting threat visits. Anybody who comes in the room smiles and says ‘What is gonna happen tonight?’ Literally.

Appreciable amount of alarming comes from Connor who came to the room and singed these lines ‘G..P…L..Deepak ki GPL…’. And other Pedd, who is still in the room, and many a times had said ‘Be ready.’
I am imagining how is it going to be on basis of what I seen happening with others. I fear it will be more rough than those. Let’s see what happens.


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