Technex: Day 3

When a festival or vacation gets over, we tend to feel a little low. We all have experienced this feeling at least once. 26th February was the last day of Technex and I didn’t want to miss anything. So, I woke up early yesterday at 9:00 A.M, took a shower, had breakfast and left the hostel. Most of the dwellers here were sleeping at that time as usual. Kevin had asked me to wake him up as he too wanted to accompany.

I and Kevin went to Gymkhana as the Airshow was scheduled there from 10 o’clock. The main guests were Director, IIT BHU, and Ex-Director, Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU. The show started at 10:10 with remote control smoke emitter planes flying in circles. All the RC Planes are made by IIT BHU students. Then, different types of planes were showcased like Bomber-a miniature of WWII plane, diesel plane and a gasoline airplane. Racing drones and helicopters were also there. Some eye-catching stunts were performed by the tiny aircrafts like Harrier, vertical drop, inner loops and stall. The gasoline plane was the biggest one, the size of a man and a man performed 3-D aerobatics with it. It was awesome, jaws dropped. After an hour or so, we went to Swatantrata Bhawan (Auditorium) for a think talk. The talk was by Dilip Chhabria, the founder of DC Design. Most people identify him as the designer of Tarzan, the wonder car. He showed a presentation about his projects and also some upcoming cars that he is working on. He answered the questions asked by the audience lively. He told us how creativity cannot be forced, it comes from inside. What it feels like to build a start-up in 90s? He told it all.

After the talk was over, we headed to the Rajputana Grounds again to play the games. Bozo and Oliver accompanied us this time. We first tried the Go Kart racing. I had never driven a Kart before and it was awesome. Thrill. Then, we got into the giant water zorbing ball. Bozo and Oliver ran like a hamster and I was rolling, I couldn’t stand up even after trying hard. After some time, we walked back to SB and watched the Valedictory ceremony and award giving. Following that, the speaker announced ‘We will begin with the Sorabh Pant show shortly’.

People were laughing loudly and clapping alongside. We were amused with his jokes and the actions also. He moved his body in a really funny way, don’t forget the face cooperating with the moves. He was really fast and some people lost the track and were not laughing. The audience was requested not to record the show. And after the show, I knew why. 😉 He does not feel any shy or awkward in doing what he does. That’s cool. The one and half hour was full of laughs, claps, whistles and fun.


The crowd crawled towards ADV Ground after the show got over. The next scheduled event was the performance by TVF-Humorously yours cast and Shirley Setia. The host welcomed Vipul Goyal on the stage. He started off with some nice humor and cracked everybody standing there. He has a different style of humor, not to vigorous neither lame just smooth. Later, the cast of Humorously Yours joined in. They sat and had a good session. They made us laugh and answered questions about everything.

A group of people came up and set up their instruments. It looked like some band is going to perform. They started the drums and guitars, a familiar bollywood tune. Through the air, came running a girl with short hair, her fringes swinging as she hopped onto the stage. She started singing the song, a melodious voice matching perfectly with her tiny cute appearance. No need to tell that she was pretty. She sing in her own way which is good, one must admit. At times, she pointed the mic towards the concertgoers and asked them to sing along. Sometimes they did, sometimes they tried. She moved her head with the beats and body to the rhythm. And everytime she did this, the air held her hair aloft. A petite human dancing, looked more like a rabbit having fun. 😀 😛 Shirley Setia sang as charming as she does on the screen. We couldn’t hold our hands down, they were compelled to wave themselves with the music.


She left the place after making the night musically wonderful with her performance.
The crowd dispersed. We walked back to the hostel. I don’t know when I dozed off.

Woke up at 9:04 A.M today to reach the class at 9 o’clock.

Technex: Day 2

After an amazing overcharge of excitement and competition on Technex Day 1, I woke up into the next day. The round one of most competitions was held on 24th, and the next rounds were going to held. I went to Swatantrata Bhawan in the morning, there was a think talk by J.N Reddy. Think talks are awesome because of the interactive part of the event. After that, I went for Pixelate, my autonomous robot event. It was going on on the first floor of SB. The code was complete and Verena was debugging the code with the help of Stella. I reached there and made the connections of the robot.
After some hours, I came back to the hostel to have lunch. I bathe, ate lunch and again left for the events. It was around 2 P.M when I was in the SB Foyer. There were various stalls set up in that area, games, food, exhibitions etc. I played virtual golf for the first time. Golf for the first time and also a virtual game for the first time. 😛
There were goodies from ACC distributing for free. Then, there was a bowling bot in the exhibition which always bowled perfectly making all the skittles fell. And the home-made humanoid- Indro became model for everybody’s selfie. The next stall showcased  a 3-D printer with the explaining about its working.

