I am 17+2 now. Nineteen years ago, on this day, I opened my eyes for the first time. The day must have been a happy one, the happiest of all. As the infant is surrounded by all the relatives, and they play with the little hands and smile. The day you see the greatest number of smiles.
Today wasn’t bad either. Last night, I was waiting. And the clock struck twelve, People came rushing and dragged me out of the room, I was in the adjacent room i.e 95. One tried to remove my belt and I shouted “Man, WTF”. I thought they were trying to remove my jeans. No, the belt could hurt, better removed. They got hold of my legs and pulled me out. And it begins, I was pushed against the wall and I felt a hundred strokes. I ran, sometimes stand with my back to the wall and again the mob overpowered me.  Involuntarily my eyes closed with every blow, I saw only glimpses of people standing. It was really crowded,25+ hitters. And then I sat on the ground a counter-measure, it failed. After some horrifying minutes, they stopped. I was lying on the ground. Extremely exhausted.
After this, we came to my room. I sat on the bed, blew the candles and cut the cake. My buddies first made me eat with their hands and then… THUMP! The cake was on my face.
My glasses covered with cream like snow. And I wiped my face with one hand and rubbed it on anyone who was beside me. The victims were Connor, Geodude, and Walter.
The music system was set up and we started dancing. Everyone showed us their special moves. Jordan dances like a drunkard. Lay has his signature move which is very fast. And yeah, Riko has a special dancing move, which I must say is enjoyable. No comments on Bozo’s deed. He was crazy as always. It looks good when everybody dances their heart out without any boundaries. I too moved my body a little. Birthday Nights are for that only.

There were 13 missed calls from many people til now and I answered the later ones. It was already 1:23 A.M and I went for a shower. This might look stupid but I was covered with cake, my sweatshirt, jeans also. I came back and turned on Facebook, thanked the wishes and went to sleep. The room was a mess, party poppers did that. And we are in no mood to clean it. I know it will remain like this for at least a month. 🙂


After the party, the scene in the room was this only.

It was fun, my first GPL, and it was explosive. First Birthday away from home. It’s 11 P.M now. I didn’t get time to write this earlier but I wanted to post something on my birthday, so I did.  Pondiu made a special birthday card for me using paper quilling, it was very beautiful. I could have never made it for her, but she is such a lovely little sister one can have. She posted a collage on facebook. I couldn’t do that too. Lots of love for her. 😀
The reason behind 17+2 is that 17 is my birth date and my favorite number. So I count from 17. Altogether, it was joyous to celebrate. Such good moments turn into memories later in the future. Let’s keep making memories then!!


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