Kashiyatra: Day 3

22nd January, the last day of the cultural fest saw many awesome things. After the over exhausting night with the death metal band, we were in no place to wake up early and indulge in the fest’s activities. And there was a marathon to spread Cancer awareness, all cool but it was scheduled at 7 A.M. People here wake up at 11 including me. Having some little hope, I set the alarm of 6:45, I knew that I never hear it ring. I wanted to go the marathon. My reasons. But on that day, it rang, I jumped out of my bed, washed my face, tied my sports shoes and walked with long steps towards the ADV ground. I didn’t want to miss it. I reached there, about 15 people were there. Yeah, nobody shows up for anything in this world at 7 A.M on a foggy morning of January. It postponed to 8 A.M to get more runners. And it did, we were 45 runners. A 4 Km marathon, not a long one but it had a message. I was running after 5 months (last I did in the Induction Programme). But still, I managed the 11th position and completed the lap. My already cramped body worsened.
Most of the things happen in either Swatantrata Bhawan or the ADV ground. Natraj- the dance competition amazed everybody in the afternoon at SB. Following that, the valedictory ceremony.
Now, the only final pronite scheduled at 9:30 P.M. I reached the ADV ground at 9:40 P.M and there was a long queue to enter. I got it after some odd ten minutes.The show started.
Sachin Jigar, the music composer duo were there on the stage. The duo was really energetic and so it spreads. I think Sachin is more talkative and frank. Most of the time he talked with the audience and pulled Jigar’s leg. Whereas Jigar seemed an ambivert. Priya Saraiya, Jigar’s wife was also there. She looked pretty and sang pretty. They started off the with slow melodious songs. Like Babaji ki booty, Sun Saathiya etc. And moved onto dance numbers. The famous 4 Baj Gaye and G Phaad Ke, on which we jumper with our hands up. Occasionally, Sachin showed some crazy moves up there on the stage. 16195391_1249741831775812_6985743187855355443_n

He was also mentioning some campus things. Looks like he did the homework. Good, that’s how we win hearts! The night was going fabulous but there is an end to everything. But it was planned wisely, and they ended with a powerful performance. Ganpati Bappa Morya.
And at the end, DoSA was called up by Sachin. He thanked the convener of the fest and all the volunteers who helped in making the fest wonderful.
After a great musical night, thanks to Sachin Jigar, I came back to the hostel.
It was 2 A.M and I was thinking about ‘How will I take classes tomorrow?’.
I don’t know when I dozed off.


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