Kashiyatra: Day 2

Okay, the second day of the three-day festival-Kashiyatra is over. Today’s the third and the last.
One more thing, I am writing the Day 2 round-up but believe me, there are some things that can’t be summarized in words. Can only be experienced.
The day begins with the sun, in the morning with the General quiz, Art marathon, and Hullad. The general quiz was held at 9 A.M. in G-14 with quizzers putting their knowledge to test. The Swatantrata Bhawan antechamber was full of artists participating in the art marathon, you can find them there always sitting and painting something. Walking into it, there were Sur finals going on, the solo singing competition. People with melodious voices winning claps. Hullad- the street theatre competition started around 10 in the morning in Rajputana Grounds. In India, we call in Nukkad. In this street performance, no sound amplification or costumes are used, just natural vocals and physical ability. It has powerful energy radiating with the performers shouting at the top of their voices along with intense facial expressions. I was in the drama club at beginning of the college but didn’t participate this time. Then, a quiz was organized in SB, the topic was India. I know about my country, yeah, I went and registered. There were 25 questions, and I got 4 correct. Man, you would have known the level if you were there. 😛
With the sun being ready to set, around 5 P.M, the western music contest shook the stage at ADV Ground. Pop and alternative rock bands from various cities pulled off the event very well. The judges were band members of MindShift, a Swedish metal band.
Ok, then we went out to dine at a restaurant which was my party for the birthday. We came hurrying not to miss the performance by The Local Train, the Delhi-based band. We reached the ADV Ground at 9:40 P.M. The show begun at 10 and The Local Train sung some of their best songs in front of the waving and clapping hands. I loved the songs- Choo Lo and Aaoge Tum Kabhi. They were sweet and soothing. Instant favorites. The drummer Sahil Singh, I saw him playing and juggling with the drumstick in between the beats, he must have practiced hard. They occasionally made the audience sing with them, it was all fun. Some beautiful songs for a college fest. 🙂
You could see couples standing like it was a romantic date. Perhaps, this was what they thought before MindShift took the stage and made our hearts thump with the drumbeats. They were infectious and fierce, compelling our heads to bang, how can one resist the energy? The energetic people from Sweden were rocking it out.


But things got rougher when we people started doing the ‘Wall of Death’ in the crowd. If you don’t know what a wall of death is, you surely are not a heavy metal fan. 😛 The crowd divided. People formed chains with their hands around their neighbor’s waist. Ok, 1…2..3.And from opposite sides, they ran into each other with full force. Bodies collided, bodies fell. Screams echoed. And the MindShift turned more abrasive. We were like bulls charging at the Torero (bullfighter). Few people got their specs broken, fortunately, nothing else. That continued for more than half an hour with Mindshift playing songs. In the last song, we headbanged like hell, and my head was swirling after that. Sweat dripping, cold breaths, aching legs, dust all over the body and an hour of extreme fun is all we got yesternight.
We walked back to the hostel at 1:30 A.M and we felt intoxicated even when we were not. Exhausted, I went to my bed to get up today.
Let’s see what is in the store today! Kashiyatra’s last day.


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