I, Gio and Kevin were in Rajputana ground at 2:30. We watched the RC cars racing, hovercrafts gliding on land and water to collect the checkpoints. There were also informal games like Water zorbing, Go Karting etc and the good thing is that they were free. There was a stall by Pulse toffees, in hope of getting free toffees we went there. There was a game to play. I won and walked away with toffees in my pocket. Then we went for Water Zorbing. It looked fun from outside and it really was. We three were falling, trying to stand and again rolling in the big air ball. After some minutes, we were exhausted and came out. It was 3 P.M and we had to attend the Corporate Conclave event.

It was a lecture by CitiBank on ‘Technology in Banking’.It was Okay as it didn’t seemed that interesting to me.AFter one and half hour we came out.

In the evening there was a think talk by Vinod Dham, popularly known as ‘Pentium Engineer’ as he developed the Pentium processors of Intel. He was a tall man with specs. He looked like an engineer too. He told us about how Invention and Innovation is different and gave some invaluable advice on how to do what you do. The discussion was great, some good questions were put on and he answered them exactly. He told us about three things- Idea, theme and the desire to achieve something. And how you have to be patience when working in a Start-Up. He himself has worked in start-ups. The think talk taught a lot if you listened.

After the talk was over, I collected the passes for Neelesh Misra’s show. It is an occasion that the famous radio storyteller is going to perform live. I enetered SB at 8 and waited for the show to start. He told an emotional story about a boy who loved a girl more than anything else but he have to leave her. He came back later to find…He gripped the audience with his powerful story and the narrating skill. Then he lightened up the environment a little with the story about a Ladies Tailor. It was funny and we enjoyed it.
And honestly, I didn’t know that he write songs and sings so well, he performed some of his songs and they were awesome. He had wrote many hit songs like Jaadu hai Nasha Hai, Kya mujhe Pyar hai etc. Priyanka Bhattacharya also has a sweet voice and performed some songs.

He is doing great in what he is doing. We enjoyed the night, he made us enjoy. I came back and slept as I had to wake up early on the last day of Technex.
I didn’t want to miss anything. 🙂




