Kashiyatra: Day 1

Kashiyatra Day 1, 20th January 2017

The king-sized cultural festival of IIT BHU has started. 20th January, the very first day presented some awesome things and left the people amazed.
The days starts at 10 in the morning. Sur- the solo singing competition started in the Swantantra Bhawan. And the Fine arts club organized soap carving event in the SB foyer. FAC did their job well, with some cool things to showcase at the SB entrance. There was a Rolls Royce made of plastic bottles, a Star Wars clone statue, and He-Man. The foyer had beautiful paintings hung on the walls which were used as a background for profile picture by many people. At the same time, solo dance competition was going on in Rajputana Grounds. That’s the thing, in KY, there are a whole lot of events going on at the same time.

Following the solo singing, I watched the rock bands competing in Advaita. There were more than 10 bands from different colleges which shook the SB with loud guitar strings and ear deafening drums. It was fun, but to the surprise, Geodude and Jordan slept in their seats. At around 6 P.M, we went to the ADV Grounds. Mirage, the fashion show was on increasing the temperature a little. Teams from different colleges showed off their unique designs.The same person walks 3 times and I don’t get it why. Then, at 8 we came back, had dinner and left again for the EDM night by Sunburn. The EDM night started off with ‘Echo and Tito’, the Israeli band followed by Zephyrtone. Zephyrtone, the duo was fabulous and made us jump with our hands in the air. The girl was surely pretty and was energetic as well, showed some great moves on the stage. She sings great too. We were exhausted after such a wonderful dance party. A nice kickstart to the fest by Zephyrtone. It spread some serious energy and people danced to the music. And then came Zaeden, the remix DJ compelled everybody to jump again with the beats even if they were tired out. The ground was crowded with people dancing and enjoying with their friends.

And while most of the audience loves entertainment, there was debate competition and Shipwreck Cove by Lit Club which got claps in the LT. To each his own.
It was a long day with plenty of events and the next two days are going to be more pleasant. Let’s see.


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