Kashiyatra is long gone. Today’s 27th January and Republic day was here. I was planning to make a habit of jogging every day since I went for the Marathon on 22nd January. No success till now but I am still hoping. On Republic day, I woke up at 8:40 A.M and guess what I did?
Every Republic day or Independence day of my childhood, I watched the parade with my father. My father developed an interest in the parades, that’s why I love them. I watch it for the tableaux of different states showcased at the procession. Especially Rajasthan’s. And also the motorcycle and airplane stunts. The parade shows our country’s military might and the discipline of the marching soldiers. I love them walking together, then the horses and camels. The center of attraction- tanks, and missiles. So, this time I watched the parade live on Youtube. (For the people who doesn’t know that Youtube shows live TV, try it and you will know)
There was no official program in the college, Flag was hoisted at the hostel and GulabJamuns were distributed. Then, we got a mail about Republic Day celebrations at Gyaan Udyaan. Gyaan Udyaan is our DoSA’s(Dean of Student Affairs) house where the college students teach the underprivileged kids. The children come from poor background and do not attend school (most). They were going to perform on Republic Day and I was going to see it. Whom else they prepared for?
So, I went to GU and been a part of the celebrations. The kids staged some plays, sang rhymes and danced. It as great. They narrated the plays in English and the songs too. In loved the effort they had put in the preparations.
And in the late evening, Kevin asked me if I wanted to visit Assi Ghat? And you should know that I never refuse for an outing. 😉
We visited the Ghat. 10 P.M. The ghat was silent, nobody was there except a handful of visitors and the people who live there. Yes, people live there, the priest of the statues under the banyan tree was sleeping under the tree itself. And a few more people were sleeping, looked like beggars or saints. We sat on a bench. This experience at the ghats in the night time is special, I will write it in the next posts.
Yesterday too, Kevin suggested going to Assi. We went. This time we were just two. And when you are only two, you don’t feel like doing hilarious acts or senseless conversations.
Today too, they are planning to go to Assi. And I’m ready.


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