Technex: Day 1

Engineering colleges have fests- cultural and techno. Yesterday, 24th February was the first day of Technex. The annual techno-management fest of IIT BHU. It kickstarted at 9 A.M with most of the events starting at that time. All robotic events, aero-modelling events started at 9. Hurdlemania, Pixelate, Maze-explorer, Drone-Tech, Robowars to name a few.
But I woke up at 12:30, went straight to take bath and get dressed. There were missed calls from different people. Mom too. I called back Mom. It was also Mahashivaratri-the Lord shiva’s festival. I always hold a fast on this day. So, I did yesterday too. I drank some orange juice and left. I reached Swatantrata Bhawan and saw there were plenty of things going on. There was a large Groot( a character from guardians of the galaxy) made of paper sitting at the entrance. There were food stalls at the left of the gate. In the lawns, Robowars was going on with people standing around and watching the heavy robots trying to cut each other out of the game. And there was drone-tech, quadcopters were flying with their rotors making that sound of a little helicopter. Walking into the building, you will see a Wall-E robot sitting in front you. All these are made by the Fine Arts Club, thanks to them to make the fest look beautiful. They were also painting at LC since noon and they were painting it in the night too. The painting is still not ready. From the part till now, it is very lovely, I should say. I took the stairs to the first floor and entered the senate hall. The Senate hall is a parliament-type hall with mics on desks and rotating chairs. I, Carlos and Nian sat there. It was a guest lecture by Larsen Toubro Infotech under the Technex event Corporate Conclave. A video clip was played before the lecture. After one and half hour, I gained some knowledge sitting there, so it was a good choice to attend it. Technex T-shirts and Bags were also distributed but I did not get one as they were limited.
I was fasting and I wanted to visit the Vishwanath Temple but I knew in the morning it was impossible. So, I went at 5:30 P.M and a little surprised, there was a long queue of devotees standing from the gate to the road. The last person would reach the temple in more than an hour. I just went ahead, folded my hands and prayed. I came back to the hostel at 7 P.M.
Oliver called me and asked me to come to SB. There was the night show starting from 8 P.M but there was a problem. I didn’t register for the passes and without passes, none was allowed. I, Walter, Nian, Carlos and Oliver waited some time in front of the gate but no use. Then we disbanded, I and Oliver went to the left gate. There were some seniors standing. We thought of a plan. Let’s move in. Just move in. They were fours standing in a circle, I moved towards them and went straight, they moved aside and I was in. For one second I thought “I did it.” Then somebody tapped on my shoulder.
“Where’s your pass?”
“We don’t have one”
“Keep out, please”
We started requesting them. But they said entry would be allowed without passes if seats left empty. So we waited there for some more minutes. He was holding a Walkie Talkie in his hand. Some time later, there was a sound in the talkie “Allow IIT BHU students on ID card.” It was audible to everyone standing there. We just went in and sat.
After some wait, the day’s first show took off. Kunal Newar, the mentalist started amusing the audience with his tricks. He is a magician, he does mind reading, illusions and other tricks. Some of the acts were very good like the 10 Rupee note, Rope knot and the last bottle and glass one. The audience was continuously clapping and whistling. I personally liked the last one. The bottle and the glass exchanged places and bottles kept appearing from nowhere. The first day of Technex turned magical due to his presence.


Following this, there was Roadshow by Harley-Davidson, one of the main sponsors. The bikers did some cool burnouts at LC and the place was all smokes. The last event of Kaleidoscope was musical painting, a young artist started stroking the white paper in front of him with his brush. Music was being played and his hands moved to the beat. In just ten minutes he was done. The painting looked magnificent, he drew an abstract painting of Varanasi, Lord Shiva, Temples, Ganga, Boats all in one with red, blue and white lines crossing each other randomly. It was tough to draw and understand but likable.

So, this is how the Day 1 ended with some magic, bikes and painting.

Some Fun after a pause

It’s been a week since you were here reading a post. There were Class Tests going on and I wasn’t able to write. So, a lot happened in the week. Study, my surprise GPL, Kevin’s GPL and most awaited Connor’s. Let’s catch up.Today is 19th of February, 3:43 A.M and it’s Connor’s birthday.  I made a digital invitation for his GPL as he is the CR of our class.

At 11:47 P.M, he was not in the room, he fled. We were standing in front of his room when we saw him running on the ground floor. We were ten people, ran down the stairs. I went towards the hostel gate and asked the watchman. There was nobody who had fled the hostel. He was somewhere hiding in the hostel itself. We divided and started in different rooms. After some five or six minutes, he was found sitting in a batchmate’s room.

He was held in the air and smacked with slippers and shoes from all sides. He was screaming in pain, high pitched sounds. But nobody paid any attention and continued. After some moments, it all stopped. It was 11:59.
“Hey, it’s not 12 yet, GPL is due.” Some voice said.
“Aah!Please!Stop!” he shouted again a few more times.

After all this, we came back to his room. In front of his room, people started again. Third time GPL. Before this, I never hit anyone, now I’m done with my GPL, so… 😛
After a while, he was sitting on the ground, eyes closed.

He cut the cake and we all made him eat it first but with her cheeks and hair. Riko even lifted his T-shirt and coated his abdomen with cream. More shoutings, group photos and selfies followed. Speakers were set and everybody shook their body on the Bollywood dance numbers. An hour long session and we were dripping with sweat, fully exhausted.

I came to my room. I and Lay were sitting on the bed. Lay does not visit frequently, he is mostly in his room, lying on the bed with his laptop on him. He justs watches Naruto, codes and sleeps. He hails from Jaipur too. And he lives half a kilometer from my house and I have never seen him nor did he. That is surprising to both of us. We talked about how was our school life, days before college, funny antics, how he sat on the floor while being punished in school, how I used to come back home from school in recess etc. It was 3:14 till then.

