Malliyo-The special sweet

So, after the wonderful night at the ghats, it was decided to get back to Godowlia at 6 A.M to eat Malliyo. Around 5:15, I knocked Kevin’s door.
“Dylan?” he asked.
Oh, he was awake, good.
“Yeah” I answered and he opened the door.
“I will be at your door in 15 minutes” he said.
Riko, Gio and Connor, all three were sleeping.
We left at 5:45 and reached Godowlia Chowk at 6. Okay, now we have to find the Malliyo shop. So, we asked the local shopkeepers and they said a man will be here with his stall in half an hour. I wanted to eat Malliyo and see the sunrise at the ghat, an exciting morning. Sunrise time was 6:42 A.M (According to Google Baba). So we had thirty more minutes left. Then suddenly,
“Hey, do you have money?” Kevin tensed.
“Yes, I got 50.”
“And me, 60.” he said plainly.
“We have to eat, maybe boating and return to the hostel.” I summarized after knowing what he was pointing at.
“Let’s find an ATM nearby” he took out his phone and started searching.
“There must be ATMs at the chowk.” I answered.
It was 6:20 by then. We ran towards the Chowk, panting and repeating how we were the idiots of the day.
“We should have stopped at Lanka and withdrawn some notes.”
“But we didn’t, that’s why we are what we are- Fools.” I was not joking this time.
And the conversation continued till we reached the crossing and I shouted
“See, there!!” There was a SBI ATM in the left corner of the crossing. We ran and got into it.
A few seconds later the ATM screened flashed a message ‘OUT OF CASH’.
“I’m sure god is playing some game” I told him “Let’s go this way.”
And we ran again in the lane, after a while, we found another cash machine.
“Hope, this works.” Kevin prayed before inserting the card.
And yeah, the good old machine gave us some good old 100 rupee notes. We started running towards the ghat. Already, the watched showed 6:40 and we couldn’t miss any of the two things- Malliyo and Sunrise at the ghat.

He was an old man, a large utensil was on his side and some kullhads. He offered the tasty looking cup to us, it was Malliyo.
Sweet, fluffy like foam, yellow in color and pistachios and almonds sprinkled on the top. It was as delicious as it should be. The man told us that the sweet is kept uncovered the whole night and gets a topping of dewdrops. That’s why you can eat Malliyo in winters only and this is the last phase for this year. We were happy, we made it, others wait a year. 😛
Then we headed to the ghat, the sun was about to rise.


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