Now, I am thinking to pull an all-nighter and visit ghats in the morning to boat which I missed last time. I am not sure, though. Let’s see what happens.

Tide+Lemon and Chandan

“I have to wash the clothes I have soaked in the bucket” I tried not to shout.
“Please, man, you can wash them tomorrow, please” Walter with a face.
It was the day before yesterday. I had to wash some clothes. and he wanted me to come for the Pixelate work.It was 4:30 P.M. I went to Ramanujan’s common room. Walter, Oliver, Aidra and Verena, everybody was there. Walter and Oliver were working on the bot.
We started on MATLAB. Verena had written some MATLAB codes with the help of Stella. We had to transfer the codes to Gizmo but her USB ports were not working. We tried LAN cable and Bluetooth, didn’t work out.

I came back at 9 P.M. And no normal human being wants to wash clothes after dinner when he is comfortably in his bed.

Yesterday, I woke up early and had lunch ;). After lunch, I was in the room when I came to know that I have to go to Ramanujan common room for you know what. I didn’t want to go, I had work to do. I had to wash the clothes, bath and study for CTs. Walter and Oliver had an extra class from 3 to 4. It was 2:30 and Verena was constantly calling. Okay, I was 10 minutes late.

“I will go at 4.” I said when we were sitting in front of her laptop in the common room.
We asked for help from a senior and he told us what to do “Calculate distance and angle, then run Dijkstra’s”.
And when the code was complete it was 6 P.M. I was going nowhere. Meanwhile, Aidra came there, she skipped her dance practice. And I skipped washing my clothes.

Verena was typing the code. Aidra and I were talking nonsense and laughing despite Verena trying to stop. A while later, she too joined and the senior was typing the code. 😛

“I have to go, let me go, you stay back, I will be back after I’m done” I said this one more time.
“Please, we all will be leaving at 8, it’s 7:15 right now.” Verena convinced.
At 8, the seniors themselves said “Pack your wires, bot etc. We will meet after the CTs now.” After hearing this, someone inside me smiled, perhaps outside too.

“Only 20 minutes. Meet at the auto stand at 8:20.” Verena said while we were walking back from the hostel.

I called Walter for his whereabouts as he was not found in the hostel. He was at Satkar with some of his batchmates for a party.
It was 8:30, Oliver was ready and standing at my door.
“Man, I can’t get ready so fast. I never did.” I was tieing my shoe laces.
We reached the auto stand at 8:40. They were already there. I wonder how come girls can get ready before me? O_o

We reached the place at 9. And the girls had already told a fifty-odd times that they have to get back to the hostel before 10. The counter boy at Dominoes asked us to wait 20 minutes. We sat there for the time and we talked about anything off the top of the head before the pizzas arrived at the table. I have ordered a choco pizza, thanks to Oliver, he persuaded me. We had never tried it. It was tasty but a little too sweet, I felt like I was eating post-Diwali sweets. So, I shared it with Aidra. She said she love sweets. The intellectual conversation went about Walter’s English, pizzas, floor tiles which were white, marbles, college, Oliver’s less speaking, what you used to think before you knew me and anything else left.

Ten minutes left before it strikes 10. We were out of the mall. There was no auto, and we don’t know when we started walking back towards Lanka. Aidra said, “Verena and Dylan know high-class lame jokes.” I accept this.
“Let me tell you one too” Oliver said.
“There was an old man, who was so old that he died in his childhood.” he said and even he didn’t laugh.
A young boy jumped off a building in Australia when he tried this joke.
After some minutes, we were on the road “We can’t walk back to the college, it will be late. It’s already 10” Aidra said. And luckily, an auto came just after that.

We got off at HG. It was 10:20 P.M. It was fun. We bid them goodbye and came back to our hostel.
When I got into my bed and was just thinking about what to do next, it struck me. I have to wash clothes. The clothes which I soaked yesterday in the detergent.
‘I will get cold if I washed them now. A wise man will never wash clothes at midnight’ I proved my point to myself and went into my blanket. 😛

It’s 10:50 A.M, Sunday. I hope clothes would not have dissolved. They are there since Friday. I think they are enjoying their stay in the Tide+ detergent water which also has the fragrance of Lemon and Chandan (Sandalwood). 🙂


It’s the autonomous bot making competition and it has taken over the life. We have to make a bot which can move freely and grab thermocol blocks.
The bot has to be autonomous that means we have to code it in a way that it automatically moves to the designated location. The code is written in MATLAB.

And I never learned MATLAB before this. Every team is assigned a mentor (2 Year student) to help them. Our mentor is less willing to help and says “Fight with the problem, that’s how you learn.” And we don’t know how to write the code.
I was spending more than four hours in one go, typing code, searching google, watching videos, all about MATLAB. After much struggle, we have only 60% code. I am fed up. Really. Can’t learn all that myself, there is not much available on the internet about Matlab codes. I am done researching. There was time, I used to code on MATLAB all day long. Now, I can’t I have other things to do, other contests for Technex. I am participating in RC Plane, Quadcopter etc too. I have to study for the CTs also. Since Sunday, I had given up trying MATLAB.
Then today, the mentor called us to his hostel. The team members are Walter, Oliver, Aidra, Verena and Me.
Let me tell you one thing, MATLAB coding is a very exhaustive task and the whole task is difficult. Many teams have already given up. We are on the verge. We can’t implement Djikstra’s Algorithm despite trying for hours. I was taking a shower yesterday, at 3:30 when Walter went to the Mentor’s room. I went there at 4 and saw the Mentor’s roommate explaining something to Walter. I sat beside him and tried to get what was going on.
At 5:30, they left for their class and told us what we had to do.We couldn’t write the code in one hour.
—At 6:15 P.M
“I am going, I have to sleep” Walter said.
“Then I am leaving too, Why will I stay here to hear his insults?” I laughed.
“Let’s leave.”
“It will be awkward if we left in his absence.”I continued “But we are unable to do anything else.”

“Verena is in the common room, go, work there.” the mentor said when he came back.
The common room was being set up for the pre-event of Pixelate.Qualifying round is to be held on 8, 9 and 10 February in the common room. Verena was sitting with a girl. She was a senior and mentor of a girl team. Five girls asking her every now and then. She explained Verena the work, Verena, to us and we started writing code. Walter was unable to understand a thing and left the place. We were writing the code, in between, there was any problem we asked the mentor(girl). Our mentor said jokingly “Ask her, She knows better” whenever we asked him for help. Then he roamed in the hall idly. We knew it was the truth and laughed.

We left the hostel at 9, I was really tired, wanted to run but couldn’t. When we were leaving, the mentor said “Your mentor has been changed. I assigned Stella as your mentor”
And it was true. He left the Whatsapp group today morning and Stella joined. !!

CTs are hovering over and I need to study. I need to shower too.


New Favorite

Yesterday morning, I woke up. Hairs rough and dry. The bedsheet was half on the bed, half touching the floor. I kept tossing and turning in the bed, my head was swirling due to the fever.

The light fever continued all the day. Not with that intensity, though. It was Saturday, the mess was off too. People were planning to go out. I was in no position/mood to go out to a restaurant. Riko, Kevin and Gio were going to the Theatre club’s party hosted by the club’s seniors. The party for the performance they did back in August. I would have been gone to the party too if I was there on the day of performance. I was in the team. I practiced all the scenes too, in fact, for my part, I myself wrote the dialogues. We practiced for around 17 days. But a day before the contest, I left for Chandrapur, Maharashtra. For some reason, I had to go. I came back after a week. The week was a memorable one. I visited Maharashtra, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot etc and came back to Varanasi.
So, I don’t think I should have gone to the party yesterday. So, I chose not to turn up.

At 8:30 P.M, Pedd, Nian, Carlos, Jordan and I were eating paranthas in Ramanujan. Ramanujan (2 Yearites’ hostel) is the best place to eat on Saturdays if you are not going out. It was crowded. After 10 long minutes, we got served. We were almost finished, gradually my fever was rising. I stood up “I am going”, Paid, came back to my room and got into my blanket. I was feeling cold.

“Should I get you another blanket?” Connor asked.
It was cozy after the second blanket on the first.

Today I was not in a mood to have lunch, so I just drank some orange juice (with salt, it’s not that yummy without salt :P) at the shop outside the hostel. It was tasty, I must say. Really tasty. I will now drink it every weekend. 😋😋 Maybe weekdays too.
Oliver also tasted it for the first time and liked it. Oliver is a guy from electrical, he is with me in the  Pixelate team. Pixelate is an autonomous robot making competition in Technex which is going to happen on  February 24-25-26. Pixelate has its own story.
He told me about the Masala Patties of SC De Hostel. He is in the room right now and “Come on, let’s go, try it once, man.” I think I should go.

The Night Before

‘Again, Jackfruit? They are serving jackfruits thrice in a week, even when it’s season is not yet on? Are they last year’s remainder?’ I questioned myself while eating lunch in the hostel mess. I loved Jackfruits when mom cooked at home.
‘Okay, Jackfruit is my favorite. No Problem.’ I thought.

In the classroom, my stomach told me ‘I am upset’. I had a stomachache. Okay, it went away after a while.

As it got darker, I started feeling a little uneasy. It was like a low-grade fever. A slight headache and elevation in body temperature. And I know these gut feelings, the fever tends to spike in the night time. That’s Science- Body temperature rises naturally in the evening, so a fever that was light during the day can easily spike during sleep. (Due to  hypothalamus gland, let’s not get into biology :P).
I never sleep before 12 or 1, neither I did yesterday. It was 00:12 A.M and I went to the bed.

“Jordan, Please fill up the water bottle.” I said from my blanket. I didn’t know the time. He got me water, I took a Paracetamol and slept again.


Again, I didn’t know the time but it was perhaps the twilight before dawn. I jumped out of my bed and turned on the so-called zero watt orange bulb. Things were blurry and sleepy. I felt like throwing up, ran to the washroom. Stood there for some minutes, nothing happened. Came back to the room. I was lying awake in my bed thinking ‘It’s 6 A.M, I have two hours, Should I bath today?’
But I fell sleeping thinking about going to class after taking a bath which is very rare.
At, 8:03, Connor and Kevin came and “Won’t you attend the class?”
I jumped out of my bed, wore my jeans, washed my face and left.
I didn’t take bath yesterday and I didn’t want another day like that. Finally, the shower happened at 3 in the afternoon.

In the noon, I went to the health centre with Kevin. Coincidently, Kevin is also suffering from common cold.

Right now, I am feeling cold and feeling slightly pyrexias. I have to take my medicines. And I hate medicines. And Carlos and Walter are still making lame jokes and I am too taking part. 😛

Sunrise at the Ghats

The sun rises every day but I don’t wake up early to see the sunrise. So, I and Kevin were there at Dashashwamedh Ghat to see the beauty.
After eating Malliyo, we were standing at the riverside watching the sky turning orange-red slowly. There were people taking holy baths in the Ganges,
doing their jobs and priests carry out rituals. We stood there on a pedestal and watched the boats cutting through the water in front of us. There were flocks of birds flying above the boats, sitting again. Looked like some people were feeding them. There was a hue in the sky, steadily a sharp red arc showed above the horizon. Sun, you are 10 minutes late(6:52), no attendance for today.

With the sun revealing itself, people started taking pictures. Include me and Kevin too. The sun was there like a red dot far away. The sunlight was reflecting in the rippling Ganges water. Boats swayed across and birds flew from sides with them. The Siberian birds migrate every winter to the Ganges and leave after February. So, that’s another reason to watch a sunrise at the Ghats. A serene scene for the eyes. I was not feeling tired anymore, everything was so refreshful and warm. The colors are bright on a morning like this.

“Let’s go boating, we will see the birds up and close” I said looking at the boats in front of us.
“No, It may be costly” Kevin refused. I could see his face, it said something else.
“Don’t makeup, you are afraid” I smiled at him.
“No, You go, I will stand here at the ghat” he said blankly.
“Then, why are you here? I will not go alone. If you want we will. Or we will stand here only.” I said what I felt.
“What’s up with you?”
We both half-laughed.
After half an hour or so, the sun had done its job. We came back to the hostel.

Yesterday morning, the weather took a sudden turn. It was a foggy morning after a month of sunshine. It was unexpectedly cold too. And I loved it. I wanted to go on the ghats on such a winter morning. Perhaps this Saturday.